Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Jeepers Creepers

It's been a busy week around 911 trying get ready for our family
Christmas celebration this Saturday.  Yes, you read that right.
We're finally getting together to celebrate Christmas!

I haven't been doing much as far as finishing up projects around the
house, but I did manage to squeeze out enough time
 to put together a birthday gift for a friend.

 These glasses wouldn't be my style, but I know somebody
who would look smashing in them.

Meet Pinky.
She's a modern working gal who happens to love pink!

She's a cross between Mrs.a'Wiggins and Bridget Jones.
She's wearing a vintage look button-up sweater with a pink satin (slightly juvenile) skirt.
  What can I say?!  It was the only thing available in pink.
( My friend has 2 granddaughters who I'm sure will love the skirt.)

This rock 'n roll gal's got her iPhone ringtone set to a Bruno Mars tune...

...and wears a raspberry beret.  Well chocolate covered raspberry.

I didn't have a pink vintage doll hat in my stash, but my crochetmeister friend
Tracy (Crow's Feet Chic) inspired me to knit a hat for Pinky.  If you want to see
 the glam skating apparel Tracy crocheted for her monkey, check it out here.

Just like the birthday girl,
Pinky owns a pair of stylish eyeglasses for every occasion.

Her sensible tortoiseshell work glasses,

and her Hollywood inspired rose-colored glasses, dahling.

Pinky and my friend have so much in common.  They both love music,
can't be without their iPhones, and love to wear pink.
My friend even has a newly decorated pink home office!

Pinky (unlike me) is tech savvy like my friend, who is the
go-to computer expert at work.  (She's rescued me more than once!)

Just look at Pinky, texting her peeps! (no easy task when you have paws)
gng 2 lv wth nu pup

As you can see, I have no idea how to text.

The garbled message above is how I would text, "Going to live with a new puppy!!!"
Pinky's new home is also home to a brand new chihauhua puppy named Bridget.  Woof.

As for bling, Pinky's wearing a pair of vintage pearl and
rhinestone earrings.......I think they're rhinestones.

*If my friend takes an impromptu tropical vacation, I'll know I was wrong. :@

I'd bake a birthday cake to bring to work, but my friend is very health conscious.
She only eats healthy foods, works out daily, and runs in marathons.
Imagine that!

Hmmm, what to dooooo.........

There's no reason the rest of us can't enjoy
a piece of birthday cake during our coffee breaks!

Google Images
Make mine an extra-large slice, please!

Thanks for stopping by,

Girls just wanna have fun!

Happy Birthday Tessi!

*Since no sock monkey is complete without pom poms,
we're joining the Pom Pom Party at Jennifer Rizzo's blog!


  1. You just never know what the sock monkeys will be wearing next. She is a very fun gal!

  2. surely she could have a small slice for her birthday! this is such a beautiful creation, love the bling!!

  3. Happy Birthday to your friend!Did you make that sweet sock monkey for her?
    Wow you are celebrating Christmas late.But with that BIG Christmas surprise I understand why ;-)

  4. Lucky friend! I also love pink...pearls... have many glasses... only healthy foods?? mmmm
    Such a beautiful gift! She will be so happy.

  5. Since it's my birthday today, can I have her piece of cake? I'll take extra large too. That Pinky is a style maven. The earrings and glasses put her a cut above all other fashionable monkeys. You are an amazing monkey stylist!

  6. You're amazing Vickie!! Your sock monkey is so adorable!! Love the bling on the earrings.
    Mary Alice

  7. Vickie, Pinky is adorable! Since I wear cat eye glasses myself (no easy task to find, nowadays!), I'm particularly fond of the tortoise shell ones!

  8. Adorable gift! Pink is one of my favorite colors!

  9. You did a super cute job on Pinky! You thought of all the right accessories!

  10. Happy Birthday Tessi and Welcome Miss Pinky! I am loving her style... the earrings are a hoot and 'Mina now has got me searching eBay for Monkey Bling. Love the raspberry beret... and I know you had no problem getting it the right size. Pinky's white poms were a great idea... just leaving her rubies in red is perfect. LOVED the Mrs. a'Wiggins reference... it should be no surprise that she was one of my favourite Carol Burnett characters. Hope you and the girls have a great celebration today at work! :)

  11. What an adorable Monkey and I am in love with the PINK! Your friend is very lucky! Hugs, Linda

  12. OH I love her...and so will your lucky friend! You are wonderfully creative, Vickie!

  13. Vickie,
    She is over the top and so so cute. I love her glasses the best I thought about you the other day as I was in Target and saw the cutest sock monkey valentine card that the sock monkey sings and dances when you open the card. Check it out at Target if you are there!!!!! Very cute.

  14. Your sock monkey sure looks cute all dolled up! You have such a knack for doing that. I think whoever you give her to will really like her.

  15. That is such a sweet and thoughtful gift for your friend! She is adorable from here raspberry beret and glasses to her pink cell phone and pom-poms.

  16. You have a way with your monkeys, Vickie. Pinky is precious and sassy and fun!
    What a fun gift to receive...your friend is going to LOVE Pinky. :)

  17. Move over Barbie...Pinky's got it all. I'll be sure to have a piece of cake in honor of your friend!

    Super fun post!!


  18. Love it all ...and love that cake and the background.. Just fabulous picture... Felt like I was there............... Have a blessed week . Love your PINKY POST .. hugs

  19. Vickie -Thank you so very much for the wonderful sock monkey you beautifully created for my birthday. Take comfort in the fact that Pinky will be treasured always & forever. She has a new home, filled with love. All of my dogs (new puppy too) & the cat gave their paws of approval. Woof woof meow meow. Thank you for the gift of your ifriendship & every time I peek at Pinky, sitting in my childhood rocking chair, I will lovingly think.of YOU...

  20. Vickie, that's the cutest. I love the adventures of Pinky and I'm sure your friend will go crazy over her. Great job on her little beret. Have a wonderful Christmas celebration!

  21. That Pinky sure has style! I love all her pinky cuteness and pizazz. She'll have so much fun in her new home with her new puppy.

  22. Pinky is certainly setting the bar for fun!!! How can anyone not love and embrace Pinky. By the way, Merry Christmas also!!
    Missy M

  23. So flipping cute I can hardly stand it!


  24. just so darling, vickie:) everytime i see a sock monkey now...i think of you!

  25. Thanks for the tip about my email, I think I fixed it. However, my email addy is right on my website (front page). Have a great weekend.

  26. Your sock monkeys always have so much personality and wonderful accessories! So did you leave your Christmas tree and decorations up this whole time? Have fun celebrating with your family this weekend, Laura

  27. Ok Vickie,
    It is me again. I think I have reset my profile so now you can reply to me and I am no longer a no reply blogger!!!!!! Thanks for your help. I am hoping if you reply to this comment it will do what it is suppose to!!!!Ohhhhh blog world and all I have to learn!!!!!

  28. So cool the Munky lovley,wishes from germany nina

  29. Pinky is a stunner, love her fashions. Congrats on the new puppy.

  30. Pinky is so stylish...Tres chic. Your friend is going to love, love, love her.



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