Friday, November 22, 2013

Mirror, mirror, on the fireplace wall.

I spackled at least a dozen large holes on our fireplace wall before I painted it.

  Before I make any new holes,  I'm going to try out a variety of old mirrors
 (from my stash under the beds) to see if there's one I like better than the mirror I took down.    

Here's the before photo taken 2 years ago.  Please ignore the sofa leg in the jeep.
In case you're wondering, I've still got the sofa it belongs to.
I'd advise you not to sit in the middle.

This mirror is a craftsman bookcase door I hung horizontally and mounted a mirror to the back side.
  It weighs a ton, but fits in with the craftsman details of our home.
It also provides the perfect spot to hang my beloved Kmart Martha Stewart wreath.
The wreath holds a special place in my heart, since I bought it the year
 our good friend Martha was thrown in the clink.
Tsk, tsk.

This chippy mirror looks rather lonesome up there all by itself.
 I don't want to lean a mirror on the mantel because the only thing it will reflect
 is our textured ceiling (which will remain intact because I'm not actively seeking any more projects).
The ceiling has mica flakes incorporated into the texture which I think resemble newly fallen
 snow glittering in the moonlight.  Can you hear angels singing in the background?

Our grandchildren think it's sparkly.  :)

  I like the warmth of the dark brick so I'm not going to paint our fireplace.
We converted our wood burning fireplace to gas because the external chimney height
 didn't meet local fire codes and the bricklayer didn't have enough old bricks
available to raise it to the required height.

When we had our chimney repaired, the bricklayer informed me that it was built
 from the very same bricks used to build our historic high school, pictured above.  The original owner
of our home was a teacher at the high school when it opened its doors in 1920,
and built our house the following year.  Did he leave work with his pockets filled with bricks
 at the end of the day?  It is a slim possibility since our house is less than a block away.

While you're here, I thought I'd give you a quick tour of the high school auditorium.
 Take a look at the gorgeous hand painted details and all the chandeliers!

Bob Dylan (known then as Robert Zimmerman) performed
on the auditorium stage while he was a student here in the 50's.

 Our youngest daughter's good friend was the first bride to be married on the stage just last summer.
The string quartet the couple hired played a lovely rendition of a Bob Dylan song.
Graduation ceremonies, concerts, prom grand marches, coronations, plays......
  oh, the stories this auditorium could tell!

Okay, back to business.

This oval mirror lends a softness to all the hard angles in the room.
I like the lighter wood tone and beveled mirror.

This sideboard topper I picked up for $20 would require some TLC
 on the wood corbels where I peeled off the broken veneer.  I'd also want to order a
custom beveled mirror to fill the opening, which would be pricey, I'm sure.
I've got a mirror propped behind it and wood holding it up for your viewing pleasure.
It's a contender, but I wish the scale was a bit larger.

This mirror has some pretty etching on either side,
but it would also require a bit of repair work.

Before I start making holes in the wall, I'd like to know,
 which one would you choose?

Mirror # 1
Craftsman bookcase door.

Mirror # 2
Chippy mirror with appliques.

Mirror # 3
Wood framed oval beveled mirror.

Mirror #4
Sideboard topper in need of repairs.

Mirror #5
Triptych mirror with etched design.

A portrait of the crotchety senior Mrs. W with a look of dismay
on her wrinkled face because I've painted her wood trim!

The answer my friend, is blowin' in the wind.
The answer is blowin' in the wind.

Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to cast your vote!

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  1. what a wonderful story connected to your bricks!!! I like the oval, I like things simple, (cause I'm a simple minded kinda gal) , lol!!!!!!!

  2. As much as I've always wanted to see a portrait of Mrs. W. I'm voting for #4 because of the shelf and the possibilities for display it holds. I hate to add to your chore list though. Wait... I'm liking the oval too but I've always loved those triptych mirrors. I like them all! Love the glimpse of the newly painted room... perhaps you may want to consider painting a replica of the auditorium ceiling? In your spare time? he he he Maybe we'll just stick with the sparkles.

  3. I love the first and the last mirror. What beautiful pictures of that school. Unbelievable and neat that you have some of the brick in your home. Great history.


  4. #4 or I could live with #5 as well. I think the answer my friend, is blowing in the wind.

  5. I am useless because I am still in awe of the ceiling of the high school auditorium. It amazes me the detail that was put into buildings in the past. Now they are thrown up willy nilly. There is a warehouse I pass going to the fruit stand that has windows painted onto it. There are no actual windows.

  6. Oh, heck. I guess if I have to vote, I'd go with #5? I've always liked long fancy mirrors. Your woodwork looks awesome!!! The woodwork, they are a changin'! (OK, I only know maybe three of Bob's songs).

  7. Ok, I'm sitting here giggling to myself while reading your post, while my husband gives me a look like I'm crazy!! BTW, they sure don't make high schools like the one shown anymore. I guess our school taxes would really spike if that were the case. Anyway, I need to see the whole mantel with its surroundings before I vote. :-))
    Mary Alice

  8. Hi Vickie, Wow what a grand school. The woodwork details are amazing. I love the long mirror in the first pic #1 and #5. Whatever you do will be gorgeous when you get done with it, I am sure of that.
    Have a great weekend.


  9. My first choice would be #5 but since you have to restore it I'd paint it grey with a dark glaze to bring out the details. Mirror # 1 is a close second.
    The school auditorium is beautiful, definitely a historic treasure.

  10. #1, 4 or 5. any that are long and rectangular. I think I like the sideboard one the best. That space really needs something to "fill it up". you have some great options. Now how about one of those sparkly chandies to go with the sparkly ceiling!!

  11. I would choose #5. I think it's the best in scale and the prettiest in my opinion.

    xo Danielle

  12. I like the oval mirror best for this purpose. I like ovals and spirals a lot, and I feel they make a room more graceful with their presence. (oval, oval, rah rah rah! oval, oval, sis boom bah!!! … brought up high school, I couldn't help myself….) Hercule Poirot would not agree with me about the elegance of ovals, of course. My second favorite is the chippy mirror. The problem of it being too small for the space could be solved by putting some visual weight on either side? Like, tall candle sticks. Or portraits of Mrs. Crabby pants looking up and screaming about her moulding. Something like that.
    All the mirrors are lovely, so you can't go wrong. I can't wait to see what you decide! Please give my love to Bob. Your high school auditorium is amazing. We have a theater close to us with similar extravagant detail, but it's a theater and the centerpiece of the town it's in, not the high school auditorium. No wonder Bob's work turned out so inspired.

  13. I vote for mirror #1 and wow what a beautiful school lovely chandeliers are amazing.. good luck on your decision.

  14. Hi Vickie,
    I vote for number #5. It just looks like it belongs there to me. They are all great choices and any one of them will be great.

  15. The oval mirror seems like it would be perfect and suit your house, but I love the triptych mirror. I think it would make a real statement over the fireplace.
    The school auditorium is amazing, so much detail and those chandeliers are gorgeous. The bricklayers didn't 'borrow' one of those either, did they !

  16. I am perfectly evangelical about ovals. So there.

  17. #1 the craftsman or #3 the oval are my favorites.

  18. Definitely number 3 in my book. Soft edges among the hard angles.

  19. Gosh, this is a hard decision. I think I like the last mirror you showed, #5. I guess because it's old fashioned looking which is why I'm drawn to it.

  20. I love #3 - the oval mirror. I like the contrast against all the angles of the wall and the fireplace. Interesting little side history about the bricks and Bob Dylan!

  21. I'm amazed at that beautiful auditorium, They don't make em like they used to. I vote for # 1 and #5. Such pretties you have to choose from I don't think you can make a mistake.

  22. The school building is fantastic and the neighborhood so nice...I love the brick's story, lucky you having that piece of history in your living room!
    My vote is for mirror # 5, can't you just hang it just like it is now? it looks wonderful.

  23. wow. what an interesting story. And that photo of Bob Dylan is a hoot. Let's see. I like #5 the best, but the oval looks nice too and would give you lots of room for staging your mantel.
    Also, I love how your grandkids think your ceiling is sparkly. That's the sweetest description of a textured ceiling I've ever heard :)

  24. I like the oval. And I liked the one that was up there. But...for a change. The oval. Or #4 :) Such a fun (and exhausting) weekend!!! LOVE YOU!

  25. The high school is really beautiful...I've never seen a school like it! The first and last mirrors are my favorite!

  26. Humm the mirrors are all great, you can't go wrong with any of them! Looking forward to seeing what you pick. That school is amazing, such beautiful details! Hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving, Laura

  27. You've got a lot of great choices! It's a tough call, but I have to vote for #5. Very pretty and great proportions. :)

  28. I'm casting a vote for has the three frames which have a bit of the craftsman feel, but the elegant top embellishment which works with your sconces, and it fills the space nicely. Aside from that, I like the craftsman door - #1 - but with that style, you almost have to be a purist. Option #5 doesn't tie you down to a style. That's my 2c, and I'm stickin' to it!

  29. Your high school is just amazing. It has so much history. You've given us a difficult question to answer with the mirrors. There are so many wonderful choices, but I've got to say - I love the oval mirror. It seems to soften everything. Whatever you choose, it will be beautiful.

  30. Your high school is fabulous my friend. I loved it and seemed to be filled with lots of stories (History) and fun and what a great place to really grow up. Loved that pic of BoB Dylan. He dated someone I know LOL or so they tell stories that they did . LOL . HUGS and blessings to you and yours this thanksgiving. As always Just love your blog xoxoxxo HUGS

  31. I hate to say this since it is the one that needed the repairs and the mirror glass, but I like the sideboard topper. I love, love the graceful corbels curving up from the lines on the mantel. What a great story and your High School is gorgeous.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  32. Well I love the elegance of #5. Love the post and your beautiful school.
    Have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving.

  33. I like 1. I also loved your pics of the auditorium!

  34. I'm crazy about your header and the little blue truck! I wish I could find one! I'll surely be on the look out! Hope you'll drop by White Lace and Promises and see me. I found you while visiting Mary Alice at Chic Chateau

  35. Happy December 1st Vicki!! Great choices but I think I like #5 the best! What a beautiful school and love the history.

  36. That auditorium is gorgeous. Love all the details. I think I like the oval mirror although they all have their qualities. I like the last one too. I also like the sideboard mirror too. So those are my favorites in the order of preference.

  37. Happy Thanksgiving my beautiful friend. Well its right after thanksgiving. I hope that it was blessed.

  38. Hi Vickie, how did I miss this post for the last week? Ok, so I was really trying to pay attention to the mirrors, when you sprung that high school auditorium on me! GOBSMACKED is such a great word sometimes! That auditorium left me absolutely gobsmacked! After I rescrambled my brain back to almost working order, I think I have a soft spot for the #5 (I love those mirrors!). Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

  39. Wow what a beautiful auditorium!
    Well I am reading this out of order the mirror you chose!

  40. i never put it together that you were a RANGER!! I'm in the Duluth area so we're neighbors...I adore your house!! Darling! Happy happy day to you!


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