Saturday, September 8, 2012

Head and shoulders, knees and toes.......

You've seen them.
They're everywhere.

Baby doll heads.

So tell me, have you jumped on the headhunting bandwagon yet?
I'm afraid I, myself, have succumbed to their creepy charm.

Mine sits on top of the medicine cabinet next to a vintage tin.
My collection of one.  Just one.

Well, if you've thumbed through the newest issue of Flea Market Style,
I'm sure you've seen this head turning collection on page 125.

He found his first doll head in the woods.

And will not remove a doll head from its body.

It must be found already detached.

Yeah, right.

Now I don't spend a whole lot of time hiking in the woods (deer ticks and creepy,
crawly things everywhere) but I can say without a doubt that I've never seen
a stray doll head amongst the leaves and fallen trees!

And when I'm vacuuming under the couch cushions, I've often
found Peanut M & M's, but decapitated heads, not so much.

When digging new holes for the sorry trees I've planted, I've
found a few stray glass marbles, but I've yet to hit a
porcelain doll head with my shovel. 

And during the biannual cleaning of my refrigerator,
I'm sure to find a wilted head of lettuce, but a Cabbage Patch
doll head?  Not likely.

So, I can't help but wonder,
 "Where are all these doll heads coming from?"
My Betsy Wetsy's curly top head is still attached to her 50 year old body,
so I know they don't get old and fall off. 

Which brings me to this frightening conclusion.

It's the mommies!!!

Shame on them.
They're tippy toeing into sissy's room late at night and plucking the heads 
right off the beloved baby dolls!  What is wrong with them? 

Will we be seeing these.....

(Picasa photo editing.)

...popping up on all the etsy sites? 
 Really now.
A lousy quarter under the pillow in exchange for Baby Boo Boo's head?! 

Then there's the question of,
"Where are all the bodies going?"
To the local landfill?  Tossed in the Virginia woods? 
Avant-garde jewelry?
 Cut apart for cabinet hardware?

Or maybe......

Off to the North Pole to be repurposed at Santa's workshop!

My mischievous little elves put their heads together and came up with a
brilliant idea.  They will be filling the doll bodies with dirt to create a new style of
Chia Pets!!! 
Be sure to add one to your Christmas wish list!

Another mystery solved.
Thanks for heading my way,
From the headquarters of Detective Ranger 911

*The vintage truck cab and trailer were found in 2 different antique shops
in Wisconsin.  I bought the trailer first and couldn't believe my luck when I
found the mismatched cab to pull it!  They were $10 each.

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  1. I thought I was the only one... I started collecting them solely for Halloween props but soon I realized their vintage charm. You can see mine displayed in my antiques booth post from July. I also bought the recent Flea
    Market Style and enjoyed the article but I think I'll stick to incorporating just a few pretty faces in with my ironstone and lace collections.

  2. Funny post by the way! Love the knee-hugged elves!

  3. A few years ago, my step-daughter went to Brimfield and took pictures of all the creepy doll parts through out the flea market. She made a funny but creepy facebook album. :D

  4. This post cracked me up! I must admit to not liking just doll heads...kinda creepy to me! hugs, Linda

  5. Hee hee hee! Great post, Inspector! I think you are on to something, although I think the doll heads that are found sans bodies belonged to little girls with brothers. My poor SIL's dolls suffered unspeakable horrors. (BB gun wounds and the like.) Love your single noggin on the cabinet. :)

    Great find with the truck parts too! I see those Elves made it off the shelf and into some part time work for Santa. I hope he's got me on the list for one of those new Chia pets!

    I think I'm going to have to be on the lookout for a doll head... that's fallen off the body due to natural causes. :)

  6. OMG!!! This post is a SCREAM! I saw that picture of the cabinet full of doll heads and HATED it. I'm not a fan. Sorry! Not my thing, never will be. I know alot of people like them. They are strange to me. I have no dolls lying around my house to decapitate either (if I ever had the notion). Maybe some lego heads, but no doll heads. I wondered why just the heads too? If they have the bodies, they are just toys, but the heads are suddenly decorative? Not sure.

  7. How funny is this! Love your explanation, but I may have to just skip starting this collection! lol Happy weekend!...hugs...Debbie

  8. I can say I haven't found any stray doll head either. But then I have never found the cab and the matching trailer to a toy truck in two different places either. You crack me up!

  9. Haha! Funny, funny, funny.
    I am a little freaked out by the cabinet full, but hoping the elves haul them all off.
    I don't believe in natural causes in this instance.;)
    Still laughing....
    xxx, Tina

  10. Doll heads are seriously creepy so why do we all find them fascinating (including myself)? This is certainly the time of year for them too, but I'm highly suspect of finding one in the woods unless it was left there by a practicing wanna be serial killer which is a hundred times creepy!

  11. Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha....... that's all I have to say, oh that and you're damm funny.

    OK, saying more, to answer the question I have not jumped on the band wagon, but I think it would be hysterical if you wrapped some gauze around that head since it sits on top of the cabinet I want to come and steal.


  12. I started laughing when I saw the truck full of dolls (such a cute truck by the way), but doll's heads really creep me out too.
    I'm happy though, that someone wishes to give them a home, it would be seriously creepy to find a doll's head in the woods !

  13. Hahaha!! Too fun...nope no doll heads here yet...I dont think my 5 year old would never sleep again ;). Laurel

  14. LOL...I just can get into collecting doll is rather creepy! I do hope Santa will give the "bodies" a new head!

  15. You are a kook! I have no bodyless dolls, but I want one. I think they are fun. Maybe I should buy that scary clown and cut his head off and display it!!!

  16. HAHA! Too funny! I've never found doll heads while hiking in the woods, either.
    I kind of thought that cabinet FULL of doll heads was really creepy. Can you imagine the reaction of a 3 year old child to that cabinet?

  17. Laughed and laughed ... have noticed the trend for years ... and yes I have had a few doll heads on my shelves from time to time, I have to admit ... but the cupboard full ...

  18. I kind of like the creepy doll heads. When I was digging a hole for a new shrub I found a pair of scissors about 6 feet down. Maybe they buried it to hide the evidences that they cut the hair off one of those doll heads! I have couple of those elf too, we play hide the creepy elf in the Christmas tree. Fun post, loved it, Laura

  19. Vickie,
    I do have an appreciation for them because of there sweet faces. But....... my daughter would freak and my husband would think I have lost my mind LOL! My daughter collects American girl dolls.She would not like a bunch of dolls heads around the house.I know that for sure!I really don't think I could convince her.

  20. I was wondering the same thing about why only the heads were showing up without their torsos and limbs attached. Thanks for answering that question for me. :)


  21. Love your humorous writing style, Vicki! I can't believe that's one thing I haven't started collecting.
    Mary Alice

  22. Hee, Hee, Hee. Cute post Vickie. Made me smile :-) Wishing you a wonderful new week.


  23. Hunt and Gather was way ahead of this trend, huh? CREEPY cupboard. Funny post. ;) See you soon! Hopefully we'll score some good finds at JB!

  24. You're so funny. I saw that article too and the whole thing gave me the creeps. No doll heads for me, I tell ya.

  25. Sorry, I'm one of those really scary people, having a doll head stare at me is a bit creepy; having a zillion doll heads staring at me is a freaking nightmare!

  26. How funny. Glad you got your first head. This was such a cute post!

  27. You are tooo funny! But I have to agree with you. Where are all these heads coming from?? And with this craze at full blown, full steam ahead speed I seem to be seeing them at flea markets all the time. Try as I might I just can't seem to be able to pick them. I almost wish I had a list of names of women who want these because I know they would flip over them! Nope... not my cup of tea but blessings on those who do appreciate these decapitated beauties!!

  28. Ha ha! Cute post! Love your little elves. And congrats on your kitchen being featured at Cowgirl Up!

  29. You make me laugh Vicki. I won't be collecting doll heads for sure. I like seeing them with cute outfits on. Just the heads are too scary. Those elves are too cute!


  30. Vicki,
    "they" say 2 heads are better then one, but a whole cabinet full, horrendously scary! Even 2 doll heads is 2 two many for me!! I do have to say, yours does have a sweet face but this is one collection I will have to pass on! I agree with sherry, walking into that room with all those heads staring would give me the creeps! You are to funny, your deductions on cause and disposing of the "leftover" parts was quite interesting! Hopefully there are many "elves" doing their "Christmas duty" and saving many headless bodies to be "born" again in Santa's workshop!! Great luck in finding both parts of that fabulous truck! Even though I don't like the heads, I would love to find me a little elf or 2!

  31. So very funny!! Indeed, where are those bodies going to???? Loved your kitchen ~ popped in from Debras, so very glad to meet you :)
    Karla & Karrie

  32. I had to laugh at this, because I love these doll heads (although I don't collect them) and my hubby always says they're just creepy! I absolutely LOVE your cabinet, and I LOVE the doll head on it! :)

  33. you do write the greatest posts! the heads creep me out bad--but, wouldn't a bunch of them hanging from a tree make a great halloween night:)?

  34. Laughing out loud... I'll admit to having a few heads myself...(locked in a suitcase) Ha!

  35. you are so funny! i was looking through that magazine the other night again and i have to say all those doll heads in the cabinet really creep me out...hahaha! yours is much cuter for sure! love your trucks and little elfves too :)


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