Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Color my world.

I struggled all summer long trying to breathe some life into my neutral dining room,
 but now that fall has arrived, I'm a happy camper.

All those toasty oranges, browns, greens, golds, and blues!  Well, I guess blue isn't officially
an autumn hue, but I'm allowing myself a little artistic freedom.

I draped my plaid tablecloths over the ladder rungs for a nice pop of color.

I've been eyeing up this quirky lamp for about a year, so when the dealer
agreed to 30% off, I bought it.  It speaks to my inner child.

  I plugged it in,
 changed the light bulb,
 clicked my heels together.........

 At least it's cute.  :o)

The lamp joins an iridescent creamer and sugar and an old brown pitcher
that belonged to my Baba.  The shelf over the window-turned-mirror
provides display space for a few pieces of blue & white transferware.
There's no shortage of salt and pepper shakers in this house!

My window has been turned around to the wood side for a change of pace.
 Once again, my sheet music wreath makes its annual appearance.
What can I say?  I still like it!

My dad made the birdhouse which sits on a
plant stand made by my great-grandfather.

A wheat sheaf and mums of the silk variety decorate the secretary.
  I'm no plant snob.  There's no way I'd manage to keep real flowers alive indoors!
 More of my blue & white platters hang on the empty wall between the window and secretary.

This little gal was recovered from one of my many seasonal
storage bins in the basement.

Isn't she sweet?

Rad cover impatiently waiting to be finished.

The table still wears its summer runner.

A simple arrangement of my rustic tool caddy filled with
orange pillar candles and brown bottles
transitions the table into fall.

Now that I've got a few hours of spare time to get my craft on,
 I made a new autumn insert for my trumeau mirror.

I used leftover painted dropcloth fabric from my table runner 
to make a monogrammed linen.  I simply stitched my initials in a cross stitch pattern
 with 2 strands of blue embroidery floss.  Slightly off kilter, I know.  :)

This salt & pepper couple are feeling right at home
in our Dutch Colonial house.

Wicker and wood warm up the mantel.

I've got oodles of Black-Eyed Susan blossoms in my gardens right now.

 I like to cut my Annabelle hydrangeas when the
flowers are this lively shade of green.

I'm basking in the sunlight streaming through our windows before the
upcoming months bring gray skies and shorter days.  : (

My summer hat and straw bags have been packed away
and a pair of wool blankets and a sweater take their place.

Indoors or out, I hope you're enjoying the wonderful colors of autumn!

Happy Fall!

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  1. you are beautifully prepared for Fall, I love your home, its full of eye catching treasures that seem to all tell a story, those are the best kind!

  2. Hi Vickie,
    Your home looks sooo warm, cozy, and seasonal! Love the colors and special touches you brought into your dining room.
    So glad to visit again!
    Mary Alice

  3. I just love it Vickie. I like the blue transferware with a little orange. The ladder is fun too. Your little entry is equally charming with the blankets!

  4. I love your inner child, she's a really fun decorator, the neutrals with a pop of color is what Fall is all about! your dining room is wonderful!

  5. I love everything you do, Vickie...your eye for detail is what i love best. Your love of whimsy is wonderful and the little things here and there that make me smile...well, they are just you! Missed you this summer. xo

  6. Your fall decor is really charming - love the orange, blue, and white together! I love that lamp!!! I'm sad it doesn't work...maybe you can get it rewired? It's still cute regardless! Happy Fall!!!

  7. This is so lovely, Vickie! I love the insert you made for the mirror...and I love how blue looks with fall colors...

  8. I adore a little blue with my orange. If the little salt and pepper couple aren't going to be eating those pumpkins, you can send them my way!

  9. Fall ick. ;) But your dining room loves lovely none-the-less. :) SEE YOU SATURDAY!!!! I've been telling Mack he gets to see Dee and Grampa, and he is very excited.

  10. I really like the blue mixed in with the Fall colors you've added. I think blue is nice year round. Love the distressed caddy filled with brown bottles and candles. So glad that you're back to blogging again after a long rest.

  11. Well Hellllllo my friend. So happy to see you posting again. I missed you. I can never get enough of your dining room. Gorgeous.

  12. Looking good. Maybe summon Peter Peter and he'll help you get that bulb to work.

  13. It all looks so good! I am such a fan of blue and white china....I have a very similar arrangement on my wall with my Blue Willow too! That lamp is too cute! Does the base have a light in it too? Looks like it would.

  14. It all looks nice. Love that little girl and the lamp is so cute. How are the new little ones. I have missed your posts.

  15. Just fabulous! You've shown some of my favorites, blue and white, the antique pieces and the salt and peppers. You can't miss! Love it!

  16. Vickie,
    Everything looks fabulous! Love all your fall touches, I have a ladder too that I hang my favorite tablecloths on that aren't on my table, change them out seasonally. Your "little girl is very cute as is your "unworking" lamp. Glad you're back, I'm still a slow poster, been working on Kate's wedding, little less then a month to go, Oct. 13th. Starting to get a bit overwhelmed, but hoping it's going to come together as I see it.

  17. glad you got some time to craft--love the cute initialed insert:) the dining looks lovely, and i love that fall dressed entry:) I still love the wreath, too! happy weekend, vickie!

  18. Hello there, it is great to hear from you. All your fall décor is so pretty and I am loving that lamp, too cute!!! The wreath a favorite for me!


  19. Love what you did with the ladder and the tool caddy. A neighbor just gave us her husbands tool caddy he made myself (he recently passed) and I've been trying to think of a way to use it. Thanks for sharing! Stop by my Friday's Five Features and link up this post (and others)!

  20. I'm glad you've had time to do what you enjoy - the dining room is looking so pretty and so very Vickie !
    I love all the special touches, the mirror insert (makes me want to do some cross-stitch), the lamp, the ladder, the runner, and the blue transferware goes perfectly with the Autumn hues.

  21. Vickie! I'm so happy "visiting" you again. I always love watching all your details. I love the ladder, the tool caddy...and of course that little girl with the hens, so sweet!
    Your dining room is wonderful.

  22. 1. That ladder - wonderful and the colorful tablecloths look great.
    2. The window turned mirror - gorgeous
    3. The white with blue table runner - love it!

    I love it all so I will stop oohing and aahing and just say P E R F E C T !!

  23. Love all of your beautiful touches of fall Vickie! Your dining room is gorgeous.And that lamp is sooooooooooo sweet! Love...Love...Love your foyer shelf with those pretty fall colored blankets!

  24. Hey! Congrats for the nod over at Lynn's! Shabby Story's Today's Charming Blog! Well deserved, too.

  25. So many pretty vignettes! Love that sheet music wreath! :)

  26. Oh how I love the way you have welcomed Fall!!
    I am using blue, grey and black (of course whites as well) in my space for our fall show at the's nice to see someone else is embracing blue for Fall!
    I love how you've styled the entry way...liking orange more and more!

  27. Looks like you're ready for fall! That sure is a great mirror :)

  28. Everything looks so beautiful Vickie! I love the orange and blue together!

  29. That lamp is calling to me, Vickie! I love little quirky lamps - you found a real gem.


  30. You have so many cute little (and gorgeous big!) pieces! And this is just your dining room?! I love everything, the cabinet is simply beautiful as is the mirror. And the lamp, too cute! I love a touch of whimsy here and there.

    So happy to come by, Vickie! Visiting from Brenda's!


  31. Dear Inner Child...I am glad that you got your lamp as it is just adorable!

    Dear Grownup : your room looks just perfect! :)

  32. So many little touches sprinkled throughout.. always something there to catch the eye! Love that music sheet wreath, too! Love the sentiment of having pieces from your father and great-grandfather! Love the amber bottles... as I've been so focused on collecting blue it didn't dawn on me that amber would suit a different season! Well... you can see I could go on and on! Thanks for sharing all of this with us!

  33. Your lovely home is all ready for Fall. Beautiful touches throughout! Love that little lamp, so glad you got it.

  34. Really pretty! I love the plaid tablecloth, cool lamp and of course the gorgeous blue transferware!

  35. Everything looks so beautiful. The lamp is so cute to look...

  36. Your neutral dining room isn't neutral anymore. I love your blue and white plates with all your warm fall colors. Looks great. I can just picture Thanksgiving dinner in there now.

  37. What? You clicked your heels and nothing happened? Hahaha I love that little lamp, its so charming. In fact I've scrolled your post a few times admiring all your warm, Fall touches. Your home looks simply lovely!

  38. I clicked over from Brenda's Cozy Little House. So many things to like about this post. I especially love the history behind the birdhouse and plant stand. I adore old things with a history.

  39. I'm your newest follower and look forward to sharing in your journey.

  40. Wow, what a beautiful dining room. It's so full of vintage charm and I love your colors. The blue adds a fun pop of color.

  41. I love it all Vicki! Autumn has definetly arrived at your house. I wish fall would hurry up here. Weather is still a bit on the warm side. Can't wait to bring out the warm cozy blankets and sweaters :-) Happy Fall my friend.


  42. Vickie, it's beautiful! I actually really like a touch of blue with Fall colors. I love your plaid cloths on the ladder and the bottles and candles in the crate are gorgeous! The entire room is just lovely!

  43. Hey Vickie, I see we both took a little blogging break. Your room has come together with it's beautiful fall touches. I love the lamp, the perfect touch of whimsy! I really liked the cross stitch initials you added too. Happy fall, Laura

  44. Please, Please come to my house and add touches of fall...My grand-daughter would love you for it....Blessings, Becky A Corner Cottage

  45. Beautiful is an understatement. YOU have such an awesome EYE my friend. LOVE it all and I have been really looking for one of the ladders. LOVE IT .. HUGS and hope that the rest of your week is amazing. HUGS


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