Sunday, January 19, 2014

My new wardrobe.

Ask me if I want to go antiquing and the answer is
yes! Big surprise, right?

Ask me if I'd like to go shopping for clothes at a big mall .....
mmmmm, I think I'll pass.

During the first half of my life, I loved to shop for new clothes!  I bought fashion
magazines and read them from cover to cover.  Yes I did!
Since then, I've come to dread shopping for clothes.  I buy things out
of desperation and when I get them home I wonder what in the world I was thinking!

See!  Tag still attached.  Although I will wear this...someday.
It's not my normal blogging attire.

  Thank goodness I wear uniforms to work!

During our last trip to the Twin Cities, we had some time to kill, so we stopped
 at the Antique Mall of St.Paul, just a short drive from our oldest daughter's home,
and I bought myself some new clothes!

Darling plaid coat and matching velvet beret.

Martha Stewart's doll could have worn this dress.

The next 3 items came as a set.

Candy cane stripes, polka dots and rick rack.  Sweet!
Joan Crawford would be appalled by my handcrafted wire hangers.

Polka dot party dress.  My personal favorite.

Turquoise jacket from 1962.
Very stylish indeed!

What am I going to do with all this doll clothing?
I've got two shelves filled with sock monkeys from the 40's and 50's
who would be more than happy to dress themselves in these clothes.

Speaking of......

The nurse uniform was sent to me by Little Miss Maggie a few years ago.
Isn't it the cutest thing ever?!  Thank you, Maggie!

Can you believe I found a doll cupboard in just the right size to hang my new doll wardrobe?
It was marked half-price, so I couldn't very well leave it behind.
I was standing on a chair inspecting the cupboard perched the very top shelf when the clerk
came by and asked, "May I help you?"
Oops.  Maybe that cute chair wasn't placed there for me to stand on.

Mary and her little lamb.

I found the red sewing machine last summer in the river town of Hastings, MN.
There are several charming antique shops on the main street
and casual outdoor dining on the waterfront during the summer months.
Definitely worth going back again someday!

All that shopping and I still don't have a thing to wear!

Thanks for stopping by and
please do not submit my name to Stacey and Clinton (What not to Wear).


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  1. Super cute! I love the little wardrobe and the doll clothes!

  2. You are safe...they aren't making any new episodes!
    Love your new wardrobe...can I borrow a few?!!

  3. What cute clothes and there guaranteed to fit. Lol

  4. Vickie,
    I love the new wardrobe and that cute little cabinet to store them in. Great finds. Hmmmm I think I might need a nurse outfit for Midge! She is under the covers right now in her ity bity bikini shivering asking why we do not live in Miami LOL!

  5. Absolutely precious. I love the little green dress with the red heart.

  6. SO, so, so cute, Vickie! I love the Mall of St. Paul...haven't been there for awhile, but it's always fun! The little clothes are just perfect for the sweet cupboard! And if they still had their show, I wouldn't mind being nominated for Stacey and Clinton, if you don't want it lol!

  7. I feel the same way about clothes shopping as you do, but your new wardrobe of doll clothes is wonderful!

  8. Love the cute wardrobe and clothes! I don't think I've ever been to the Antique Mall of St. Paul. I'll have to look it up!!

  9. Gosh I can relate to you on this one! I used to LOVE clothes and jewelry and painted fingernails and my hair and makeup was always done before I left the house no matter what! I loved Glamour magazine and all the latest trends. Now, I'm more like you. It just doesn't excite me anymore like it once did. I think once I had children it all changed. I have always loved home décor though. That has not changed. I see you found a way to incorporate them both though. The doll clothes are adorable. And that doll wardrobe is perfect for them.

  10. Oh, sweet, sweet, sweet! I want one/some of those! I'm getting a couple of granddaughters! I'll need these!

  11. I was same. Loved clothes once. Now won't go near a mall or clothing store. Love your new header and the little red sewing machine!

  12. Oh Vickie, those doll clothes are ADORABLE!!!!! When we were little, my grandmother made my sister and me so many of the cutest doll clothes. The sad thing is neither of us knows what happened to them.
    Mary Alice

  13. Hi Vickie, What a darling vignette of little clothes and a chest! The sewing machine tops it off! This is the first time i have seen a posting like this.......SWEET! Like you.....I enjoy clothes but don't care to shop much anymore...have a wonderful and blessed week~~~Roxie

  14. Oh Vickie - I love it all - the cabinet, the precious doll clothes and the darling little machine.

    How cute.


  15. Those clothes take me back to my childhood. That coat is adorable!

  16. such sweet finds! they all fit together perfectly, vickie:) and how cute is your nurse sock monkey! have a great week!

  17. Those doll clothes are adorable!!!! Soooo cute. Love the little set. :) I am sure the granddaughters will enjoy playing with them. :)

  18. The new wardrobe cupboard is adorable! Is there a lion and a witch hiding in the back of it though?

    Do you know that Nurse Sandy has the same clothes on that you sent her here with? I feel like a bad sock monkey mom. I suddenly feel the need to make that up to her. I won't tell her that you just got a whole new wardrobe for her cousins.

  19. I am the same way about clothes shopping. I used to absolutely love it and read Vogue and Glamour and all those magazines. Now...I do everything I can to avoid it.

    Those dresses are adorable - the little wardrobe is so charming and the perfect home for sweet doll dresses.


  20. Those doll clothes are so sweet! I always say yes to antiquing too!

  21. I feel the same way about shopping anymore...I finally buy something get it home and then think why did I think that was a good choice! It's way more fun to Shop for Vintage Goodies. Love all the darling clothes now where is the doll... I guess you must go shopping lol

  22. Now THAT is my kind of clothes shopping... no trying things on and they fit perfectly! The turquoise jacket is my fav' but love that little mint dress with the teeny tiny ric rac trim too. The wardrobe could not be more perfect. Lucky you were not tossed out of the establishment before you could purchase it!! I love the nurses uni that Maggie sent you... too darn cute. The lipstick your nurse monkey is wearing is a lovely hue too. ;) It's all adorable! :)

  23. Oooooooh!!!! I love those clothes and the wardrobe closet! I would have snatched them up too!!!
    ~ Violet

  24. The doll clothes and cupboard are just precious. I collect dolls so I know what a fun find this is! Very sweet! Hugs, Diane

  25. How adorable Vickie, such a pretty wardrobe of clothes. I love your handmade hangers and the sewing machine, just too cute for words.
    Great new header too !

  26. The sewing machine, the wardrobe, the clothes...all soo cute!!

  27. Maybe you can get some sock fabric and make yourself a monkey dress?

  28. Oh my! I had to stop by and see your blog because I saw your comment just above mine in a blog hop and saw that you also spell your name Vickie! Yes - not Vicki or Vikki nor Vicky. In other words, I think you spelled it right! Or your mom did. Haha. I also have 4 grandchildren. So, Vickie, it's nice to meet you! I love your blog and will visit often.

  29. Hi Vickie, Oh I just love your new clothes and the precious cupboard. Your sewing machine is darling. What a cute nurses uniform on your sock monkey from Maggie. I bet you had so much fun shopping and picking out these cuties.
    Have a great week. Hugs

  30. I love your new clothes - even if they don't fit you! ;-) And that cupboard is just too cute. I'm like you - I hate clothes shopping. You can't drag me into a mall. Most of my clothes are from thrift shops! :-)

  31. What a cute piece and some great clothes you found. Love that sewing machine too.


  32. I learned something new about you today! You must have the most stylish sock monkeys in North America. :)

  33. What fun pieces you found. Tiny clothes in a tiny cabinet with a tiny sewing machine- I'm in love.

  34. Those clothes are so sweet!! And the tiny cabinet is just perfect!

  35. What adorable clothes. You find the cutest stuff! Your sock monkey looks perfect in that little Red Cross dress. So stylish.

  36. Oh my gosh! I love vintage toys! How perfect is that wardrobe? I have a granddaughter that is nuts for sock monkeys. She only has new, but she would go nuts over your collection. I have a pink one I picked up after Valentines at Cracker Barrel last years. It will be my Valentines gift to her. The clothes are just darling. Love that turquoise jacket! I'm with you and clothes shopping. I never go to the mall. I usually buy most of my clothes at T.J. Maxx when I'm there to just see what treasure I might run across.

  37. Thank you Vickie for stopping by. I accidently deleted my inbox comments so returning here to reply. By the way, your gorgeous gemstone sweater, was being worn on a soapstar yesterday on Y&R. I saw that and thought, I've seen that somewhere and then remembered this post.
    Your sweater is famous!!
    Have a great weekend.

  38. Just blogging around and found your blog. So good to see you hear blogging there are so many deserted blogs these days. I loved reading your page, so many cute things. The clothes are absolutely adorable. Thanks so much for letting me visit, you made my day.

  39. It's darling! I love miniatures so much and you obviously share that passion. Definitely pinning to my miniatures pinboard!

  40. Vicki these are precious! That polka dot is my favorite too. But that turquoise jacket is a close second. Altogether a perfect vignette. Just perfect.

  41. Oh my goodness, those are all so adorable! And the doll-sized armoire is too cute!!! I'm very jealous. <3, ~Angela~

  42. Hi Vickie,
    You were featured this week at Revisionary Life Thrifty Life Thursday #4. :)

  43. How cute! What a lucky find. I used to love making doll's clothes as a child. Surely not as nice as yours, for sure. But really enjoyed making them. I even tried making my own clothes once I got older. Not a good idea... not very good results ;-)

  44. Aww, your new wardrobe is oh so precious! How fun! Love that bright red toy sewing machine too! I've got to start looking for something like that to display in my studio!!

  45. This brings back memories of all the doll clothes my mom made for me. I even have that sewing machine. Wish I still had the wardrobe and the little trunk. I still have the doll but not many of her clothes. I spent thirteen years in uniforms so I don't really like shopping for clothes or trying to figure out what to wear....heehee.

  46. i'm with you on the clothes shopping! i loved it in my teens and twenties, and now, as i near 40, i'm not so into it. i do love antique shopping...everything fits! ;) your wardrobe and clothes finds are so darling, love the polka dot dress! dying over the little red sewing machine!!!!

  47. What great finds! Don't even get me started on clothes shopping LOL!


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