Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Frosty's new digs.

The votes have been tallied and
the winner of the Mirror Mirror contest is
  number 7.

For those of you who don't remember 
which mirror that was, good recall!
There was no number 7.    :o)

I was more confused than ever,
after reading your comments so clever,
when what to my wandering eyes did appear,
but a mirror forgotten which I love so dear!

I'm brushing up on my 5th grade poetry lessons.  hehe
Mrs. Bispala would be so proud!

Here it is.

I bought this old church window way back in '99
and replaced the lovely amber textured plastic panes
 with mirrors.  It's been hanging above a dresser in the
 master bedroom collecting dust, so I thought I'd attack it with a
Swiffer and try it out on the mantel.

Frosty is shivering with delight in his new location!

A slight tilt of his head and he can view our
sparkly textured ceiling that looks like snow to him, too.
High five, Frosty!

My Martha Stewart wreath is front and center, 
and I filled up our shallow mantel with red pillar candles on mismatched candlesticks.

The Happy Holidays banner is accented with a cute little red sweater
crocheted for me last year by the talented Tracy of Crow's Feet Chic.
It's wearing my Baba's Christmas pin.

I've covered my wingback chair with a vintage
 corduroy quilt in bright happy colors.

My mother doesn't always know what kind of old junk
I'm scavenging for, but when she bought these red wood clogs
for a few dollars at a rummage sale, she nailed it!

A poinsettia on the hearth and child's rocking chair ready for bedtime stories
with a vintage copy of "Night Before Christmas" and the mantel is complete.

As for the rest of the house.....
be careful where you step.  There's Christmas stuff

I've finished decorating the living room and Mother Nature is
taking care of the outdoor decorating with 6 inches of new snow and more on the way!

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!!

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  1. Vickie I love your Mirror!And all of your beautiful Christmas touches!
    What a sweet sweater!

  2. Always moving the goal posts...Good pick, mirror 7 looks great! Merry Christmas!

  3. Your arched mirror is PERFECT!!!! And your mantel looks so festive!
    Mary Alice

  4. I think YOU nailed it." That mirror is perfect. Love the little sweater. I have two on our tree this year. Your mantel looks very festive. Have fun with all your preparations. Deb

  5. Hi Vickie,
    The sweater is so cute and I love the mirror. It is the best choice. It looks perfect. The mantel looks so pretty.

  6. Hi Vickie..that mirror looks just perfect!! I didn't vote...because I just couldn't pick one that really stood out to me...but I knew you had something else up your sleeve! You nailed looks awesome!

  7. Lovely... but were do you go to buy church windows?

  8. Your room deserves a spot in a magazine!! Beautifully done!!

  9. Loving the church window. Is it legal to remove stained "glass"? Will the Pope come after you? Very cute banner. Love Baba's pin!!!

  10. Yes, that mirror is perfect over your mantel, and I love All of your decorations. Mostly, I love your sense of humor...your post almost always bring smiles. :) We might get some Winter decorations outside this coming weekend...but doubt it will be six inches. Hope you're getting to stay inside where it's warm and cozy.

  11. This is the perfect mirror so glad you found it in your home and used it! Love the mantel and surrounding decor is so homey and warm and cozy! Love it all!

  12. Yes. Let it snow! Mack is so excited. :) Mostly excited to eat it, of course.

    Love the mirror. Looks so festive with the red candles.

  13. Love it! Great choice and I am particularly lovin' the photo of Frosty admiring his handsome self in the mirror with your pretty tree in the background! Very nice. I did notice the sweater right away -- love it on the banner with Baba's pin. :) Love the way your holiday decor pops with the new paint colours and I'm hoping one of the girls gets a video of you doing your famous Christmas Clogging in the shoes!

  14. Oh, that mirror works great! Love the banner, too :)

  15. Number 7 is a winner! You decorations look wonderful. That quilt is beautiful!

  16. I LOVE this mirror not to mention that wreath!! PERFECT decision!!!!


  17. Just lovely! The mirror...the wreath...that sweet sweater...and of course the vintage book. I adore all the details. You have the ability to arrange things so creatively Vickie, congratulations!

  18. Hi Vickie, what an inviting setting. Love your mantel and that wreath is gorgeous.
    Just perfect down to the details. Love the little dutch shoes by the fire with the little rocker. Oh and the tiny sweater on the banner!! I want to sit in the wingback and just be!!
    Have a great evening.

  19. So pretty, Vickie! I love the look of the wreath on your perfect mirror! All of your whimsical decorations add up to a charming room!

  20. Frosty says now you can go make him a friend in your yard!

  21. your mantel is lovely all dressed up for christmas, vickie:) love that cheerful quilt, and wreath! never met a snowman i didn't love, too:) and then, there is the sweet tiny sweater and fabulous mirror--it's all so charming! have a great day!

  22. I love all your little touches, the red sweater is adorable and what great clogs, and a corduroy quilt, I'm jealous. Everything looks so pretty and No 7 seems to be the perfect answer !

  23. HI Vickie! Oh, your mantel looks so precious! I love the church window turned mirror! Look at all of your little sweet things. Seven is always a good number.
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  24. Your whole fireplace vignette is wonderful. My favorite is the sweater with your Baba's pin.

  25. Vickie,
    great pick, that window looks wonderful up there with the candles and banner! My favorite things are the little sweater and the shoes. Don't know why I like the shoes, but a few years ago someone brought a pair into my store and I kept looking at them till I finally had to bring them home, they too are decorated in red. Frosty should be quite happy surrounded by all your Christmas finery!

  26. I think you definitely made the right choice. I love this little church window with the mirrors. I'm sure Frosty loves his new view too. When you finish your holiday decorating, you are welcome to come visit. I haven't started a single thing. Shame on me.

  27. I love the whole cozy scene. The window frame looks great. My favorite thing is that cute little red sweater with your Babas Christmas pin. I could just sit in the chair and enjoy the season.

  28. That mirror is perfect! Love all the bright touches of red and that patchwork quilt is gorgeous. Another great touch I love - the little red sweater on your banner. Zing! :-)

  29. It all looks so festive! Love the little snowman, the red sweater, and the vintage quilt. We woke up to about 6" also. Been snowing all day and it is absolutely gorgeous! Best way to get in the Christmas spirit, right?

  30. Oh my gosh!! That tiny red sweater is adorable!!! Love it!

  31. Love your mantel. Actually you could switch out the mirrors because they all worked. A fun Christmas fireplace and mantel!

  32. I love arched windows-great mirror.

  33. Awww, isn't that the cutest little red sweater ever! It's the perfect spot of warmth for that banner! And man that's a gorgeous rocking chair. I thought of you the other day when I saw a little child's piano in the pics from an estate sale. Didn't make it to the sale, but your little child instruments have been permanently engraved in my brain.

  34. Love this mirror! Such a cute mantel!


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