Sunday, February 2, 2014

Cat and mouse.

Before I start any "big" projects this year,
I'm forcing myself (and my assistant) to finish up all of my
small works in progress, of which there are many.

We've just finished the first and here it is:

Do you want to see the before?

Obviously, there was no cat fight over this cabinet at the garage sale.

As you can see, it's an inexpensive, somewhat new (80's?) cabinet
made out of who knows what.  Plastic?  Wood?  I still don't know!
It appears to have been run over by a truck and put back together by an amateur like me.
  Nothing is square.  Everything is warped.  You get the picture.

  Since it's not heavy duty enough to hang on a wall, I nailed round wood "legs"
 to the bottom to make it freestanding.  Sort of.

The base is slightly warped, too, so it's got a bit of a wobble character.

My assistant cut out the door panel, then I painted it, inside and out,
 and mounted chicken wire inside the door.  I would have preferred glass, but
the door is warped, too, and chicken wire is much more forgiving.
 Lastly, I changed the knob and called it a day.
 I am not spending one more minute on it!

Back to the first photo.....

Do you see her?  The star of the show?

Isn't Miss Mousie adorable?!

I think you may have already guessed who the
crochet artist is.  Yes, uber talented Tracy of Crow's Feet Chic!
(If you haven't seen her crocheted wardrobe for the cast of
Downton Abbey, click here for a very entertaining post!)

Just look at the minuscule details.....

Face complete with embroidered pink nose, whiskers, and beady little eyes.

Headband embellished with a flower.

Dress accented with vintage crochet thread flower.

And her shoes!!  So Audrey Hepburn!

She's even got her very own granny chic afghan to
keep her warm and cozy, and believe me, she needs it!
I set the thermostat to a frigid (and heavenly) 60 degrees at night.

Well, all that cuteness inspired me to pull out my
smallest knitting needles and create some magic of my own.
I bought this pattern from Little Cotton Rabbits and chose
to knit two of the dresses labeled "easy".

  The armholes were a bit of a challenge on the first dress,
but the second time around was easier.  Shhhhhhh.  She doesn't know she
shouldn't wear a pink dress with red shoes.

Does this dress make me look fat?

Of course it does when you're wearing your
red dress underneath, silly!

You know, I think it's a good thing
I stapled chicken wire to the cabinet door after all.

Miss M needs a safe haven when the cats come out to play..........


Thanks for stopping by and stay warm!

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  1. Oh...the cabinet is so cute now! I love the addition of the feet and chicken wire! It's perfect sitting in that spot too! Those little mice are so darling! Love your blog header too!!!!

  2. Your little cabinet is darling. I think the chicken wire is cuter than glass would have been! Really cute piece!


  3. The cabinet is cute. I like the chicken wire as well. Those little ones are adorable.

  4. Hi Vickie,
    I saw the post at Tracy's too cute on the Downton Abbey Sock Monkey's. I will be doing a post soon on my sock monkey Midge and her Love Story for Valentines Day so stay tuned!!!

  5. I like it with the chicken wire. Those kids are just adorable.

  6. You always work miracles with your finds, Vickie. The cabinet is so cute with the little feet and chicken wire. And those little crocheted dresses...ADORABLE!!! But the four little cuties at the end are absolutely precious!!
    Mary Alice

  7. Lovely job on the knit dresses!!! Super cute kiddos!!!!

  8. Adorable little ones! Your cabinet is completely did a wonderful job! Miss M is so the little dresses you made, too!

  9. love the cabinet . . . love the blue and white dishes paired with tulips . . . love Miss Mouse - too, too cute!

  10. What a darling cabinet! I like the graphic-ness of the chicken wire.

  11. Who are those adorable kittens? I'll take one...or two. ;) Those knit dresses are so cute! Very impressed. And the cabinet. Love you!

  12. Adorable post! I love what you did with the cabinet...the chicken wire is perfect. That mouse is so adorable, I love her plumpness all the way down to her adorable flats. You are so talented to make her a new is just tooooo cute!

  13. I can't get over how great that cabinet looks now! It looked so different before you made it over. The mouse is adorable. Love her little outfits too.

  14. Those four little kittens (some with mittens) are just too darn cute!! Love Miss Mousie's safe house - you did a fabulous job on the 80's rescue and I love, love the little knit dresses! Knitting is so delicate... I wish I could knit. I LOL'd on Miss Mousie's Audrey Hepburn-ish flats. If only she had Audrey's figure. I love all of your photos too. I just don't know how you managed to keep all four of those kittens still at the same time. :)

  15. Your cabinet is rocking cute. The mouse rules there.

  16. OMG.....the Grands!!!! Do they look like cousins or what?

  17. Amazing how you worked your magic on that cabinet! I actually love it with the chicken wire. Allows Miss Mouse to breathe, anyway. She is adorable. I want one. ;-) I checked out Tracy's blog and ended up reading through several posts. She is quite hilarious! Your grandchildren are truly beautiful. I'm sure they make your heart melt.

  18. YOU SAID " Nothing is square. Everything is warped. You get the picture." And I immediately thought of The Velveteen Rabbit :)

    Last photo...priceless ? More so / OMG too cute for words

  19. i thought your crocheted/knitted things were so darling, till i saw the last pic--now, that's so darling!
    sweet little cabinet, too! have a great week, vickie!

  20. Hello Vickie!! You did such a great job with that cabinet! And Miss Mousie looks so lovely there...and with her cute dresses. And speaking about dresses I really love the ones you bought and shared with the sweet little cupboard in a previous post.
    Your grandbabies are adorable, wonderful photo!

  21. Hi Vickie, what a darling cabinet. You gave it the perfect makeover. It looks terrific between the windows too. Miss Mousie is adorable. Love her sweet dresses and those red shoes are so cute.
    Your grands are the cutest!!
    Love your new header too.
    Have a great week. Hugs

  22. Hi Vickie, your cabinet turned out so cute and it's perfect for all you minis, especially Miss Mouse. She is too cute for words, and I can easily see her wardrobe growing with each season. She is quite the style maven. Your little grandchildren are so beautiful. I bet you love it when they all come to visit.

  23. Wow Vickie what a change with this cabinet. It turned out so great with all the detail you added. I am digging the mice and your group of cats is priceless!!!


  24. How much cuteness can one possibly cram into a single post? Oh...and the cabinet turned out great, too! Charming...

  25. So cute so sweet little something. Such a wonderful cabinet keeps me smile all the day.

  26. Love your transformation of the cabinet. It looks like new. That mouse is the cutest thing ever with all those dresses, and those kittens are the cat's meow! :D

  27. What a total transformation! Very, very cute! I love the addition of the chicken wire. Much better than the 'before', that's for sure!!

  28. Oh wow Vickie, everything is adorable. I love the cabinet with the chicken wire and glass knob. I have two projects where I'm going to use chicken wire (one day !).
    Love all the blue and white and how adorable is Miss Mousie and her delightful new dresses. I haven't knitted for about 30 years, but even back then my knitting was very basic, your skill is always so impressive !

  29. Oh My God! First - cutest grandchildren (I assume) ever. Second - that string of dresses on the cover of that book - nothing cuter. You're so talented and so good at decorating with whimsy. The cabinet looks great!

  30. Oh my gosh Vickie, miss mouse is so darn cute! I love how she has such a fabulous wardrobe. You did an amazing job! The cabinet it darling, and just what can I say about the sweet (kitties) kiddies? Just too, too cute!

  31. Vickie, Love the new redo cabinet, the chicken wire adds a lot of charm!!! How cute are your grandkids???? They must keep you hopping when they all come to visit but how wonderful! It is 60 at our house at night too. Just came back from visiting a friend in AZ, her house temp at night was 70, thought I'd melt. Still cold and snowy here, stay warm, Laura

  32. Awww...very sweet! I want to see a full shot of that chandelier up there. Looks fab!


  33. Nice upcycle on the cabinet! The kids are adorable, Vickie!

  34. Loved the cabinet, Miss Mousie, and the kittens!

  35. Holy....Love you cabinet! And, the "mice" at the end are just darling! Thank you for sharing!'

  36. Oh, that last pic is too adorable! Love your cabinet transformation! :)

  37. Oooh, I love your little cabinet!! The chicken wire is too cute. And the tiny knitted dresses! Oh my goodness, those are adorable. I wish I could knit well enough to make something like that! ~Angela~

  38. your cabinet looks great, it looks vintage to me now, with it's makeover! that mouse is soooo adorable and i love the dresses you knitted for her!! i have to go check out more of Tracey's work (i didn't think she was blogging anymore for some reason...). your posts always make me laugh, btw! last, but not least, your grand kids are so sweet!

  39. What an adorable post...and blog! I love what you did with that little cabinet. It's perfect now, and that mousie tucked inside is so cute! She's a very lucky girl to have so many pretty dresses...and such a nice place to stay safe with all those precious kitties around! :) Paulette

  40. Well done with the cabinet. What an improvement. And those cats and mice! Too cute!

  41. Where the heck was I when this post came out? I swear (except I don't) I've missed more and more posts this month! Anywho, I am loving your new mouse. Tracy is one talented lady and you're not half bad yourself!

  42. Love that sweet cabinet and your adorable sweet mouse! And such a sweet photo of your Grandchildren.


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