Sunday, December 9, 2012

Ranger 911 Christmas GIVEaway

It is better to give than to receive.
This year's Ranger 911 Christmas Giveaway is all about

With the recent disaster of Hurricane Sandy, we've once again witnessed volunteers in action. 
 Click here to view and read a very personal account of the immediate aftermath of the storm
 written by Jersey Shore resident Jenny of Everyday is a Holiday blog.

Photos courtesy of Everyday is a Holiday.
Carnival animal among the debris.

Jeep from carnival ride.

This is just a sampling of the destruction they're dealing with.  There are many
more photos to view by clicking on the link above.

 While you're there, check out
 Jenny and Aaron's fun and funky original art for sale and
 see how they've gone from despair to hope in a very dismal situation. 

  There were and still are volunteers from every walk of life and many organizations
 helping victims on the East Coast and all over the world, but I've chosen the universal symbol
 of the Red Cross as my jumping off point for the design of this year's prize.

    If you've followed my blog, you know by now that I collect vintage
 sock monkeys (you'll meet them next year) and I make new vintage inspired
 sock monkeys from the original Rockford Red Heel Socks.  Our country's
most recent natural disaster is also the namesake of this year's monkey
 I'm offering for this giveaway.

Meet Sandy, a volunteer nurse for the Red Cross.
She proudly wears her starched white cap which was
bestowed to her upon earning her nursing degree.

She dons the traditional blue cape with red lining to keep
her warm when the weather turns cold.  Her only jewelry is the
vintage WWII pin she's clipped to her cape.

Nurse Sandy's white pinafore with a red cross on the bodice makes
her easy to identify in a crowd when her medical skills are needed.
Underneath she wears a red and white thrift store dress.  Thank goodness she found
 the dress so we could get this giveaway post up and running!

She carries a leather bag filled to overflowing with magical potions
to cure whatever ails you.  Let's take a peek inside, shall we?

Life Savers, Kisses, and Hugs.  :)

She puts in long hours and never complains, but at the end of the day
she likes to relax and escape from the troubles she's seen.
She hangs up her hat and pinafore wherever there's a room to be had and snuggles
 under a warm blanket with her night cap pulled down tight. 

A cup of coffee warms her right up.

A good book and she's all set!  It is rather difficult to find a classic book
in her size on such short notice.  Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
 is a classic, isn't it?   It is for us Baby Boomers!

Darn it!  Her vision just isn't what it used to be! 

Much better. 

There are so many ways to give to those less fortunate than ourselves.

You can donate articles of clothing you no longer wear to the Salvation Army or Goodwill.
Craft supplies are always in demand at nursing homes.
Of course, there is still so much to be done for the victims of Hurricane Sandy.
Animal shelters are filled with dogs and cats in need of food, blankets, and a loving home.
The local food shelves can't keep up with the growing number of people in need of food.
There are Meals on Wheels to be delivered and soup kitchens in need of volunteers.
Soldiers who can't be home for Christmas would love to receive a letter, or better yet,
a care package to brighten up their day.  The list goes on and on.
  So, please, do what you can.  Every little bit helps.

Now, let's party!!!

If you'd like a chance to win Sandy, all you have to do is leave
a comment at the end of this post.  No Facebook, tweeting, standing on your head,
just leave a comment!  Simple as that!

She may not be your cup of coffee tea, but perhaps you've got a friend
who could use a little TLC this time of year.   Sandy comes complete with her
nurse cap and cape, leather bag, book, coffee cup, night cap, and reading glasses.
I hope to put a smile on the face of whoever wins this hard working monkey.

 If you're reading this post, you're eligible to sign up!
The winner will be picked on Sunday, December 16 by a.......well, depending on
 our sketchy rural internet service, a random number generator, or as a backup,
the tried and true "pick a number out of a hat method".

Merry Christmas!

While you're out shopping this holiday season, don't forget to toss some
change in the bright red kettle or maybe pick a name off the Giving Tree in
your local mall. Your donations are sure to be appreciated!

I can't wait to meet my new roomie!!!


  1. This is a fantastic post Vickie. That's what Christmas should be about, helping those in need. That being said, that Red Cross nurse monkey is just awesome!

  2. I agree with Carlene. The post truly hits the nail on the head. This year we have been big on giving, as its something the kids really have to learn about. This year they have willingly given up Christmas gifts (except for a wee little one each) to sponsor a child in need. I hate to quote Whitney Houston, but 'I believe that children are our future'. Anyway, I LOVE sock monkeys! I especially love Nurse Sandy and her lovely hat and cape! What nurse doesn't require life savers? The best! I can hardly wait to see your collection next year!


  3. Vicki,
    I think Sandy the nurse is amazing. Not only do I appreciate the work you put into your sock monkies (because you clearly have more patience than I do when sewing), but I appreciate the reminder that many are still suffering from the aftermath of Sandy. It's easy to forget how others are struggling, when you aren't and when the news isn't constantly talking about it anymore. God bless, Vickie!

  4. Vickie love your sock monkey nurse!
    Yes we all need to reach out and help.It does not matter how much you give just give what you can.Thanks for sharing this!

  5. This is a great post Vickie and I love the way you've focused on what this season is all about. Sandy, your handmade sock monkey is so cute; you haven't forgotten a thing.
    Blessings to you and yours this holiday season!

  6. i agree with everyone else, such a great post, sometimes we who are so far away from the destruction forget whats been left in the wake of the storm, this is the most beautiful sock monkey I have ever saw in my whole life, what a wonderful give away!

  7. Oh, very nice post, Vickie!
    Sandy is lovely, I enjoyed every detail...fantastic!
    And I appreciate the emotion of your post. You worry about those who need help and that's great.
    A perfect mix, funny and emotive post, congratulations!
    Besos, Silvina

  8. This is a wonderfully appropriate reminder of the true meaning of the season, and Sandy is the perfect name for your sweet sock monkey nurse. You haven't left out any details. From the glasses on her nose to the satchel of lifesavers, she is adorable in every way Vickie.

  9. Oh Vickie, this is a fabulous giveaway!! Thanks for the opportunity to have a chance at winning.
    Mary Alice

  10. Vickie you are a very special lady! I love Sandy the Red Cross Nurse and would be proud to have her come to my home to live. She would even get to play with a Tiger sometimes! You always do such a beautiful job on your sock monkeys but I think the thought and message with this one is really important. I always try to remember to give back this time of year!

  11. Sweet, sweet Sandy...that's a face to love! Her purse and glasses crack me up!
    Love the message that Sandy shares. :)

  12. I'm so in love with nurse Sandy. Actually, we look a lot alike when I put on my glasses and red lipstick! Vickie, you are one amazing gal, and she's just adorable!!

  13. Hi Vickie,
    This is such a great sock monkey. I love that she is a nurse and for the Red Cross. I am a nurse and would love to adopt this little cutie. She is so adorable. The Red Cross is a near and dear charity to my heart. Wonderful organization that does so much for those in need. Your little sock monkey represents the loving caring touch of nurses and also the heros that are there to help anyone in need. This is a beautiful post.

  14. Vickie your red cross monkey is soooooo adorable. You have put so much love into her. Whoever wins her will surely enjoy her.


  15. You are such a hoot! I'm still giggling about the caption under the last photo. What a thoughtful giveaway and a great reminder that helping others out is what Christmas should be about.

  16. Hahahaha. That was hilarious, Mom. ;) Very cute.

  17. Vickie, Sandy is a work of art. I love ell the details. Great post on giving , especially at this time of year.

  18. Okay, you know I have a thing for sock monkeys and Jacques needs a new roomy so I wish I could leave a hundred comments just for my only lonely Jacques. Count me in for the Nurse Sandy give away. She's a real beauty!

  19. Ohmygosh,,,, I am AMAZED by the careful detail in this creative and fabulous work of art... She is simply tremendous. I'd love to give Sandy a home. Hoping to get lucky...fingers crossed.


  20. Sweet Sandy and your kind heart to make a Merry Christmas. Very detail Sandy.

  21. Oh my goodness, you have done it again!! Miss Sandy is fantastic (her portrait in her blue cape just cracks me right up) and what a perfect message. You have the kindest heart Vickie. :)

  22. Cute! Thanks for the chance.
    lovelydomesticdiva (at) gmail (dot) com

  23. Please enter my name in your upcoming drawing & I do hope I win this time!!! Keep on blogging baby!!
    Have a great week off & I am learning all that I'm able to cram into my head...which isn't much...
    Oodles of Toodles-

  24. Such a wonderful post....thank you for being generous and giving away such a cute sock monkey. I am a nurse myself....this would be an awesome gift to receive! Thanks so your blog!

  25. Hi Vickie,

    What a thoughtful post; I'm so glad you reminded people that this is a good time of year to give to animals as well. As to the monkey, well, I would LOVE to have her, and her room mate would be the sock monkey santa who is presently sitting patiently under the tree waiting for her. As an alternative, if you would be willing to make Sandy's "twin" I would BUY her from you. Seriously, she is incredible. Thanks for an always enjoyable blog (I love your vintage elves as well; I have a collection.)

    Kind Regards,

    Judith Mallory

  26. What a sweet idea...and since my name is Sandy also, I love her even more! My Mom used to make sock monkeys, but unfortunately you don't realize how special these things are until you can no longer have them. She made my sister & I Raggedy Ann & Andys' too...alas neither one of us have them either...
    Thanks for offering up this precious gift and for reminding us all of how we need to think of helping others. I enjoy following your blog. Thanks for the memories.

  27. She's cute. I love all the vintage touches you put on her. And thanks for encouraging other people to help the less fortunate. This time of year I think we all get so frazzled with getting ready for the holidays that we maybe don't stop to think how lucky we probably are compared to so many people.

  28. Hi Vicky,
    What a wonderful give-a-way, Sandy is absolutely adorable and your attention to detail is fantastic. Today's post was a pleasure to read (as usual) and your message perfect for the season of giving.
    very best wishes to you and your family for a wonderful Christmas,
    kindest regards

  29. What a beautiful and thought-provoking post, Vickie! Sandy is charming, and you are SO talented! I hope I will be her new roomie!

  30. This post is the best!! I just love Nurse Sandy! She's so cute and I'd love to give her a good home :)

  31. Oh, I love her & her joy of giving. She is a sweetie.

    Jenifer R

  32. Vicki...... that monkey is amazing. Do you even realize how amazing it is? I'm pinning it, I want everyone to see the exceptional quality. Girl, quit your day job and market your monkeys.

    Excellent post, excellent choice of monkey.


  33. Vickie, This is the cutest post ever. Your little sock monkey is just amazing and I love your attention to detail from the cap to the cape, pin, bag and glasses. You really out did yourself! I also love the reminder about help folks. We just boxed up of gifts for the family we "adopted" this year, they will be delivered tomorrow. Another wonderful reminder about helping the victims of Sandy. You may remember my daughter lives in NYC, she was lucky and her apartment was not affected but one young woman in her office lost everything. Her parents and grandparents also lost their homes on Staten Island. Beautiful post, Laura

  34. Oh, my gosh, she's CUTE! You thought of every little detail!
    Great post, Vickie.

  35. Hey Vickie;
    I absolutely Love Nurse Sandy, your Sock Monkey. She is Stunning!!!! I think that your attention to detail is what makes her so charming. I would be Humbled and Honored to win her!!!!!
    Thank-You so much for reminding people that so many others are still in pain and are hurting at this Holiday time from Storm Sandy.
    I had donated money early on to the Red Cross. I am presently caught up in a crisis, as our Home is such a mess due to a broken water pipe, which is making my life spin right now, but I stop and think about the fact that I am truly Blessed. I am Lucky to be alive, well, and happy. I have a Home.
    I am going to donate as much money as I possibly can again, so that others whom were in the path of Sandy will hopefully have a better Holiday Season!!!

  36. I love nurse sandy...she's a monkey! Would be happy to give her a new home! Thanks for such a cute and thoughtful post as well!!

  37. She's absolutely darling! Maybe you can do a tutorial on sock-monkey's sometime. I'd probably give her to my niece who is studying nursing right now!

  38. Oh my goodness, I have to say that Sandy is the cutest thing I have ever seen... anybody would be fortunate to have her in their home!

  39. Sandy is the cutest thing ever. What a great giveaway...will be keeping my little fingers crossed and chanting "pick me, pick me, pick me". Hope it works :-) Sending you a big hug.


  40. This nurse thinks that nurse is the cutest one ever.

  41. She is the cutest! I want her soooooooooo badly. I hope I win, I hope I win. Cough, cough. I need this nurse to make me feel better.

  42. Vicki, I love this blog post! Great suggestions on how to give back and easy to do! It is so sad that the food banks are being depleted so quickly, isn't it? And the fact that the hurricane victims are still in such need just doesn't seem right! We all need to help out. Now, I adore this sock monkey and the details you put in just amaze me!! The vintage glasses for reading are too funny and the nurses bag is just the best! I am now you latest follower... why haven't I done this before?!

  43. How cute! What a great idea. Excellent post on giving.

  44. She is so cute . . . there is something about sock monkeys you just have to love. This one is wonderful. I love her bag full of hugs, kisses, and lifesavers.

  45. oh!!! that last picture with the THE BEST!!!!!!!!

  46. Vickie,
    Sandy is a lot cuter then any of the nurses I had and I'll take her medicine over mine any day!! I think she could "nurse" me back to health in a heartbeat! (That was unintentional but works for me if it helps me be her next patient)! Things are going well here, but would be a lot better if I had my own private nurse on staff! She's adorable! You are so clever, not only at making them but dressing them up and giving them the best accessories!

  47. I needed a laugh and you did.....If I won, she would go home to my Niece, the nurse in Casper Wyoming...the door yea it would be fun, but I have a little house....and it is full! I mean full....but I think I will find some cabinet doors and do something similar for next year...and keep one of those..

  48. Nice post Diane! I have just the perfect person to give Sandy to . . . you just have to pick me.

  49. So cute. My sister in law would love it.

  50. Thank you for your blog and your giveaway!

    Please enter me for your monkey! I love her! I am a new RN (May 2012 baby!) so she is perfect!

    This is the first time I have posted, but I have wanted to say I am glad I have found your blog. I was looking for some local blogs. I do not live too far away from you!

  51. What an excellent cause! And Sandy is wonderful. I would also add that people should donate blood regularly. There always seems to be a shortage and disaster can strike any time, any where as we know.

    Awesome giveaway and yes, I'd love to win! New RN (as of May 2012...hi baileyann!!) and she'd be a perfect start to my nursing collectibles (working on a red cross quilt).

    Thank you!!

  52. I love blogs with a cause. I live in Connecticut,we also have had our share of devastation. Hurricane Sandy ravaged our shoreline, a recent senseless massacre of teachers and children in Newtown. A doll like this would surely brighten a day in the life of these victims. Thanks for doing this, what a wonderful gift.

  53. My wife is a retired nurse and I’ve been trying to find a wonderful sock monkey like yours. I’d love to win this! This is truly a good cause, especially making donations for people who are suffering so much this year.(I have a whole room dedicated to sock monkeys.). If I don’t win it, I’d love to pay you to make one for me.


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