Sunday, November 4, 2012

I've got the blues.

Last Saturday was cold, gray, and dreary 
until the mailman delivered.....


I've been on a winning streak the past few weeks!
In my last post I showed you the cloth napkins I won and now
you're here to see the vintage Belgian beer bottle I won
from Laura at 52 FLEA.

She kicked off the opening of her new Etsy shop with the chance
to win this bottle in a pretty shade of teal blue with a porcelain stopper
and etching on the glass.  As soon as I saw it, I knew just where it
would go in my house.  And lucky me, I won!!!

Photo from 52 FLEA blog.

If you haven't visited Laura at 52 FLEA, you're missing out! 
 When I need a junk fix, I just pop on over to her blog to see photos of the
latest flea market or antique shop she's visited.  She picks the most interesting
and sometimes unusual items to share on her blog.

Photo from 52FLEA blog.

She also takes you along to visit the most enchanting homes
of her friends.  Her photography skills make you feel like you're turning the pages
 of a decorating book.  Trust me, you'll be oohing and aahing, too. 

So be sure to stop in and visit Laura at 52 FLEA and
see what she's got for sale in her new Etsy shop.

Thank you Laura and  congratulations on the
opening of your Etsy shop!!

I told you I had just the spot for the bottle, and here it is.

It's joining some old  friends on a shelf in my bathroom.

Our bathroom is still wearing the beige sponge paint look wallpaper applied by the previous
 owner, but I'm not yet ready to open the can of worms that the wallpaper camouflages.
We got rid of the oak vanity and cabinets and replaced the fixtures with a period medicine
 cabinet, white toilet, pedestal sink, and white wall cabinet.  I would have chosen
 white subway tile for the walls and black and white tiles for the floor,
 but I'm stuck  so very fortunate to have neutral beige wall and floor tile.

 I chose turquoise blue as an accent color when I found the old truck pictured above.
I carried it around the house until I found a spot to park it on top of the bathroom cabinet. 
*To date, it's one of my favorite finds.

The deal was sealed on my choice of accent color when I finally had a spot to display
 this charming couple who once belonged to my great-grandparents.

If you look closely, you can see that the little girl has been working very, very hard
by the smudges on her cheeks and clothes while the little boy looks relatively clean. 

* Just an observation by an innocent bystander.

I found this baby powder tin at an outdoor flea market
and it's the perfect color for my bathroom.

This rusty dustpan hangs over the bathtub faucet.

Of course blue canning jars have a place of honor on this shelf over the tub,
 and my new prize fits right in.  The letter "V" is a movie marquee letter that I removed red paint from to reveal the silver toned metal underneath.  Just to clarify, V is for Vickie.  :@

I found the fabulous old Venetian glass mirror at an estate sale
 down the block just a few days after we moved into this house.
It was bargain priced and nobody else wanted it because
 there's a small crack in the lower border that I've hidden behind the jars. 
 I love rejects!

This chippy old stool isn't blue, but it is in the bathroom and
it's too cute to be left out of the photo shoot.

 The blue colors in my bathroom are all slightly different,
 but they work well together
in my eyes.

Thanks for stopping by to see the
blue in my loo.


*I'm joining the parties at:
Knick of Time Tuesday
Savvy Southern Style Wow Us Wednesday
Common Ground Vintage Inspiration Friday
Funky Junk Interiors Saturday Nite Special


  1. Very pretty - and of course I love the V (for Vicki) lol

  2. that is a beautiful prize! I just recently found my first aqua blue mason jar, I love this color!!I love the dust pan you put to use as a wall pocket!!

  3. I love that mantel shelf in your bathroom and the mirror. I like the "V" too. I have a "C". The little water bucket kids are so cute. Congrats on your win.

  4. I love your bathroom. And you would never notice the walls or floor anyway, cuz the decorations are so lovely. :)

    P.S. I could not even tell you what kind of floor is in there....or that the walls are sponged. ;)

  5. Oh Vickie! I am so glad your name was drawn as the winner as you certainly did have the perfect place for that pretty blue bottle. I love your loo and all your blues...especially that fun toy truck with the spare rolls! So clever...
    Thanks so much for the post and links...not necessary but appreciated.
    Take care, Laura

  6. Lovely win. It looks great in the loo! Stool is so cute too!

  7. I love your blue in the loo!
    So glad your happy blue bottle added some sunshine to your gray day. :)
    xo, Tina

  8. What a fabulous bottle! Lucky you! It's amazing the lovely giveaways in blogland. I'll check out 52 Flea!

    hugs, Linda

  9. Congratulations on your lovely win! I love all the pretties I see in your bathroom!! Hope you have a wonderful day, Gail

  10. Congrats on that lovely bottle win. I love all your turquoise touches. The little truck and the Dutch figurines from your Grandma. They are perfect. Also love that cute little stool. I'm on my way over to 52 Flea.

  11. oh, I love all your blues!!! perfect!

  12. Oh my gosh, I loved your bathroom when all I saw was that gorgeous used truck on top of the cabinet... now that I've had the whole tour I'm ready to move in, wallpaper and all! My favourite colour and it is FAB.U.LOUS! The mirror is so pretty and I love the arrangement on the shelf. Is that a wee robin's egg there or one of those blue candy coated chocolate ones? A girl's gotta have a stash everywhere ya know.

    Your newly won bottle works perfectly on the shelf; love the height, shape and darker colour. Yes indeedy... looks perfect. The little dutch couple are darling and you know I adore treasures that have been previously loved by family members. Amen on the hardworking gal. The dustpan is very cool... I've never seen one like it -- I'd probably enjoy sweeping if I had a turquoise dustpan. Well, maybe not.

    Congrats again on your winning streak -- time to pick up a few lottery tickets, just in case. Cash is always nice, but there's something special about bagging a treasure that belongs so perfectly in your blue loo. :)

    PS The blue truck is still my favourite too. :)

  13. The bottle is a fabulous win and plays well with all the blues in your bath. I especially love your truck. I will always think of you when I see vintage trucks and such with good patina. xo, olive

  14. A toilet paper truck? Love the bottle and so happy you won it!

    Question for you? Do you love the pedestal sink or miss the storage? I have two workmen in my son's bathroom right now gutting the place and they keep asking me what kind of sink they're putting in. I want a pedestal, but my husband wants a cabinet (boring).

  15. I love your blue loo! Great bottle, and I think all the colors are so pretty together.
    I covet your little truck, by the way. If you ever have a break in and that's the only thing wasn't me.

  16. Congrats on your win, it's such a great colour and goes perfectly in your bathroom. Love everything but especially that old dustpan and the gorgeous truck, ooh and the mirror !
    Btw we all know that women do all the work, but don't tell anyone I said that!

  17. Love the bottle you won, Vickie. Congrats! It looks perfect in your bathroom. Love that blue accent color.
    And that truck is soooo cute!! LOVE it!
    Mary Alice

  18. Vickie you are lucky!!!!! It was meant to be as it looks perfect in your bathroom! LOVE the color you chose!Oh I love that mirror.I just spotted one like that although it was a bit bigger today at a thrift store.Too bad the price was not thrifty at all :-(

  19. Congrats on your win! Wish I was on a winning streak. That's always fun. I love your blue bottle being used in your bathroom. That is such a great shade of blue. I have very little color on the main floor of my house, but one color I do have is blue. It's easy on the eyes and goes with so much.

  20. I love your blue loo, I do I do,
    I love your new bottle, that too.
    And I love your TP hauling truck,
    I won't rhyme with truck.


  21. Yes I will....... LUCK, luck rhymes with truck.

  22. Vickie,
    Lovin' the blue in your loo! It all looks terrific. Great treasures and finds. Congrats on your win!

  23. Hi Vickie!
    I had to come right over after reading your kind post! Oh...My goodness! You are right...Your little dutch boy and girl are from the same era. They are just the sweetest. I'm glad you have them because I know you treasure them like I do my Mom's. Your "blue in the loo" is a delight. Our master bath is blue and I love it's soothing atmosphere.
    Thank you for your visit and thoughtful comment on my blog.
    You are a sweetheart!

  24. Vickie,
    I'm not a big blue fan but I love turquoise and your loo is fantastic! Congrats on the win, very cool bottle! Everything looks great together. Love the fact that your mirror has a crack, if I love something, those kind of things don't bother me either, chalk it up to being "vintage"!
    PS. the red shelf you asked about was a lucky yard sale find a few years ago, got it for 50 cents. It's one of my favorite things!

  25. Vickie that bottle was meant for you. Your turquoise touches in your bath look so divine! I love that truck with the T.P. :)


  26. That blue pick-up truck making it's t.p. delivery is about the cutest thing I've ever seen in a bathroom! Nice to know someone else drags home the 'rejects' -- I would have done exactly the same thing with that amazing mirror, right down to hiding the crack.

  27. Congratulations on winning! I sure like that old blue dustpan too!

  28. What a beautiful Blog -
    Thank you!

  29. Hey Lucky!!
    Love that bottle ~ it is perfect for your blue loo!

  30. Hello Vickie! I love that cute couple...the old truck...the mirror...everything !
    Besos, Silvina

  31. Hi just found your lovely blog, lucky you that bottle looks great in your bathroom.

  32. I love all the blue and your little boy and girl are precious. You definitely have been on a winning streak and this vintage blue bottle is the perfect addition to your collection.

  33. Winner, winner chicken dinner. I have been a lucky winner the last few weeks too. Love your bathroom and the turquoise accents. I have old seltzer bottles in that color that would look good on your shelf. Hope the rest to the week is bright and sunny! Laura

  34. very lucky indeed! love all the blue's mixed together... found you at savvy southern style.

  35. Your bathroom is so lovely, Vickie...I LOVE that mirror, the crack wouldn't have stopped me either! Wonderful giveaway win...Laura has such wonderful goodies on her blog!

  36. That bottle is certainly in it's rightful place. It looks perfect there! You are a master at accessorizing, and this bathroom is a fantastic example. I just love your style!


  37. Well the bottle is great - but that truck is to be envied! I love that mirror too, and find it crazy that people reject stuff with small flaws. Actually when I think about it, I reject paying full price for things with small flaws - I just like to be there when they have to lower the price!

  38. Congratulations on your win Vickie. It looks right at home with the rest of your blue treasures :-) Wishing you a wonderful weekend.



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