Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Explosive discovery!

The jury's still out on this old cupboard I painted 
this past weekend.  I'm not sure if I love the color, or if I've
convinced myself I love it because I don't want to repaint it.

Here it is.  The Jolly Green Giant.

I bought my primitive cupboard at a garage sale
over 30 years ago for $10, and it's served me well.
For now, it's tucked into a recessed area behind the door of the
Never Ending Bedroom project.  If you're counting, that's now
two finished corners!!

Here's how it looked one week ago.
  I know!
Who would paint a century old cupboard with black semi-gloss paint?!

Well, that would be me.

In my defense, I painted it over 15 years ago so it would match yet another
old cupboard in the basement, also painted with black semi-gloss paint.
There is no accounting for taste.

 I brought a piece of original trim from another primitive cupboard to be color matched
at Lowe's, and they nailed it spot on!  So, I painted my cupboard with the flat green
latex paint and gave it a raw umber/Johnson Paste Wax aging treatment.

I'm still not sure.
It sort of sticks out like a sore green thumb, but I'll see if it grows on me.
The chair will be used elsewhere in the room,
 but the black pleather seat has got to go.

The top of the cupboard is a good place
 to stash extra quilts for guests.......

...and a state of the art cooling system.

Since the bedroom is where our grandchildren will slumber,
it seems only fitting that  Auntie Googie resides up there, too.
She loves to read bedtime stories to children and I think you can guess 
why The Princess and the Pea is her favorite!

When I removed the three hundred or so decorating magazines
 inhabiting the cupboard, I made an amazing discovery!
 No, not the petrified dog treat crumbs from over a decade ago. (Shame on me.) 
I actually unearthed a piece of local history!

The yellow paint inside has worn away in places from years of pulling
out stacks of magazines out for my daily read. (pre-Pinterest)

It may be hard to see, but the interior shelves are made from
 the DuPont Company explosive/dynamite crates.
The embossed lettering also showed up as I was painting the exterior.

The DuPont explosive plant closed its doors in 1918,
 but the shell of the power building stood as a local landmark at nearby
 Carey Lake Recreation Area, formerly known as DuPont Lake.

 Many of the DuPont buildings were destroyed in a devastating explosion in 1912
and the rest were burned down to prevent further catastrophes
 caused by the ignition of residual black powder left behind
 during the plant's productive years.

Sadly, the powers that be
 had the landmark building demolished this year.

So, I'm assuming whoever made my old cupboard out of DuPont wood crates
probably worked at the plant and brought home the discarded crates, dismantled them,
and built the cupboard approximately 100 years ago!

DY - NO - MITE!!!
Thanks for visiting.  It's been a blast!

It feels like I'm sitting on a pea.
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  1. i love the color! looks really nice!

  2. Oh Vickie, I love your humor! But back to the cupboard, I'm actually loving the color. Especially if this is in the room for your grandchildren. The quilts and Auntie Googie are perfect on top.
    Mary Alice

  3. I think the new color is fabulous!! I especially love the quilts on top. The chair seat would be cute covered in a print that matches your cupboard. Great job!


  4. I really like the color. It is perfect with the monkey and the fan and quilts. Love it.

  5. First of all, LOVE that wonderful retro green, it's perfect, but please don't store any matches or flammable objects within, you never know what kind of residue there might be. I'm kidding...I think...

  6. The quilts on top match well with the green - I love the brightness of both :-)

  7. You goof ball. Her googlie eyes are too cute! I love the green color and it is sooooo much better than it did back in the shiny black days.

  8. The color is gorgeous! And what a fabulous piece of history. Thank you for sharing and for your trademark humor. :)

  9. What a great piece of history and I do love the new color. I agree with Kim, it looks authentically old with the green. I think Autie Googie likes it too. She sure looks comfy up there.

  10. OH I really love the color Vickie! It is a cool retro green! How cool that is has a little history too! Sad they tore that old barn down.

  11. Vicki,
    Oh I love auntie google up on the cabinet. She looks so cute. I like the color I think it looks really pretty. Like you said live with it for awhile and see how you like it.

  12. I LOVE the green... it looks amazing with the vintage quilted treasures on top. I don't think it's too bright at all. Love Aunt Googie and her Phyllis Diller eyelashes and the surprise inside is right up my alley. Not the dynamite, but the historical bit. What great storage in there too. With the magazines moving you might have room for your secret chocolate stash! I think it's perfect... put away the paintbrush. :)

  13. Vicki,
    looks like jadite green to me, so of course, love it! What a lot of storage your cabinet has, lots of room for "kiddie" stuff! You were very considerate to give Auntie Googie such a soft place to rest up while waiting for the grankids to vist and such a great fan to cool off with after a hard day of playing! It all looks perfect together!


  15. Love the story of the cupboard. Great storage and it looks great with the quilts on top, oh and of course Auntie Googie!!
    hugs, Linda

  16. What a great story behind your cupboard - it looks awesome now, especially topped with your quilts and Auntie Googie!

  17. Oh Vickie, I LOVE that color! Your quilts looks so pretty stacked on top. Enjoy your day, Gail

  18. That's cool! My husband sells explosives so we have lots of crates and other paraphernalia here in our house. I do like the color you chose.

  19. Vickie, you aren't the only one who would paint it. I would too. I really like the green-I think you just have to let it grow on you. It looks great with the quilts on top. I love the history of the crates on the shelves. Really interesting.

  20. What a neat story! You've got a real piece of history now. That cabinet will come in handy in the guest room, I'm sure. I like how primitive it is.

  21. I love the color, I say it's a keeper:)

  22. On my screen it is more aqua than green Vickie and I love it and the history behind it is fascinating.

  23. I LOVE the transforms the , love, love it!

  24. I think it looks really good and the color does look authentic.


  25. Wow, what an amazing piece of history! I love the new color.

  26. i love it, vickie! and $10--awesome! the great fan, quilts and adorable auntie googie look fabulous on the cabinet with an interesting bkgd:)

  27. That's a cool cabinet! I like both colors, so if the green works better with your room - I say Love It! I wonder if you could somehow make the lettering stand out somehow...or make a sign that mimics it...just thinking aloud. You probably just want to move on to the next project without any suggestions for adding to your list, right? ;)

  28. Hi Vickie, WOW your cabinet is awesome and you certainly have a treasure. I love the color and also liked the black. The way you are displaying on the top is perfect. What great storage inside. Love it.
    Have fun redesigning.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  29. Ohmy Mom! I LOVE the color (obviously, green!). Now that you + Julie each have lovely green pieces in your homes ... I MUST find one as well!!! But now that I know the paint color ... hrmmm. ;0)

    LOVE IT!

  30. Of course I love that green!!! I love all those vintage greens. I think the opinions are unanimous, so don't have to paint it again!
    I love the quilts and Auntie Googie on top, look really so sweet.
    Interesting story of the cupboard.
    Besos! Silvina

  31. I happen to love it, and love it all the more knowing about the crate ends. That takes it to a totally new level of cool. So tell me, what's the farthest date you have on those mags? I think I have some from the early 80's. But I might have purged of them and ripped out stuff I liked. I can't remember and I'm not going in the storage room to find out.


  32. I love it! The color is beautiful and GREEN is the color of the year! (so "they" say) It is perfect, vintage and looks amazing with your quilts on top!
    Thanks so much for visiting...

  33. Hi Vickie...I like the green and the stack of quilts compliments it beautifully!

  34. Ho, ho, ho! It is Jolly and I am a huge fan, especially with Auntie Googie (I mean the princess) sitting on top. Can you tell us the color's name? If it's a secret, just whisper it. I won't tell a soul, promise! I can't tell you how I struggle with finding a color I like, and I do like that one. That is one cool cupboard and its history makes it intriguing!

  35. If you don't like it, I'd be happy to take it off your hands-lol! Love the green! It looks perfect with the colors of your quilts :)

  36. Oh my vote is yes! I love, love that shade of green. It's the old vintage color. Your quilts and litte Princess and the Pea look wonderful on top. I am actually painting a bit of beadboard in our basement a similar green color. Love the discovery of the crates. Makes the piece even more unique. Would love if you linked this to Share Your Cup.

  37. I really like the green you've used and the bit of history re explosives is priceless!


  38. I somehow missed this post. I like it. It looks great with the quilts and white walls. I would love to have the money I spent over the years on decorating magazines!

  39. Great color on a great old piece of history.

  40. I love, love, love the color Vickie. I do hope you decide to keep it. Your room is coming along wonderfully.


  41. If it helps I love the color and you did a great job!
    The Joyful thrifter

  42. I LOVE the green - wouldn't change a thing. And what a cool discovery to find the stamps in the shelves!

    I hope you enjoy the cabinet; I love pieces with history. :)
    Maison de Pax

  43. That is a great cabinet Vickie ... and the color seems perfect for it.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  44. Hi Vickie!
    What a delightful cabinet and it's nice that you know the history behind it, too.
    What a transformation from drab to dynamite (sorry...I just couldn't resist)!
    I love it!
    Happy Spring, my friend.
    Carolynn xo

  45. Just popping back to say that I will be featuring you at Share Your Cup.

  46. Definitely not convincing yourself that's a great colour!

  47. Oh, Vickie, I LOVE the color. The quilt colors go great with the green. I hope you keep it green.

    I love the story about the shelves. I have a piece that has been in my family for years, but we found it in my parents' garage. I wish I knew the story behind it because it seems like it must have one day been in a shop.

    Enjoy your 'springy' cabinet.

  48. I think that color is just perfect especially with those gorgeous quilts stacked on top

  49. WOW! I love the color you painted this 100 year old cupboard! It looks just perfect against the white wall with the quilts on top! LOVE!!

  50. I LOVE the color, very unique piece to have in your home.

  51. That cabinet is gorgeous!! I love the color, it's perfect! So neat that you know the history of it.

  52. Hello! I just found you at the MMS party! I really love the color and the lines of this piece...I also love the quilts on top :)
    Stop by and say hello!

  53. Saw you thru MMS and I LOVE the color! You did a great job and the history is fascinating as well!

  54. Vickie I love the color. However if it screams too loudly at you I would have a go at it with a darker wax. Sand it down in some obvious distressing spots and use a walnut Briwax is those areas or cover the whole piece. It will definitely make it more subdued.

  55. I've been checking over your old posts, and they're just full of interesting stories and beautiful things, I love the green and it's even better knowing the cupboard has history !


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