Thursday, October 3, 2013

Floating into Autumn

Just like you, we're trying to finish up all the outdoor projects before
winter settles in.  This morning when I went outside to work in the yard, 
I found a surprise waiting for me.

Can you see it?  

If you remember, last fall I was trying to decide what cutout design I wanted
on the new shutters we were planning to make.
Well, I finally made a decision.....

I decided to keep the old wood shutters after all.  

There have been many changes, both inside and out since our house was built in 1921, 
so we're keeping this detail just as it was back then.  Bill worked many hours
removing the old finish and replacing a few pieces, but now they're good as new
and back on the windows where they belong.  I have no idea how he got them
up by himself, but I'm happy and so is our house........
and probably our neighbor across the street, too.

It's not all work and no play at 911. 
 I always try to fit in one last outdoor adventure when the leaves are in full color.

Last weekend as Carol (Art and Sand) and her husband were enjoying the sunshine
and lively scenes while kayaking along the beautiful California coastline, we were paddling down
a northern Minnesota river enjoying an equally beautiful, but polar opposite scene.

The water was as calm as could be and the sky was slightly overcast.

The lazy river winds for miles without a noticeable current, so turning around
 and heading upstream to the lake is no chore at all.

We didn't see any wildlife other than a few birds,
but as you can see the beavers have been busy feathering their nests. 
 I guess they like weathered wood and natural elements in their decor, too.

Taking a five.

A lone water lily blooms in the warm water.

There were a even a few raindrops at this point, but I didn't mind.

It's a fifteen minute paddle across Swan Lake to the boat landing to the right of the bridge.
  If you look closely, you can see the profile of our state bird, the loon,
 who came to bid us goodbye for the season.  Its partner was to the left, out of camera range.

Seven o'clock and it's already getting dark.

And so the sun sets on another kayak season.

Thanks for coming along!

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  1. What moments of fun and pleasure you must have had. Beautiful photos!

  2. I have never gone kayaking on a river where it is peaceful - how beautiful. My favorite photo is the orange colors about 4th from the end. The reflection in the water is amazing. When we kayak through the keys, the boat channels behind the houses, I love to look down into the water to see the reflection of the sailboat masts. They look like they go on forever.

    I worked all day weeding in the garden and watched my mums open a little more throughout the day. They should be fully open by tomorow.

  3. oh my what an amazing day, the photos are wonderful, thank you for sharing with us a beautiful memorable day.What a way to see the season out,

  4. just so beautiful, loved coming along for the ride!

  5. What a beautiful day on the water...lovely photos, Vickie! Are loons large birds? Can you believe I've never seen one. Your house is really charming...and the shutters suit her perfectly!

  6. Your house looks great, Vickie. Minnesota is beautiful. Too bad it's so cold!

  7. Spectacular beauty you have to enjoy. Also loved seeing the outside of your home which we don't get to see very often. So Charming!
    Mary Alice

  8. Thanks so much for sharing your stunning fall photos from your kayak.

  9. Your house is so charming! I do love the shutters as they are. I'm amazed at how colorful your leaves are there. Ours haven't started turning that bright yet. The pics on the water are just beautiful! I bet it was so nice and peaceful out there. See, if you lived down here (in GA) you could kayak all the way through October! Our leaves don't peak until about late October. I bet you really do have to winterize your home with your harsh winters!

  10. How beautiful! Who knew you were an athletic type girl with kayaking and all that! I enjoyed your tour while siting here on my butt eating some Ben & Jerry's.

  11. My goodness, your house is charming! I LOVE the red shutters...they have a nice Scandinavian feel. Wow, the leaves are sure colorful up there. It seems like there was one day last week where I noticed that all of a sudden the leaves were starting to change here. They don't look nearly as pretty as yours though.

  12. Beautiful Vickie and the trees reflecting on the water gorgeous. How peaceful and serene everything must have been. Beautiful pictures. Love the shutters on the house so cute.

  13. Beautiful, beautiful, live in a wonderful world there! It was nice to see that Minnesota river through your lens. I also loved seeing the outside of your it all, and the shutters look great! You guys make a great team!

  14. Your house is just darling, love the shutters! MN is looking good up there...leaves are changing here in IL too. You photos on the lake are so pretty! Hard to believe its already getting dark at 7 these days :(

  15. Almost got teary-eyed there....must be my seasonal affective disorder kicking in. Or my allergies ;) Those are such pretty kayaking photos! And the house looks so lovely, too.

  16. You fall photos from your kayak trip are stunningly beautiful, Vickie. Thanks for taking us with you!

  17. The shutters are wonderful, but that Autumn scenery - absolutely beautiful!

  18. What beautiful pictures these are. Thanks for sharing these with us!


  19. Gorgeous know how to have fun!

  20. Good call on the shutters. They're so charming! I finally got smart and started following via email, since I don't get on my dashboard every day. Now I won't miss a post.

  21. I think it's perfect that you put the original shutters back on your very charming house, they look lovely (even if it was a lot of work). Your kayaking trip looks pretty amazing too, the autumnal colours are gorgeous, thanks for sharing.

  22. your husband did good--very good:) your home is lovely up dressed up in the new/old shutters! and such a peaceful place to take five! beautiful pictures, vickie! happy weekend!

  23. Your shutters are simply charming! I love to kayak and enjoyed your pictures, what a pretty spot! Thanks so much for stopping by chapter37!

  24. Your home is gorgeous. I love the shutters. Beautiful and inspiring Autumn pics. What gorgeous country. We are still hot, but cooler weather is on the way for the weekend. So glad and so ready for fall.
    Have a nice weekend.

  25. Vickie,
    your house has so much charm, the shutters are perfect, well worth the work that you didn't have to do!! lol! There's nothing like fall up north! Fall in Green Bay was amazing, especially in Door County, one of my favorite places. This time last year I was New Hampshire visiting my niece at Dartmouth, it was so beautiful it took your breath away! Your photos are gorgeous, what a great way to spend the day!

  26. wow, your home is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!

  27. What stunning scenery!! And I really love your shutters! :)

  28. The river looks so peaceful and tranquil! Just gorgeous. Those shutters are so cute! I love shutters with a cut out design and I think it's lovely that you're keep a bit of your homes history.

  29. Hello Vickie! Your shutters are lovely, a good decision to keep them. Your house is so beautiful...!
    And those pics of the river...I can't believe it, you live in a wonderful place, is that place very near from your house?

  30. Your house is so pretty...and the kayaking views just breathtaking.

  31. Aaaw, makes me want (need) a Hibbing trip! Home Sweet Home! Love the sunset photo!

  32. This is a picture perfect post. The scenery is just breathtaking. Thanks for sharing it with us, and before I forget, your husband did a fabulous job on your shutters. I think you made the right choice to keep the originals.

  33. You are so lucky to have beautiful vintage shutters on your lovely home! And by the way I your home! Wow looks like an amazing day....I am taking in all the beauty of your photos.....<3

  34. I love your home!! It has such charm, and I love the shutters.


  35. I think you made the right choice keeping the shutters and rehabbing them ... they are charming, and as you said, original.

    My son married in May to a girl whose mother is a huge kayaking fan ... I remembered that you do it also ... now I am feeling tempted, we have lovely little lakes in both of our neighboring towns ... hmmm ....

  36. Vickie, love looking at your gorgeous lake photos! No fall here in Miami, so I live through
    my fellow bloggers. You definitely did my heart good!

  37. Vickie your home is positively beautiful. I've never seen it before and the shutters look perfect to me. So much charm. And thanks for taking me on that relaxing ride on the water. I think your photos were so stunning because you were able to capture the peace and quiet of the lake. Thanks for sharing.

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