Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Sneak Peek and a Winner!

I'm on my last day of vacation today and I'd like
to give you a sneak peek at what I've been up to these past 8 days.

I did manage to fit in a few quick trips through the antique shops in town where
I found 3 of these little elves.  One is hiding in the rear, one has gone missing, and
this one is still wearing his price tag!  Oops.

But the majority of the week was spent climbing up and down a ladder with
paintbrush in hand.  I finally made the decision to
paint our dining room!!!

The room is far from done, but even at night when I took this photo,
it is so much brighter and provides a neutral backdrop to add seasonal decor.
More to come in a later post.

It's time to announce the winner of this year's
Ranger 911 Christmas Giveaway!

I used a random number generator, but since I couldn't figure out
how to post it here, I simply took a picture of the computer screen.

It seems Nurse Sandy will be hopping on the next
Greyhound Bus to visit her new home in the Midwest!

The welcome mat has been laid out.

Her new owner shares her quirky sense of humor.
(Deer mount and the license plate of the truck that hit it.)

Congratulations Pam @ House of Hawthornes!
Please email your shipping address, and she'll be on her way!

Thank you to everybody who joined in the fun.
  I tried to reply to all the comments, but a number
of bloggers were listed as noreply so I was unable to respond.
All the comments were entered into the drawing.

Thanks for stopping by today,


  1. Congratulations Pam!! Nurse Sandy will need to take a look at that deer promptly - he seems to be in need of a large band-aid for his rear end. :)

    LOVE your dining room's fresh new look Vickie! The 'Minnie Pearl' style elf is cracking me right up. Looking forward to your new neutral styled vignettes -- it's like having a whole new place to decorate! :)

  2. Lucky Pam! The deer and the license plate is wonderful...I like her style! LOL
    Indeed, Nurse Sandy is needed there.
    xo, Tina

  3. I know Pam will give Nurse Sandy a wonderful home!
    hugs, Linda

  4. Congratulations Pam!Lucky girl!
    Oh I can't wait to see your room revealed!I love that sneak peek!

  5. your dining room is beautiful, congratulations to the lucky winner! Sounds like you accomplished a lot on your vacation!

  6. Those little elves are adorable, love them peeking out of their glass home!
    The color is great can't wait to see the finish.
    Happy holidays,

  7. Congratulations to Pam...What a lucky ducky :-) Sounds like you've been one busy lady. Love the paint color...Can't wait to see it all done....Oh and cute little vintage elf. Wishing you a verry merry Sunday.


  8. OMG, I'm so excited!!!! I'd better get my guest room ready for her! Maybe I need to get a very small hospital bed for her. I'll email you in a second with my super secret home address :) Thank you!!!!

  9. I'm glad to see that if I couldn't win at least she is going to a good home!

  10. OH! A BIG congratulations to Pam! I know Sandy will be very happy living in her home!

  11. Isn't painting a room wonderfully satisfying? What color was it before? I'm going to see if I can figure that out with old posts.
    What a great vacation!

  12. your mantle looks wonderful, vickie! congrats to pam!!

  13. So jealous, you lucky duck Pam! Or is that lucky monkey? At least I can rest assured that Sandy will go to a good home.


  14. I can't wait to see your dining room. The sneak peek looks great! I love the little elves you found. I've been finding more cute ornaments lately too now that everything is marked down! So much fun, but running out of room. LOL!

  15. Yeah Pam. Couldn't be going to a better home.

  16. So glad nurse Sandy is getting a good home. I'm sure she will bring a smile to everyone's face for Christmas.

  17. Lucky Pam. I am happy for her to get your very cute nurse sock monkey. Love the new paint color. Can't wait to see more.


  18. your decorations are so cute! congrats Pam on the win...Nurse Sandy will be happy in her new home with you :)

  19. I think Sandy is going to a great home. Can't wait to see more of your dining room...

  20. Everything is looking pretty. I can't believe you are a painting maniac-the dining room is looking awesome.I wanted to do some painting before Christmas, but was too scared to take it on-I didn't think I could get it finished. Congrats to Pam.

  21. Well, we are waiting for the "After" dining room's photos.
    My envy...oops! sorry, I mean, my congratulations to Pam...haha.

  22. Vickie,
    Pam is a lucky girl congrates to her!!!! I want to wish you a wonderful Christmas dear blogging friend. Enjoy the week ahead. It goes by in such a whoosh!!! Thanks for all the inspiration I get from you. Merry Christmas.

  23. Lucky Pam!!!! I love that little santa tag and all! Hope you are having a wonderful holiday season so far, Laura

  24. Just loving your little green house display of vintage goodness!!

  25. A beautiful new room and a workout to boot!!
    Can't wait to see more!

  26. Congrats to Pam! If I had one Sandy I would've given her to my daughter who's studying to be a nurse.


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