Sunday, September 16, 2012

French Connection

I just got back from spending a few days visiting with my girls
and attending the Junk Bonanza extravaganza.  We went to the sale on Friday
 right after our breakfast of coffee and muffins at French Meadow.

A few days before I was scheduled to drive to Minneapolis, I received a surprise package
 in the mail from my friend Tracy (Crow's Feet Chic) whom I've never met in person,
 but through our blogs I've discovered we are kindred spirits.  Knowing my odd fascination with
 vintage sock monkeys and my love of coffee, she crocheted a coffee cozy for me
and my two daughters who share my coffee addiction.

Of course the monkeys had to ham it up for the camera!   Did I mention that they are French?
  Oui, oui!  They traveled all the way from Alberta, Canada where they are fluent in French.
  They even charmed the staff at French Meadow.  Potential new market, Tracy?

(Me, daughter Megan, my mother, and daughter Julie.)
I talked a film student into taking a group photo outside of the restaurant.
We were charged up and ready to shop!!!

I also found what I thought was a dog bootie in the package from Tracy.  Hmmmm.....
I had to read her note to find out it's a cell phone cozy!  She correctly guessed
the size of my very old, not vintage, just old and outdated cell phone.

I didn't bring my camera into the sale, but here are the few small items I purchased.

I purchased these vintage hangers from the charming Linda (Itsy Bits and Pieces) and the goodie bag was a bonus!  Linda and her daughter Liana were busy with customers, but they took a few minutes of their time to chat with me.  I've followed Linda's blog since just after last years' J.B., so it was fun to meet her and her daughter in person and see all the wonderful treasures packed into their space.

I picked up these sweet little shoes to place on a dresser.

There were plenty of vintage clocks to pick from, but this one caught my fancy.
My purchases were small, but between the 3 of us, we filled up my daughter's truck.
We had to leave plenty of room in back for our next stop at IKEA to pick up her
very heavy wood countertops and farmhouse sink.  At the end of the day, we met
the rest of my girlie relatives for a late dinner and gab fest.  It was exhausting, but fun.
Can't wait 'till the next sale in April!

In closing, I'd like to thank these thoughtful and generous blog friends
 I've become acquainted with this past year:

*Merci Tracy (Crow's Feet Chic) for the crocheted goodies exported from Canada!

*Thank you Debra (Common Ground) for featuring my blog on this week's
Vintage Inspiration Friday where there's a party every Friday!

*And thank you Anne (White Lace Cottage)
for sending me this vintage first-aid kit earlier this summer!

Au revoir for now,


  1. You are more than welcome Vickie! It has been lots of fun getting to know you. Tell Grandma Marlene that I'm working on her acid reflux medication cozy. :)

    Looks like there was lots of fun (and goodies) to be had on your pilgrimage to Junk Bonanza. Looking forward to seeing what you do with your treasures.

    I really enjoyed the feature on Common Ground and how sweet to receive the first aid kit... and a matching perfume atomizer. :)

  2. How fun those cozies are!!

  3. Sounds like so much fun. Great photo of all of you.

  4. OH it was fun meeting you, Vickie!! And those cozies are wonderful!!

  5. What a fun day! Those sock monkey cup cozies are adorable! That's wonderful that you were able to meet Linda also - what a bonus!

  6. Vickie, you don't look any older than those pretty daughters of yours. Your mom is pretty too. Love your clock and the sock monkey coffee cozies.

  7. Love the coffee cozie! Cute!!! Looks like you found some pretty great stuff!!

    hugs, Linda

  8. The sock monkey coffee cozies are simply adorable and yhe picture of all of you is so sweet. Junk Bonanza sounds like a wonderful time.

  9. Vickie,
    You are so welcome! Glad you had a great time!What a beautiful photo of you all!!!

  10. Besides your adorable and wonderful gifts...that is a fantastic photo of you! Three generations of gorgeous!
    xxx, Tina

  11. Love the sock monkey cozies! The photo of you and your family is beautiful. What a great looking bunch of women!

  12. Those are the cutest coffee cozy's I have ever seen! Perfect for you Vickie.


  13. What a great are all so beautiful!!
    Glad you had fun and got to meet a fellow blogger!

  14. Well, those are the cutest cozies I have ever seen! And I love the clock... sounds like such a fun time.

  15. You girls look so cute! Love the picture and what a perfect gift it is so fun how we make new friends via the internet. Love your small treasures~ Hugs

  16. You are one lucky duck. French sock monkeys and one for the cell phone too? Those are too much fun. Glad you had a wonderful day with your daughters.

  17. What a beautiful photo of all of you! Love your sock monkey cozie...what a great gift!! Hope you have a wonderful day, Gail

  18. I had a lovely time, and can't wait until April! :) I have the whole house set up with the new purchases...and the white cabinet + pillows. It really is like a whole new house! Now the window treatments, says Jeremy. ;)

  19. Vickie, How wonderful to be able to spend such a fun time with your daughters and mom. Lovely look too young to have daughters that age!
    Mary Alice

  20. Vicki,
    how fun to spend time with your girls and Mom and at such a great place! Gorgeous photo of you and the family! Don't we meet the best friends blogging, how fun to get to meet them in person! Going to Junk Bonanza would be a dream trip, lucky girl! Looks like you found some great stuff, love the clock, the dark faces are my favs!
    Sock monkey cozies, how perfect!

  21. Well I can't wait to see what sort of caffine calamity the new monkeys on the block get into. Absolutely adorable, and the cell phone caddy, TDC, too darn cute!


  22. Hello Vickie! Fantastic photo! Sounds like you have enjoyed a lot all together.
    Great finds and lovely cup cozies.
    I still laugh when I remember your previous post, still wondering where those doll bodies are...
    Besos! Silvina

  23. those cozies are darling! junk bonanza must have been a wonderful trip:) great pic, vickie!

  24. Vickie, I luv, luv, luv your French sock monkey coffee cozies!

  25. Those sock monkey cozies are adorable. You found some really great things on your fun shopping trip. Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog and thanks for following me! I'm happy to follow you as well.

  26. Wow Vickie...How FUN! I love the sock monkey cozies you received from your blogging buddy ... I LOVED the picture of you and your family ... I loved seeing the treasures you found and reading about your chit chat at JB. This was the BEST! ":o)

  27. Looks like you had a good time monkeying around ) ha ha)...Hugs

  28. What a great photo of you with your family! I'm sure you had a blast all shopping together like that. I love what you bought. I really love that little black clock too. I love old looking clocks.

  29. Vickie, I thought there're 3 sisters with your mum. So charming you all. So sweet the monkeys and the vintage little shoes. A happy shopping must be.

  30. Looks like a great trip and love your coffee sock monkeys and phone cozie, how adorable.

  31. I'm so jealous!!! First of all, you got to meet Linda and second of all, you have cool sock monkey coffee cozies. Sounds like a fun day!


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