Saturday, January 4, 2014

I'll be cleaning 'till the cows come home.

I've kept just a few Christmas/winter decorations out to warm up
 this corner of our kitchen.  We're in the middle of an Arctic blast so cold
 I don't even want to leave the house.  Brrrrrrrr!!!!
In fact, every public school in the state of Minnesota will be closed
 on Monday due to the extreme cold weather!

As you can see, I finally got around to painting over the awful Grey Poupon color
 on my sterilizer cabinet.  I topped it with a few wintery items including poor little lambkins.
(Maybe I'll ask Tracy to crochet him a leg warmer.  He's partial to white wool, by the way.)

I'm sure you've all been busy cleaning up after the holidays and packing things
 into boxes that seem to have shrunk since you unpacked them just over a month ago.
How in the world does that happen?

As I was finishing my post-holiday cleaning, I received a package
in the mail.  In all the holiday madness, I'd forgotten about the prize I won
from Debra's giveaway at Common Ground!
 I'd just gotten rid of the faded and threadbare pillows in our living room,
and her giveaway was sponsored by Elliott Heath Designs,
a Minnesota based company that just happens to make gorgeous designer pillows.....
soooo, I signed up and I won!!!!

Here's the pillow I chose:

I love the faded red and white graphic design layered with French text!  Oui, oui!

It fits over a standard 18 inch pillow form and is backed with burlap.
It's just the ticket to update my wing chair!

Here's a very small sampling of the pillows available on their Etsy site:

To see all of the designs produced by Elliott Heath Designs, click here!

Now that the cow (I have a son-in-law who would correct me here.  Bull? Steer?)
 has come home, and I've finished my post-holiday cleaning, it's time for a little R & R.

This was supposed to be a mitten for a 2-3 year old child.....

but somehow it's turned into an oven mitt for a child with fingers
 all the same length and an extra-long thumb.   Hmmmmph.
Back to the drawing board.

Thank you Debra (Common Ground) and Elliott Heath Designs
for my fabulous moo new pillow!!!


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  1. gosh I love the new color on the cabinet, its my current fav!! The pillows are beautiful aren't they, your mitten is very pretty, don't give up, the yarn and needles must have been off, lol,

  2. Stay warm and happy new year - we are going to be snowed in tomorrow with the cold weather too!

  3. Vickie - love your little green cabinet. Also congratulayions on winning that great pillow. Wonderful choice.

    Stay warm!


  4. Love the pillow you won, Vickie! Stay warm!
    Mary Alice

  5. Cute pillow...and those are some adorable mittens!

  6. Your little cabinet is so sweet. I have a love-affair with them and you chose a great colour for it. Cute pillow and I'm afraid I knit like that, too. Time for a refresher course.

  7. LOL fun post : ) Your Arctic blast is coming my way Monday night / Tuesday. Brrr....
    Stay WARM!

  8. Your sterilizing cabinet is one of the best finds ever! Love the new color and the way you've used it to display. Lucky girl winning the pillow. :)

  9. The cabinet turned out beautifully, Vickie...I love the whole vignette! The pillow was a wonderful win! Knitting looks like a good way to stay busy in the house...I've been yanking down Stay warm, my friend!

  10. The pillow is gorgeous! Love he mitten, it makes me smile!

  11. Congrats on winning that pillow! It's always a treat to get something new to decorate with isn't it? It is going to get ridiculously cold here tonight, so I'm wondering if they're going to close the schools on Tuesday. That's when they're set to reopen after the Christmas break. The temps are supposed to get into the single digits. I bet it will look like a ghost town around here since we're not used to those temps! LOL.

  12. Oh yes, my holiday storage boxes shrunk A LOT this time around. Glad to here I'm not the only one that has that problem.

    Your new pillow is amazing. Lucky girl on the win. It's perfect.

  13. I love the pillow you won, it is darling :) Here in Michigan we are under the Polar Blast too, I am hoping no school on Monday.

  14. that cow pillow is so wonderful, you're right, the red is perfect on that chair!! (thanks for the shout out for Heather!) and for the cabinet. the green is a great vintage look, surprised it came originally as a mustard color, i like the green so much better! stay warm, it looks like Minnesota down here today, too!

  15. Vickie,
    I love the pillow you chose. It is just perfect and looks great in your chair. Love the vintage cabinet in green so cute. Stay warm. We are only going to be 17 below for the high tomorrow too. Ughhh! This is going to be a long winter!

  16. Pretty pillow! In the cold days holding pillows keep warm. Stay warm

  17. I'm so jealous you won that pillow! I'm afraid I haven't packed a single XMas thing away...but I will this week. I just wanted to enjoy it one more weekend.

  18. The cow pillow is adorable. Even we are cold here in the south. If I were to clean I could clean til February but I have been moving furniture all over two states instead. Stay toasty.

  19. cow pillow . . . green cupboard . . . knitting . . . all fun to look at.

  20. Oh I love the little cabinet in it's new hue and yes, a leg warmer is in order. I'll try to get the sizing right. tee hee. The mitten pattern is so cute... perhaps if the needles and Christmas storage boxes would switch places we would come out ahead for once. I love your new pillow top and am hoping you're warm and cozy today. It was -36C (-33F) this morning without the windchill so it's a staying in and crocheting kind of day here today. :)

  21. Vickie that mitten is adorable - I would make another one just like it and use it for Christmas decorations next year. I often think about taking up knitting, but I'm trying to shy away from just one more thing that I do sitting on my behind. You have such an enviable collection of vintage items and that sterilizer is just one of them. Love it!

  22. Your cabinet is so cute in the green color and your new cow pillow is darling. Decorating is your gift Vickie. Stay inside and keep warm.

    xo Danielle

  23. Your cow/steer/bull is the bomb! I had totally forgotten about the sterilizer and had to go back and check it out. Yep, Poop On would be the color. Looks soooo much better in the green. And your little salt and pepper shakers match it. Try and stay warm. We're supposed to get some cold weather on Monday and Tuesday. NOT looking forward to it.

  24. Adorable pillow. I love your darling cabinet! I tried to downsize the Christmas stuff but I'm not sure it worked.

  25. Hi Vickie, Your darling winter display is the perfect way to cozy up the blast of cold in Minn. WOW in reminds me of growing up in Michigan. We are very cold too for Texas. I think the whole country is freezing. Love your darling pillow win. Looks terrific on your wingback chair.
    Stay warm and safe.

  26. Forgot to say, your mitten is so cute even in the larger size. XOXO

  27. Vickie, I love, love your little cabinet! The color and winter display is perfect! I saw that you won Debra's give away. I knew that you would pick a dandy of a pillow. Love the cow! Maybe a little large, but your mitten is too cute! I could see it being used in a Valentines display. After all, it is pink.

  28. I love your cute pillow. I had looked at her site a few days ago and I see lots of cute things.

  29. I love the pillow too. I think I like the bingo card one too. I like the new color on the sterilizer too. I can't seem to get anything done with this weather!

  30. Hi Vickie, Your home is so FABULOUS!! Articles like yours are exactly why I subscribe!! I must admit I've gone a little topiary crazy lately:) Hope I'm able to prune as well as you.Beautiful house design

  31. I love the painted cabinet in the new color, as I am not of fan of the shade of Poupon. Baby poop! Congrats on your win- I'll pop over and browse. Yes, my boxes have shrunk. I still have a few things laying around but hope it's all put away by the end of the week. I hope Tracy does make some leg warmers for lambkins. Those skinny legs must be freezing! Stay warm, Vickie!

  32. What a great pillow , I love it!!! B y the time Jan. 1st gets here I am normally so done with Christmas stuff!!! I know it has been very frigid by you guys. It is getting really cold as the day goes on in NJ today.


  33. It is a great way to clean the pillows. Thank you for the advice.

  34. They showed Minnesota on the news over here today, that weather looks treacherous and I can't believe the low temperatures, poor you.
    The cabinet is adorable, I checked out the original post because I wasn't following along then, what a transformation.
    I'm just off to do a little window shopping of the internet variety because I love your cushion, what a great prize !

  35. Yes it is freaking cold here too! No school again tomorrow.I think this is the longest Christmas break my daughter has ever had! All my Christmas is down,but I still need to organize it and put it away...but it can wait :-)Love that pillow...great win!

  36. What a pretty pillow. I'm still cleaning here. Stay warm under your knitting, Vickie!

  37. Hi Vickie! Congratulations on winning the pillow - it's adorable and does look perfect for your chair. I love the quilt you have on the back of the chair too. Your little cabinet is so cute and I love that light green color.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  38. You're so funny (the mitten cracked me up!) The cabinet looks great, and your 'moo' pillow is so fun! :)

  39. Cleaning here too, hate it and I hate the cold weather! It is 13 below here today, unusual for Michigan it is more like Minnesota weather. Schools are closed here too. Love the little mitten but I know what you mean when things don't come out like they are supposed to.

  40. I adore that cabinet! Cool pillow that you won, too. The arctic air is here in northern IL as well; schools and some businesses closed. Finally a little above 0 tomorrow so I'm finally leaving the house!

  41. Love that little cabinet of yours! We are suffering from the arctic blast here too. I'm ready to move on to regular winter weather thank you very much! We are on our 3rd day of school cancellations extending our Christmas break further than it should have been extended!!! Stay warm!

  42. Everything looks SO CUTE!!! LOVE that pillow you chose. Will have
    to take a virtual trip over there to check out the site.

    Happy New Year!!!

  43. Love the cabinet!! So sorry you are in such an arctic blast. Can't wait to see more of your blog.

  44. That sterilizer cabinet is so great - and the shade of green you chose is so wonderfully vintage!
    Thanks for coming to the party, Vickie. Now, I think I might want to try my hand at knitting. The mitten, while oversized for a toddler, would make a great ornament! And that striped baby hat in your side bar is the cutest thing EVER. (The cute baby, of course, adds to the cuteness factor.)
    :) Blessings!

  45. I loved the title of this post!
    I will be cleaning till the cows come home too.

    Enjoyed visiting-
    I joined Revi's party too.

    White Spray Paint

  46. LOVE the pillow! Congrats on your win~~~and the mittens are adorable! Blessings~~~Roxie

  47. I love the pillows and the mittens so much. YOU are just too talented my friend. HUGS and blessings wished your way for 2014

  48. the pillow is such a great win, vickie! and what darling mittens!! if they can't be worn, they'd make very cute xmas decor next year:) i remember the little cabinet and love it's new look! stay warm!!

  49. Vickie, It's been so long since I visited! How adorable is your mint green cabinet? Great choice on the color! And I browsed through all your Christmas décor- you've got such great things! It all looked so fantastic! I'm going to have to visit more often, so I don't miss all the goodness again! And I'd love to see your wardrobe and dollhouse- I hope you show them here!

  50. What a great price. The pillow is so nice. Very nice cabinet. The green makes it pop.

  51. Vickie,
    you know I love your cabinet and now it's the perfect green! Great pick on the pillow, it's very cute. Soooooo sorry about your cold weather, I just spent 2 weeks in Southern Cal. temps in the mid to high 70's and sunny, I was really miserable! (Couldn't resist rubbing that in)! It got down to 7degrees in Nashville, sorry I missed it......not!
    Hope you've warmed up some!

  52. love that color green, your cabinet looks so fresh! lucky you to have one that cute pillow :)
    i don't know much about knitting, but i have made my fair share of crochet mistakes! Happy New Year to you!

  53. your cow/steer pillow looks so perfect in its new home. I shall have to check out that etsy store, I really like those pillows. and your knitting cracks me up. it looks like my sewing projects. let's chalk it up to the wild artist inside us that hates to color inside the lines. hahaha I hope it warms up soon in your neck of the woods!

  54. Your sterilizer is sooo cool and I love the vignette you styled with it.
    Congrats on the win, the pillow is great.

  55. I love the new color on the sterilizer! Perfect! The mitten is adorable, even if it is huge! ~Angela~

  56. Hi Vickie! I was just checking in and I realize I've already commented on this post. This time I was just stricken by the title of the post. I feel the same way. I'm cleaning till the cows come home.

  57. I think the pillow you chose is my favorite. I have a thing for cows and I love this one in faded red. It's perfect for your living room and all your primary colors, Vickie. Enjoy.


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