Sunday, November 11, 2012

I like big butts.

Say what?!
Oh!  I like toy trucks, too.
I thought you said.......oh, never mind.

I've suffered with some minor hearing loss for several years, but the past few months
 I've noticed it's been markedly worse.  I can laugh about it at times, but it's gotten
 to the point where I needed to seek medical attention.

My ENT thinks it's highly likely that allergies are compounding my problem, so I had
blood drawn for allergy testing last week.  I peeked at the list of allergens and was vastly
relieved to see there was no category for vintage junk.  Whew!

But (just one t here) I am being tested for allergies to
dust mites. live in fear of what will happen if I'm allergic to dust! 

*Will I be sent to Cleaning Camp?!#
*Will I be told to remove all dust collectors from our house?
*Will I be ordered to stay away from antique stores????

I'll be on pins and needles awaiting my fate.  Until I hear the verdict,
I'm going to enjoy the life of a junker, which brings us to my latest find.

Yes, the truck is mine!!!

Ever since our good friend Martha showcased her collection of Jadeite dishes,
 the price of anything in that shade of green has skyrocketed! 

So, when I found the green truck peeking out from under a blanket at an antique mall
 in Hinkley, MN, I held my breath as I turned over the price tag.  
Can it possibly be? Did a zero fall off the end of the price sticker? 
Nope.  That's the price all right.

What is it about this particular shade of green that has stood the test of time?
Just look at this vintage cabinet painted in Miss Mustard Seed's Luckett's Green Milk Paint
 by Kristen of  Sophia's blog.  Top it off with the red and green goodies inside and what can I say?

I'm in love.
 ( Kristen's got lots more to see on her blog, Sophia's, so be sure to check it out! )

I played around with Picmonkey and made a few collages filled
with green and red eye candy for your viewing pleasure.

With the exception of the the baby bootie ornaments I made last year,
 all images above are from Google Images.

Not that I change things out much from my autumn decor,
but I'm not going to bother decorating for Thanksgiving this year.
We're (fingers crossed) having the rest of our old wood floors refinished this week,
so I don't think I need any cornucopias around to
collect more dust, do you?

I like big butts.

I said I love my truck!

Thanks for stopping by!  I've got a hot date with my Swiffer.


  1. best of luck with the allergeies! I have allergies that I didn't see to soon enough, it escalated to allergy induced asthma.Dust mites and cats and dogs are my only triggers, I had to make some mighty big changes in our home when we moved, sold the house bought our small apartment, I keep it as dust free as possible, some will tell you it doesn't help but it really does.The thing is though, meds help, they really do, but avoidance is really the best way , unfortunately we cannot avoid dust, sifters are great, slip covers that can be washed and no dried flowers, and hard surface floors are easiest to keep, I hope you are not allergic to dust mites but if you are its not the end of the world, be brave!

  2. Hope your allergy issues/hearing are quickly helped out!
    Love that shade of green. The truck is wonderful, and the eye candy with the linens - delightful! I am a big Jadeite fan!

  3. Great minds think alike. My last post has a vintage toy truck but not a green one. I like red and jadeite green. I use it in my kitchen. Fun post Vickie.

  4. LOVE your new wheels!!! Is that the finished booties loaded up in the box of the truck? he he he

    Gorgeous choices for pics in your collages and I love that fabric along the top! Looking forward to your holiday decorating... post Thanksgiving. Good luck with your allergy testing. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it is an allergy to cooking. Once that chore is abolished you'll be hearing pins drop. Good thing those grandmonkeys talk at volumes you can hear. :)

  5. The truck is the bomb diggity. I am allergic to dust and dust mites and I am not a super cleaning kind of gal. Our old house is dripping with dust because of the plaster walls. I do take Zyrtec daily. I hope you get a resolution to your hearing allergy issue. I am a stubborn RN who never complies with instructions so do not follow in my path. The collage is beyond splendid, Olive

  6. LOVE the color of your latest find, Vickie! I can see why you fell for it. Sure hoping your hearing problem doesn't require you to stay away from your favorite haunts!
    Mary Alice

  7. I love big trucks too...and tiny ones! I just found 5 of them at great prices recently :) yours is spectacular in green! I love the combo of mint green and red...I don't think it even looks Christmasy unless one wants it to. Really great idea to put the little packages in it, a fresh take on the mini bottle brush trees I've seen a lot of! Hope all is well with your allergy testing :)

  8. I love that color combination, too, Vickie! Your new truck is a beauty! I pulled out my trucks today, too! Hope the doctor can help you with the allergies!

  9. Okay Vickie I now have that song in my head LOL! I hope your hearing problem is nothing serious.Maybe that is what my problem is.I sometimes think I hear something different than what is said! And I am often corrected with a laugh.
    Cute truck! I was trying to find an old pink one for my daughter.She loves pink and vintage cars but no such luck.Still looking.

  10. When you get done dusting your house, can you please do mine??? I'm sure mine needs it. I have allergies too. I mostly suffer from hayfever, but have never been tested. I hope that they find the culprit to your problem and offer some relief soon. Allergy shots don't sound like too much fun to me, so I've just been sucking it up each year (Spring and Fall). Love your cute green vintage truck too. I've notcied those two colors (red and mint green) look great together. Very retro!

  11. Oh Vickie, that truck is an amazing color. I love that combination of reds and greens. That really was eye candy to my eyes. I'll be thinking of you and hoping that the doctor doesn't order you to stay away from collecting. You have such a good eye for it.

  12. oh my gosh, you're hysterical! "butt" I DO sympathize with you since my husband is deaf in one ear. We've laughed so many times cause he totally gets it wrong, not something to laugh about, but hey Vickie, you started it!! LOVE that color of green, too!

  13. Love your little vintage truck. And the mosaics you created are very eye catching! Sorry about your hearing problems. Hopefully you'll get it all figured out very soon.

  14. Yuck, you poor thing! Allergies are so terrible. I hope your ENT can help.
    I love your truck and all your jadeite/Martha green stuff. That color is so cheerful. I think that's why we love it.
    I like big butts and big trucks...and I cannot lie. ;)

  15. I love your truck and I sure hope you aren't allergic to junk! hugs, Linda

  16. I'm a little distressed now..... dust can make me go deaf? Speak up I can't hear you though all my dust.....

    Have you heard the joke with the punch line I said pass the butter?


  17. Ooh Aah! I love that truck. What a great find, and thanks for telling us about Miss Mustard Seed's green paint. I've been wanting to try that paint and that might be a good place to start. I so hope you are not alergic to dust. It's everywhere.

  18. i hope the hearing has a quick fix, vickie. such a great post, as always:) love the sweet truck and the collages. the color combo is one of my xmas favs:)

  19. Love the truck. Better hide it from Mack. ;) Maybe you two can understand each other, since I am pretty sure his ear infections are affecting his hearing, too. We'll see! He has his ENT appt soon.

  20. Vickie, I just love that truck and how you put the cute pressies in the back. I think that jadite shade reminds us of when we grew up. Good luck on the floor refinishing and also on your allergy tests. I like big butts too!

  21. If you are allergic to dust you will have to pass off those household chores to the family and hit the outside junk stores(no dust in the fresh air, right? at least this time of year.)Good luck

    I love that old green, it was in my kitchen (over 100 years old) originally, I went with a bit brighter green, instead, maybe it's time for a change.

  22. My hearing is not 100% either. Watching tv is the worst - films where I can't differentiate the soundtrack from the actors, I really can't stand it. Can that really be a dust thing, I'm not good with some animals and I always start sniffing when I do housework (hence why I try to avoid it - lol).
    So please tell me there is a great outcome and that you can still go hunting vintage stuff because I love your style and sense of whimsy. This is such a great little truck and the colour combination of the jade and red is gorgeous. Those little booties are adorable too !

  23. Another cool truck? Lucky girl :) Hmmm...if you are allergic to dust do you suppose health insurance would cover a "cleaning lady"...a girl can dream right??

  24. Oh, Vickie! You are too funny! Lately, my husband has been asking me to repeat myself a lot.....grrrr! One of the funny ones I remember from my childhood was the little boy that cried because he wanted to stay after church for the firecrackers....not realizing they said to stay for choir practice. At the time I didn't like boys and I thought he was such a dork. I can only imagine what his wife deals with today (45+ years later)!
    Thanks for the chuckle...and, oh, by the way...I love that little truck!

  25. You are so this post, and of course that sweet little truck!

  26. Oh, that truck is wonderful! I really love it, if you remember my kitchen you must know how much I love that green.
    I think vintage junk can't be a problem for your health, it's more like a medicine, isn't it? I always feel better after buying something. I'm just watching you with a face mask to avoid the dust...
    BTW, I'm waiting for your vintage trucks collection post...
    Besos, Silvina

  27. I thoroughly enjoyed this post you are so funny, it gave me a chuckle. That truck is always adorable. I love what you do with it all the time.


  28. Love the truck! I have an old sears truck in aqua in my craft room. They are so much fun and look great! Love your collections.

  29. Hi Vickie! Oh, what a darling truck and it's the color of Jadeite! :) I love it. Now I want one.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  30. I don't know about big butts but I love your truck. Yes that shade of vintage jadite green is a favorite of mine as well. Thanks a lot Martha for letting the world know about it. The price of jadite went up overnight after that she decided to collect it. Maybe she will see your blog and the world will be looking for cute little jadite green trucks tomorrow.


  31. I also love your truck. Good luck with your tests. Always love visiting your blog love reading your posts, they always make me smile.

  32. I LOVE YOUR TRUCK!! I think I would stop breathing if I found one like yours.
    Ohhh please don't be allergic to dust, that would be terrible. You might out grow it if you are. Big butts are OK. Good luck with those tests.

  33. Oh my, I don't know about big butts, BUT... I love your truck. It's adorable.

  34. I LOVE the green truck!! So cute. It must have had your name on it.


  35. Vickie,
    your newest truck find is right up my alley! You know that jadite green, red and brown are my colors of choice! Like all the pics in your collage, love your bootie ornaments. Since I'm not talented in the sewing dept, I have to use the kid's baby shoes and booties. Hope your allergy problem is not serious, that you find out soon and get it taken care of! I'm not doing a lot of decorating for TK either, just left out my fall garland and got out my turkeys. Have had a lot going on here so that's good enough for now. Am getting the itch for Christmas decorating though.

  36. Well, you got MY attention! Love that truck! Hope your tests come out just fine and you don't have to quit antiquing! I had an allergy to dust mites a few years ago. Had to clean the a.c. ducts, etc and took shots for a couple of years. No problem with it anymore. So, there's hope--hang in there!

  37. I said, "WHAT?...Oh, you like BIG TRUCKS...Hee, hee, hee. And this is one is a cutie. Love the color. Green and red have always been my favorite color combo. Hope everything comes back fine for you...Wishing you a wonderful weekend.


  38. Hi Vickie! I'm so on the lookout for a big truck! :) Have a blessed Thanksgiving and be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  39. I guess I'll be buying some Miss Mustard Seed green paint this week. I love that color of green. Or should I say I LOVE THAT COLOR GREEN! Good luck with the hearing issues.

  40. i have been collecting toy trucks too but none compare with that great green shade!! o.k. now i have that song "i like big butts" in my head! funny,
    happy thanksgiving!


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