Sunday, March 24, 2013

Blue Easter

If Elvis (and Porky Pig) can sing about a Blue Christmas,
I see no reason I can't create a b-b-b-b- Blue Easter!

It all started when I came across this old print while cleaning out a closet.

I bought the framed print last year for our youngest daughter whose husband grew 
up with dairy cows.  Well he didn't share a room with them, but you know what I mean.
The print is part of a 1915 advertising calendar for the De Laval (cream) Separator Company.
 Before I give it to my daughter, I'm planning to add archival glass to preserve the pretty colors,
but until I do, I may as well enjoy it on my mantel!

I found these 3 chicks still in their original packaging just last
week and perched them on top of some eggs. ( Actually, all of the eggs in our
refrigerator.)  I added a few blue and yellow malted eggs for color,
 and the chicks seem happy as can be in the basket.

  I hope nobody wants scrambled eggs for breakfast.

I filled my wood caddy with Pottery Barn plants
 and, of course, a few blue canning jars.

My blue ice cream maker has been
 transplanted here for the season.

My Blue Easter mantel.

Yes, that's a blue egg carton I used to elevate the picture.  Recycling is good, right?
Sometimes you just have to make due with what you've got available when the decorating bug bites.
If you're wondering why there's no candy in the jars, our girls our spending the holiday
 with their in-laws, and I know I'd just gobble up the candy all by myself.   oink oink

Around the corner on the dry sink, sits my 1940's American Bisque cookie jar.
Just a few short days ago, the canning jar was filled to the brim with pastel M & M's.
 Now who do you suppose has been eating them?

"N-n-n-not   m-m-m-me!"

Hmmmm.  I have my suspicions,
after all, she is a pig!

These two are each keeping a close blue eye on the
temptation right in front of them.  
 They have a lot more will power than I do! 

Well, ble-ble-ble-that's all folks! 
 I wish everybody a Happy Easter!

I'm joining the party at:
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  1. Vickie you just crack me up. Where are the bunny ears and sock Monkey!!!! I love the blues and that pig OMG!!! Adorable. What a cute vintage treasure that is. I may need to steal, I mean borrow that from you!!!!! She has that I ate all the M&M's look on her face for sure. I had a whole bag of starburst jelly beans on my desk in my office and they are almost gone so I think Midge was eating them!!!! Can't leave her alone near candy for a minute. Happy Easter back at ya!

  2. beautiful blue touches, I love blue, robins egg blue is my favorite color, it truly is. You have such a great knack for incorporating whimsy in your decorating, I love it,

  3. You have a very deep mantel. I love it that the wood box fits on there. You used lots of great stuff. The blue ice cream bucket, the cookie jar, the cow print, blue jars and the fun caddy.

  4. Oh, I like it all!
    Happy Easter & farmhouse hugs,

  5. This is beautiful, Vickie! I love all of the blue...and your vintage goodies are so charming! LOVE it!

  6. Love the way you've brought in so many pretty blues into your Easter decorations! I never tire of the color blue. Your mantel is precious.
    Mary Alice

  7. Precious. I love the blues. I love that illustration too. It's perfect for spring. LOVE that ice cream maker color. Awesome

  8. A beautiful mantel! I spotted the egg carton even before I read that description, a great idea, such a homey touch. Or maybe a farm fresh touch! Hope you have a great Easter, Laura

  9. It is b-b-b-beautiful, Vickie. I love that soft blue color for Easter. I think the pig cookie jar looks a little guilty. :D
    Happy Easter!

  10. I love your blue Easter mantel decor. Cute cute.

  11. I love your blue touches, Vicki.
    Stop blaming the missing M&M's the poor piggy.
    Just who do you think you're talking to, girl? ;)
    I want to steal your ice cream maker, but I'm not trudging thru all that snow.
    xo, T.

  12. We'll have some Easter treats for you on Saturday ;0) Though Finley might not want to share...looks lovely in your bright dining room as usual! ;0)

  13. Hello Vickie! We are so used to your wonderful mantels and vignettes.
    This easter one is lovely. That wood caddy is so nice. And the cookie jar is very sweet. I have never seen one here but I will never forget an episode of the TV show "The Incurable Collector" about a woman who had lots of them, they were fantastic!
    Besos and Happy Easter!

  14. Love how you've totally changed the color scheme for your b-b-b-blue Easter. I hear you on the Easter candy. That's about the very last thing on earth that I need to have around!

  15. Vickie I love how you gathered the blue and made it perfect for Easter. Those little chicks are adorable. Oh I am so bad about eating candy, hard to have at my house also.

    hugs, Linda

  16. I still have the Valentine conversation hearts in my glass jars in the kitchen. That's because I don't like the taste. I wanted to fill them with red Swedish fish and red /blue Dove candies. I have not because I would eat the Doves.

    I have not really decorated for Easter because it will just be Steve and me. You are inspiring me to put up a fee Easter things on the mantel.

    Your ice cream maker made me nostalgic for our family ice cream maker. There are a lot of good memories there. I don't recall what happened to it.

    I guess I can start adding Happy Easter to my comments since it is less than a week away - HAPPY EASTER!

  17. It all looks so sweet. I love that you used the egg carton to elevate the print. I noticed that right away -- great touch of whimsy.

  18. Vickie, that blue is so perfect for spring and Easter. I love the mantle. The egg carton is genius!The ice cream maker is wonderful for spring decor. Wish I had one-I'll be on the lookout for sure. Happy Easter to you too!

  19. Vickie, I absolutely LOVE your blue Easter mantel and that ice cream bucket!!

  20. That cookie jar is the CUTEST! Now we must solve the mystery of who has been eating all the m&m's....Hmmm....Ooh why doesn't this sweet little piggy just go to the market and get some more? ha ha ha ha. (I know she will share)

    xo Danielle

  21. I LOVE your blue Easter decor and the dining room is looking wonderful with the white chairs!! The print is so darn cute (LOL on roomin' with the cows) and the chicks are so fluffy and sweet. Much like you after you consumed your weekly allowance of M&M's! Lovin' the cookie jar too. When I first read it I thought the cookie jar started out filled to the brim with M&M's. he he he

  22. Vickie, I love your Easter mantle it is so cute how the egg crate is propping up the print. Beautiful:)

  23. What a sweet print Vickie! I LOVE your icecream maker what a great color! Sweet pig jar too! Hope you enjoy your visit with your daughters! Happy Easter!

  24. Just wonderful Vickie, Love it all and the ice cream maker is gorgeous. Your mantel is perfect!
    Wishing you a BLUE Easter.

  25. The little yellow chick at the end is named Vicki. In my mind anyhow.

    I bought jelly beans today, does that count as decorating?


  26. Miss Piggy has such great colors. Or maybe it's all the M&Ms bleeding through. Love the blue color you have going on there.

  27. Your blue Easter is beautiful. A nice change from the traditional pinks and yellow. I love all your vintage treasures too.

  28. Your Porky Pig post had me laughing. Loved every bit of it. The picture is so sweet and I love your ice cream bucket. Just reminds me that I bought one at an estate sale in the Fall. Can't wait to pull it out. I've got to find where I put it. lol! Not as rustic as yours, but still cute. The cups with the eyes are hilarious. Never seen anything like them.

  29. You know what? You're brilliant. That egg carton looks just perfect with your mantle display -- and I love your collection of pretties. It looks great!

  30. Just look at that cute little bisque cookie jar! I love it...and, it looks like a great hiding place, too!
    Smiles and a Happy Easter!
    Carolynn xo

  31. HOPPY EASTER Deedee and Grampa! {From Mack and Maggie.} When I asked Mack if he had fun with Deedee and Grampa, he said..."Yah. Oh! Puppy!" ;)

  32. Love all your Easter touches. The blue is great! Happy Easter.


  33. Love all of your vintage treasures, those cups are so cute. Hmmm, candy, we've nearly depleted our malt balls. Two piggy's in our home. :)

  34. such a fabulous post, vickie! the egg carton is so clever prop! that is a great blue ice cream maker, too! happy easter!

  35. I love your fireplace in your dining room! Lucky you! The cow pic is darling. It has the prettiest soft colors. It looks so good with the other items you placed with it on your mantel. Love the blue mason jars too.

  36. You're so fun, Vickie! What a cute post. I love all the pretty blues in your decorating, especially that ice cream bucket! I bought Easter candy yesterday, cracked it open and told myself that I'd only eat a few pieces. It's already almost half gone...yeah.

  37. Every single piece is adorable. I love your fabulous dining room. Your collection of blue is amazing and those chicks ain't bad either! Smart move about the candy.

  38. Oh Vickie, your Blue Easter is just lovely. That little framed image is just adorable. Wishing you a very Happy Easter. Sending you a great big hug.


  39. Your blue ice cream bucket is gorgeous!!! Love your cow picture also. Such a sweet sentiment towards your son in law.

    Have a great Easter weekend.

  40. Hello! Thanks for stopping by earlier! I love blue and it's my favorite color... I love the blue eyed tea cups and the mantle decor...

  41. I love how you "found" things in your home and then used them. I love when that happens here, too! Your mantel looks great!

  42. I love the blue! I have blue Ball jars on my kitchen windowsill. You can never have too much blue......well, I'm sure you CAN but in general, you can't go wrong with blue! I think the pig ate the candy...somebody needs to wipe the smirk off that cup's face too.

  43. All your 'blues' look great! I especially love the old print with the cow-so cute!

  44. Hey Happy after Easter to you! I was going to say that I can't see how all you guys decorate with candy. I would eat every single piece within 2 days. And be proud of myself cuz I made it last that long. Love that wooden crate.

  45. Vickie, your dining room is so fresh and pretty! I love how you propped that vintage dairy print with an egg carton. So clever!

  46. Gorgeous as ever! I love the egg carton! Makes it feel real :)

  47. So pretty! I just love that print and the blue canning jars are so pretty!

  48. Hello my friend. Make sure you stop over to get in on the give away. Midge is keeping her fingers crossed for you!!! Hope you had a great Easter and work is going better.

  49. Im just checking on you, hope all is well,

  50. I haven't seen a post from you in a long time so I am just stopping by to say I hope everything is good with you.


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