Monday, January 28, 2013

Button, button, who's got the button?

Button, button, who's got the button? 
Do children even play that game anymore?
Probably not.  I don't remember any classmates choking on
a button, but I guess you can't be too careful these days.

When I was growing up, my mother had coffee cans filled with old buttons
that my sister and I spent hours sorting into piles
according to their color, size, amount of jewels, etc.

A number of years ago, I loaned out the last of them to a friend, and that was that.   

Occasionally you can find jars of buttons for almost nothing at estate sales,
which is where I found the white buttons pictured above.
If you're in need of buttons, be sure to check Anything Goes Here.
She's selling her entire vintage button collection!

  They've been sitting on top of a dresser collecting dust,
 so I blew the dust off the cover and used them to transform
another find that's been stashed in the basement
since I bought it last winter.

My 5 dollar trumeau mirror.

The heavy mirror alone was well worth the cash spent,
but as for the art framed in the top section, it had to go!

This photo obviously appealed to the now deceased homeowner
in whose home the estate sale was held.

Can you guess the year this image was published in the decorating magazine?

I've got the missing corner which bears the date
July, 194_

The last digit is missing, but 1940 something is close enough for me.
The clipping was in the frame for over 70 years.

It was time for a change!

To fill the opening where the magazine clipping and glass were removed,
I found a piece of linen and stitched on buttons in the shape of a heart.
I could have glued the buttons to the fabric, but I wanted to be able to reuse
the buttons when I tire of this objet d'art.

If you're going to tackle this project, I would recommend
basting a heart outline on your fabric first.  It will save you
time in the long run, a lesson I learned after stitching on
 the buttons pictured above.

I painted the mirror frame off-white with home made chalk paint
 and then added the button art above, but it just looked blah to me.

 Plan B.

Much better.

I stitched more buttons onto a piece of red corduroy
left over from Little Red Riding Hood's cape
and taped the fabric to a square of foam core with
double-faced carpet tape.

I inserted the whole thing into the opening and held
it all in place with 4 pieces of super-sticky
duct tape.  It may be tacky, but it allows me
to easily change out the art whenever I please.

Here's my transformed mirror, just in time for
Valentine's Day!

As always, thanks for visiting.

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  1. Such a cute project! I love the red candles reflected in the mirror. Jean

  2. LOVE this Vickie! The buttons really pop against the red. Another great creative project.
    Mary Alice

  3. So pretty Vickie! I love it red or blah LOL! You know me and my white :-) .Oh I was way off on that date.I was thinking 60's. What great finds! LOVE finding those buttons! got it white!

  4. The transformation of the mirror is stunning.

  5. Aren't you all Valentiney! That's some funky living room in that artwork. That look will come back in style in a few years and you'll be all like "Wow, I just have kept that tacky pink chaired magazine photo".

  6. I love buttons and have been thinking of doing a heart with some and this inspiration from you is perfect! Love your mirror and the white buttons on the red is perfect!
    hugs, Linda

  7. That's darling. My mother always kept a button jar, and I do too. I never seem to need a button from the jar, but it's nice to know they are there!

  8. Vickie,
    That is so cute. I have a thing for buttons too. I have an old jar full now you have me thinking!!!!! That mirror is just adorable and perfect for valentines day or even everyday. I also love your valentine blog header.

  9. I just love this project! I love that you can change it out if you wanted, but it's so cute just as it is!

  10. I love the button heart. I would probably have glued it instead of sewing all of them......that would ahve taken alot of patience.

  11. I love your new button d'art and it's home in the new dining room. What a great find for $5 and it looks amazing with it's new coat of paint. I love the duct tape quick change idea -- it is a perfect spot for a little seasonal pop of fun. I can see a sock monkey portrait in there too.... ;) One of the things I have wished I've had since my grandma passed when I was 10 was her tin of buttons. I LOVED that tin and enjoyed many a happy hour swishing through it admiring her buttons. Keep that clipping handy... just in case you're ever inspired to change up your decor to a pink/brown thing. :)

  12. Love it,'s so YOU! Looking forward to what you do with it thru out the year. The possibilities are endless. :)

  13. Well I think your project is just perfect, each time you look at it I am sure it will make you smile. Oh this weekend when grandpeep was over she played with my buttons! We loved playing with our Moms buttons growing up. Hugs, Diane

  14. I love button art. It's really neat with the old mirror!

  15. The mirror is gorgeous and your button heart turned out great! Red is nice and cheery, but with the ivory paint still looks timeless. It looks like it belongs in Country Living magazine!

  16. I love how the mirror turned out-it's as cute as a button. Much better transformed. I have to try this-of course I won't get around to it for awhile. Great find for 5 bucks!

  17. Vickie,
    you were right, the red gives it that extra punch! Love what you did with your buttons, perfect for Valentines day. Great price on your fabulous mirror! When I lived in Green Bay, I used to find the great litte jars of buttons at the best thrift store ever, St Vincent De Pauls. I always got the best stuff there for cheeeep!

  18. How charming! I love how it takes something vintage and puts a current spin on it! It turned out beautifully! My daughter calls jars like that "button therapy" fun to sort through them!

  19. I love how you brought out the VINTAGE !!!!!!!!! fun !!! love this post and your blog ........... Have a blessed week

  20. Awesome transformation!!! I better get my buttons out, but I don't think I ever played that game.


  21. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this Vickie! It turned out so cute.

    xo Danielle

  22. It's not what's on the back that counts, it's what it looks like on the front! And that was clever use of that space! Now you've got me thinking of all the different ways you can change it out for different occasions!

  23. Nice job, Vickie. I especially like that you can switch out the art whenever you want to. I recently found a cache of buttons and had so much fun sorting them out. Definitely took me back a few years.

  24. How funny...I hadn't read this post yet when I did my latest post this morning...You should come see...I'm telling you great minds think alike :-) Love the mirror and button heart. Hope you're doing well my friend.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  25. Mum, you find the best stuff! I think I am going to turn to dumpster diving so I can still afford my love of thrifty finds....with our new budget. ;)

  26. Super cute mom! Makes me want to do some button-art ;0)

  27. It's cute, seasonal, and I love that you are making good use of those buttons. I would not have guessed that room to have been from the 40's. Gotta give the lady credit for having some style aspirations. Wonder if she ever did anything about them or just stared at her picture like we do with a lot of our pinterest pics.

  28. Found your gorgeous blog today and wanted to say hi! love your button mirror so cute!

    Bee happy x

  29. Vickie, what a great transformation. Love what you did with the mirror. It is so pretty.


  30. I bet that was a fun project! That was a good idea to transform that mirror like that. It looks so cute now.

  31. certainly was about time for change! you did a fabulous job with the project. First of all, that frame is gorgeous and it takes talent to see the potential. I love love love what you've done.

    Thanks for sharing. I have a thing for buttons too...there's just something magical about them. They remind me of the jar my mother used to have growing up. I think every kid used to play with buttons.....maybe not so much these days though.

    Ciao Bella
    Creative Carmelina

  32. Vickie...My heart sank when I read that your buttons were never returned....But you so graciously moved onto a wonderful transformation.....Blessings, Becky

  33. Love your mirror transformation. I've been wanting to do something with buttons, too. Thanks so much for the inspiration.

  34. Vickie this is really neat. I enjoy seeing transformations. I have some buttons like yours and love to look at them. I played with my mother's wooden spools of thread. I would line them up in my make believe church as they entered the pews. How funny.

  35. Wow, what a transformation! I think the buttons look so much more charming when you stitch them on like you have done. Good tip on basting a heart first. I like to sort my jarred buttons by color too. I was surprised that photo was from the 1040's, that must have been modern for the 40's. I would leave guessed it was later. Hope you are staying warm have a great weekend, Laura

  36. I LOVE your button heart on that pop of red! Perfect in every way!!!

  37. It's so dang cute!!! I'm so charmed by button art. I need to think of something to do for me. I certainly have enough buttons!

  38. thank you so much for my link. i hope many people will get to enjoy my lifetime vintage button collection!

    great post! joan@anythingoeshere

  39. Cute project! Not sure I'm patient enough to arrange all those buttons, but the basting tip is a good one if I try it.


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