Sunday, July 20, 2014

It's a cool, cool summer.

So far, our summer has been pleasantly cool and that's fine by me.
I just love cool nights when I can sleep with the windows wide open,
with a lightweight blanket or quilt covering me.

As you can see, I've got plenty to choose from!

Today is day 7, the last day of my vacation.
We had our kids here for the all-class reunion festivities and parade last weekend,
 followed by a short road trip during the week with lots of pit stops at antique shops along the way.
I think the cool weather during our drive through Wisconsin influenced my vintage purchases.

  Here's what I found.....

Classic blue & white "cutter" quilt as I've heard them called, stitched entirely by hand.
I honestly don't think I could bring myself to cut it up for pillows,
even though it's stained and the seams are coming apart.

Lap quilt pieced from wool and flannel. 
It's not vintage, but the colors are perfect (I think) for bedroom #3.

Here's a sneak peek of the "before" room.

The reveal should be in......oh, a year or three.

I confess, the unsavory wall color was chosen by me to match
an antique love seat and rug that are no longer with us.  That's a whole nuther story.
Who in the world painted the bed metallic bronze?  Oh, that would be me, too.
As you can see, there's lots of painting to be done.

Once again, I've purchased all the vintage accessories before I've chosen a paint color.
I call my design style, "Putting the Cart Before the Horse Decor".
I build the room around my favorite things.

As I was uploading photos, I came across this one taken right after I bought the bed in 2005.
I think it was $20 and we had to pull all the vines off the thing as the seller had been using it
for a trellis in her garden.  If I bought the bed today I would've just washed it up and called it a day!

I don't know why I took the photo, but until I uploaded it, I never really looked at it.
 I got all choked up when I noticed our little Fergie
 walking in the snow in the upper right corner.

Okay, onto the rest of my recent finds.

Oh-so-sweet crib quilt.  My favorite.

It's my goal to start sewing quilts and I'd like to start with one like this,
only with random fabrics, no actual design to it.

Another simple tied quilt.

This is the oldest of the lot and it's hand quilted.

I found 3 of the quilts in one booth in a wonderful shop in Cumberland, Wisconsin.
The owner was closing out and all of the items were marked.....
75% off the already low prices!!!  Yes, yes, and yes!
The others were very reasonable finds in the city of Spooner.
Both towns have shops that are well worth checking out
if you happen to be in that area.

A few weeks ago, I removed the shirred curtains from my old wall cupboard
and I replaced them with chicken wire to create a display space for my vintage quilts.
  My plan was to search for a few more quilts to fill the cupboard,
but I never dreamed I'd hit the jackpot in just one trip!

Here's the new look for my old cupboard.
I'm happy to say our daughter found the drawers,
but I still need to find some knobs.

Behind the cupboard is one of the newly painted gray walls.  I'm glad to be rid
of the beige walls that I've lived with far too long!  Although I love the weathered wood,
I've been contemplating painting the cupboard white.

Below are some of my inspiration photos from Pinterest.

Oh, I do love this white cupboard in an all white room.

   Crazy in love with this one.

Pretty cabinet in a pretty room.

Fun red cabinet from Petticoat Junktion.

Helen Philipps blog.
I like the white painted chicken wire and the heart, too!

I found one more item as we looped back into Minnesota through St.Paul.

  I found this simple leaded glass window.  I made a super-low offer
 because there's a small crack in one piece of glass near the bottom.......
and the dealer agreed to my price!  It was too good to pass up.
He even said I could return it if it didn't work out.  Huh?
No need to worry about that.

Well, all good things must come to an end.
It's back to work for me tomorrow and it looks like our
cool summer nights may be over until fall.
It sure was nice while it lasted!

Until we hoist the a.c. units into the windows,
I'll be utilizing my many vintage fans that still work.
I've nicknamed this one Slice & Dice.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Fantastic finds. I love your quilt collection. I spent many cool summer nights in Wisconsin. I'm glad you had a great week.

  2. did hit the jackpot! I especially love that window!

  3. The heat is back on here as well now ( Western PA ) but I sure did enjoy the break.

    I love quilts and I just can't get over the great quilts that you found ...all treasures ! :)

  4. Lucky you to find so many great quilts at such a low price - I would've bought them all too! I desperately need a new quilt storage for one particular stack. Seeing as I have none right now for a stack of 9, anything would be good. I keep expecting them to topple any day. I love seeing the different colors and patterns when they're out in the open. That turquoise one is my fave too - I think it's because all the quilts are so nice and thin, easy to stack and see all the fabrics. Your cabinet has that perfect center cubby for your machine - looks like it was made for it! Love the chicken wire too.

  5. Vickie, the colors in all of your quilts are so yummy!!! And I LOVE the look of them in your cabinet with the chippy white on the doors. It looks perfect au natural! Amazing Fabulous finds!!!
    Mary Alice

  6. Your cabinet o'quilts is killing me! I suppose you'd notice if I snuck in your home one night and pried the whole thing off the wall, quilts and all?

  7. Love all of your beautiful quilts, Vickie! And the window is a beauty! I love all of your inspiration photos. Sounds like a great vacation! My parents are from Shell Lake, and I still have relatives in Spooner...such a beautiful area...

  8. Oh I just love your new quilt collection. What an amazing trip you had! I love the blue and white quilt the best. I love the idea of placing them in a cabinet so they can be on display.

  9. Oh! That first photo is really lovely!!! From the old cupboard to those beautiful quilts... everything looks wonderful. I love watching so many beautiful quilts in the blogs, there not so common here, I sometimes fantasize with sewing one but I think it's too much work...perhaps I'll wait your experience first...
    That little sewing machine is so sweet, I remember the red one, a collection?

  10. Oh goodness, those quilts are so pretty! You really scored. There's just nothing like a stack of quilts in a cabinet to cozy up a home. I love those inspiration pictures- including yours! Glad you had such a great vacation (antique shopping always = great vacation) and pretty finds to remember it.

  11. Hi Vickie, what fantastic quilt finds. Love the color combos and that first blue and white is my favorite. Wonderful wall cabinet to showcase them and I love the chippy cabinet color too. Sounds like a great vacation!! Hope your going back to work is a smooth transition into the routine again. That first day is always the hardest.
    Thanks for sharing your treasures!

  12. I love your quilts, and they all WORK together! They look great in your chicken wire hutch. I don't dislike your wall color, either. But, I know how great your other room turned I look forward to seeing your progress. :)

  13. Oh, I forgot to say, I always buy STUFF first, then pick paint. It's easy to pick from the unlimited palette of paints out there, but hard to find stuff to match a wall color. You did it right, Vickie.

  14. When you wrote that you were going to paint the cabinet I was thinking Noooooo, but actually I love every single one of your inspirations, so I think it'll look great any which way. I love the chicken wire and your new amazing collection looks great.
    When I was young I made a log cabin quilt (on an old Singer sewing machine) but I got a bit bored so it only covers the top of a single bed, it doesn't go down the sides, and as it was about 35 years ago it's looking a bit shabby now..............I might have to go get it out again !

  15. I forgot to say something else too............. I'm glad you've enjoyed a well deserved break with some cooler weather.

  16. I don't think I've told you lately how you crack me up! Now we need another club, the Horse Before The Cart Decorating Club.

  17. Hi Vickie,
    Ok Killer window. Love that! Love all the quilts and that bed in your guest room is so awesome even with the brass paint. So happy you enjoyed your vacation.

  18. Love love love this display! great finds - ahhh so sweet! ♥

  19. LOVE the window! and the bed and dresser will give your room vintage charm, vickie! the quilts look gorgeous in the wall cabinet:)

  20. Your quilt collection is wonderful. I love how they look all piled up together. I have a few "cutters" too and I wouldn't dare cut into them either. I think they look great as they are. I like the window too. Nice finds Vickie.

    xo Danielle

  21. Vickie -
    I knew this link up was you when I saw the quilts in the cabinet. What a haul you got! My Grandmother quilted and so did my Mom. Mom is too busy these days to quilt. The last one she made was a wedding ring quilt in all my pastel colors for me. I love how you are displaying these. You know how much I love white painted furniture but....I really think I love the way the cabinet is now. It has just the right patina. I think I'd leave it.

  22. I love your quilt stash, that first 'cutter' I would not be able to cut, it's beautiful! I've been quilting for over 35 years and my Grandma made quilts, I appreciate the time that goes into them especially if they were done by hand. I just can't cut them up even if they are in tatters! Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

  23. Hi Vickie, Your quilt collection is lovely...a home is not a home without a quilt or two! They have such past and history, if we only knew the rest of the story with them! Your home is have a great eye for decor. You sound a lot like have "patience" in some ways but put the cart before the horse (like me) in decorating! I just have to get my "vision on"! I LOVE your vintage fans...I've had a few and regret not having them now. Blessings for a beautiful week~~~Roxie

  24. Your quilts are so beautiful and I love how you have them displayed in that cute cupboard. At first when I read you were traveling through Wisconsin, I was wondering if you were close to me. I'd never heard of Cumberland, so I Googled it - 5-1/2 hours north of me. Never mind!

  25. Like you I love these cooler summers, make such great sleeping weather! Loving all your quilts, I've recently picked up a few myself at a garage sale. I am just starting to get back in to quilting myself. I love the patina on your cabinet! It was sweet of you to stop by to let me know you liked my Vintage Lid Towel Hooks.

  26. I need to find a way to display my quilts! Your display cabinet is darling and the perfect thing. I have a soft spot for quilts and seem to want to buy every single one. I don't of course. But I would find it hard to resist if I found your super bargains. All such pretty colors! Thank you for your sweet nursery comment! (sorry your vacation is over!)

  27. I love the old quilts. I sew quilts myself but by machine. I have collected a few from yard sales and things like that over the years. Unfortunately I do not have many areas to display them. I gave up on the quilt racks they just seem to get in the way. I love some of the display cases you have shown here. I am looking for a large country cupboard and now I may want to find one that has an area I can display quilts.

  28. I don't know which I love more, the treasure trove of quilts, or that gorgeous wall cabinet you've stored them in!!! Just gorgeous on both counts!

  29. Hi there, I hopped over from Thrifty Life Thursday! Your quilts are so charming in your cupboard--love!
    Blessings, Cecilia

  30. Wow you sure did score some great quilts on your Vacation... nice and I am not sure what I would do about painting that cabinet of yours thats gonna be a hard choice but with your skills I have no doubt it will end up looking perfect. No air here to turn on so we just wait until late in the day when temps cool and then turn on the whole house fan. It helps a lot! I am feeling good thanks for asking. Hugs from california, Diane

  31. Oh Vickie,
    Sounds like you had a wonderful week off. Time goes way too fast when you're on vacation, doesn't it? Anyway, sweet quilt collection. You know, although I love hand made quilts I have never owned one. I do have one but it is not hand made....bought it at Walmart many, many, many moons ago :-) I have always wanted to make one too, maybe one day.


  32. The quilts are all amazing! Love the sweet baby quilts. And what great ideas for furniture that shows them off. A beautiful post! Hugs, Diane

  33. I am over the top in love with your quilt display.

    I have a tall skinny cabinet in our living room and I could easily remove the glass and put in chicken wire. I could then put in all my quilts.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  34. I love your cabinet full of quilts- just as much as the others you like. And the toy sewing machine is the perfect little accent!

  35. I love your cabinet, and the photo of the quilt in your bedroom with the fan on the dresser is magazine-worthy! Thanks for sharing at Revisionary Life Thrifty Life Thursday Link Party!

  36. OH, the cabinet with the quilts looks amazing!! They make such a statement :)

  37. Quilt love! So nice to be able to display them all.

  38. Beautiful quilts and such a deal too! Love how you displayed works of art.....that they are indeed!

  39. Love quilts too! I had collected some and now make my own...start with a "layer cake" of precut squares, have 1/4" seams and have fun! Be sure when you make your own, you put your name and date it was made on it....then its really a collector's item!
    Enjoy that window, I love it!

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