Sunday, June 29, 2014

Decorating with selfies.

Since our dining room is all decked out in red, white and blue for the upcoming holiday,
 I thought I'd share some photos of the room and a few selfies, too.

By now, you all know what a selfie is, but for those of us who don't own an iPhone,
(I'm assuming there are more than one of us?) a selfie may be something
  completely different.

For example, last winter I came across this vintage bathing suit
and I purchased it as a birthday gift for a friend with a lake cabin.

How thoughtful of me!

Of course, now that summer's arrived, I couldn't bear  to part with it!
This is my first example of a selfie.

Selfie: gift purchased for somebody else but kept for myself.  Shameful, I know.

The suit is stitched up in our high school colors of navy and white, and it's even
got the school emblem of an anchor tacked under the mesh overlay.
Go Bluejackets!

(I hope you didn't expect a selfie of me wearing the suit!)

Around the corner, my plant stand holds the sea captain that was made for me
 by a talented friend.  He's dressed appropriately for Minnesota summers,
 freezing cold one day, hot and humid the next.
  I hope he's wearing his Speedo under his wool knickers.

My window treatments are finished!

I showed up for work one rainy day this month, only to find that the schedule
 had been updatedand I had the day off.  (I'm sure you've all done that, right?)
  Since I was already in work mode, I worked at home instead.
  I spent the day cutting and sewing my stagecoach blinds
with music playing in the background, and coffee brewing in the kitchen.
Now that's my idea of a good day at work!

I didn't get paid for the day, but I got my blinds done!

The blinds add a pop of color without blocking the light.

Continuing with the nautical theme, I rolled the blinds around
pool noodles from the dollar store to keep them from drooping.
It's a cheap trick and it works like a charm!


I brought out the transistor radio as a summery accent in my cabinet because
it brings back memories of sunbathing while listening to pop tunes on AM radio.
Nowadays, I live more like a vampire, trying my hardest to escape the sun's damaging rays!

My drum major stands guard outside the cabinet while Shirley Temple smiles from within.
*Can you see her ghostly image on the blue glass next to the drum major?

Over the extremely long winter (it ended last week),
 I knit up a pint of wool strawberries.
Once you get past the first round, they're pretty simple to knit.
Free pattern here.

I've always thought that heart shaped items were somewhat contemporary,
but look what my sister sent me for my birthday......

...a sweet vintage heart shaped clock!!!
be still my <3

Spot's looking a bit forlorn these days and I know just how he feels.
We're both a little sad that cherries from Pottery Barn
 have replaced the chocolate that once filled my candy dishes.
woof woof

Pop bottles in patriotic colors hold miniature flags.

I may be tempting fate by screwing a hook into our
but it was necessary to hang my birdcage.  There are teensy weensy hairline cracks
near the edges of the textured ceiling and I hope I didn't start a
mini ceiling earthquake up there!

As for the empty cage,
there's a nasty merlin hawk in our neighborhood I'd like to stuff into the cage,
after he's been stuffed!  Bad, bad, bird.

I actually made 3 blinds for the room, but I didn't care for the look
on the double-hung window, so I made floor to ceiling panels instead.
 The blue & cream ikat fabric from Hobby Lobby drapes so beautifully
 that all I had to do was finish the raw edges and hang the panels from drapery rings.

Sew easy!
(Iron on hem tape would work just as well for those of you who don't sew.)
There are 2 finished panels, but I'm standing at the far end of my kitchen to get this shot!


As you can see, they're purely decorative since they won't close around the radiator,
but we've got plantation shutters for privacy and a roller shade to keep the sun out.
Remember, no central air at 911.

Do you recall the $2.99 thrift shop chairs from my last post?

I had absolutely positively no interest whatsoever  in keeping the chairs for myself
until I brought them into our dining room to photograph.

  I loved that I could place one at each end of the table and they didn't block the fireplace.


Well, they were already promised to our daughter, so I added them to my search and find list.

We took a road trip to Duluth on Lake Superior the very next day,
 and what do you think I discovered at the only antique shop we visited?
 Another pair of the exact same chairs!!  Same chippy paint, same size,
 not quite as cheap, but reasonable.  Coinkydink?  I think not!

Perhaps they were quadruplets separated at birth.

Selfie: purchasing a gift for somebody else and then
      purchasing the same gift for myself.

haPpy biRthday to me!

Thanks for bringing your little selfie over for a visit and have a....


*I'm joining the parties at:
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  1. What a great post. Not only do I love your home styling, Vickie, I love your style of humor and writing! Happy Birthday and Happy 4th! Did you line the shades with the ticking? They turned out so great, and love the idea of using the noodle.

  2. I just cracked up at the selfies :)

    Love the blinds and decorations but the selfies ? too funny : )

  3. I just love the curtains! Great print and I love blue. The grain sack runner is perfect too. As for the selfies, only buy cool stuff for yourself! No need to feel guilty when you keep it!

  4. love those guilt about the selfies.....I think we all (me) do it once in a while......

  5. Oh Vickie the curtains and roll ups are so pretty. I love the pool noodle idea genius!!!! Seriously I would not have parted with that cute suit either. It looks so awesome on that vintage window. Love the light you get in your dining room. So pretty. It looks fabulous. What a great day to have off of work and get so much done.

  6. Wow...where to begin? I sure was hoping you'd post a selfie in that bathing suit. :-) The roll up blinds and drapery panels are so lovely. Love that you found two chairs that work perfectly in your dining room. And that little clock...too cute!!!
    Mary Alice

  7. I love the swim suite I can see why you kept it for yourself, and what a genius idea for the curtains. Your place looks great decked out in red, white, and blue :)

  8. What a fun post. I really like the curtains and blinds -- such pretty fabric. And the pool noodles, pretty sneaky. How lucky to find more chairs. They coordinate nicely with your pressback chairs. I have only one problem with your post: I don't see Shirley Temple. I see three plates, three cups, and something else in that cabinet, but no Shirley. What am I missing? (Well, Shirley Temple, of course, but where is she?)

  9. Yes I do selfies per YOUR definition! Love all your white with the red and blue.

  10. Too funny about selfies. My sister and I do that to each other all the time-- glad to have a term for it now! Good to see we're not alone. Did you make your table runner, too? It's very pretty, as are your blinds and panels. Love seeing all the neat little touches and details.

  11. Now, that's my kind of selfie. :) AKA keepers - usually found via the "one for me, one for Etsy" rule around here...VERY festive and patriotic!

  12. Great post! As always, I enjoyed and loved all the details and the way you write! You made me laugh a lot. I agree with you and need a selfie from time to time.
    Excellent good job with the curtains and with the sweet strawberries.
    You have generated another "necessity" for me: I was already needing a clock with strass all around (I can't remember how you call them) but now...I need a heart shaped one!!

  13. You are so much fun, Vickie. I really miss you- come back more often, please?
    I like your take on things. I will no longer feel guilty when I purchase a selfie!
    Your house is so perfect for red, white and blue. :)

  14. Love that little suit. The curtains are just beautiful. Your house looks like it should be in a magazine. Where is Shirley Temple?

  15. Wow! I just love all the red, white and blue. The drapes are perfect! Gotta have a table runner like that. Every touch is beautiful. Did you do this simply for the 4th or do you decorate with the red and blue. I say keep it up! It is great!

  16. Hi Vickie, Well your sweet little creative SELF posted the best red, white and blue post ever. I am still lol at your humor. Love all your decor and the window treatments are wonderful. Love the tip with the pool noodle. So fantastic that you found another set of the same chairs. Your home is magazine worthy for sure.
    Love this kind of day off when you accomplish something great like your curtains. Fabulous fabric.

    Have a great week ahead!!

  17. Can't wait to come visit in a couple weeks!!!! Eeeeeek. :) Love the little swimsuit!!!

  18. Happy 4th of July to you too. You're putting us all to shame with your beautiful patriotic decor. I love your collection of selfies especially that darling swim suit.

  19. I love all of your pretty patriotic accessories. They all have a neat story behind them. Your new drapes are perfect in there! I haven't seen that fabric before. I haven't been to Hobby Lobby's fabric section in a while. I love simple draperies like that. I think I will use that term "selfie" for me sometime too. I like it!

  20. Very nice color combination and pretty decoration. Happy Independent holiday.

  21. love . . . love . . . love . . . all your red, white & blue, but the table runner is what I can't get out of my head. It is wonderful.

  22. A pool noodle! Who would have thunk! I suppose you bought that for the grandkids but decided to "selfie" it? Your dining room looks pretty festive for the 4th. I had to censor myself and not pin every last stinkin' photo! Very cute!

  23. I see it, hah. One of those things like they post on face book about looking for an image, hah. I love Shirley Temple, that's why I asked.
    Thanks about your comment about Ricco. He is adorable although in that picture he looks like a little ole man. I just loved how dirty he was. Grankids are all so unique and loveable.

  24. i like your kind of selfies:) love the cute suit, and your new curtains and blinds, vickie! adorable table runner, well, the whole room is just lovely! happy 4th to your!

  25. Is it really your birthday? Happy Birthday, then, to you. Your posts always make me smile and laugh! I love your home - as you very well know by now. Such an awesome job you did on your curtains. Thanks for the tip for the dollar store tube. I need to make a shade for my laundry room.

    Happy 4th!

  26. So great that you found more chairs! They really are perfect! I love how you've decorated the room...and the window treatments are GORGEOUS...

  27. Everything is so adorable I hardly know where to begin!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  28. Your room looks gorgeous, so pretty. I love the blinds, in fact I nearly bought some ikat material for my cabinet. I love how you've mixed it with the pin stripe, mix and match is also a look I love.
    As usual, a funny post mixed with great style, I've definitely got a few selfies myself.

  29. I don't even know where to start with this post - it is absolutely stunning! But, here goes: the little bathing suit is beyond fantastic. And your ikat curtains are fabulous,too. Jane

  30. Once again, I'm so impressed with the simplicity of your decorating, yet so many fun things to look at, at the same time! I especially LOVE that drum majorette- what a cutie!

  31. Happy Birthday to you! Love your curtains and your shade you made. Ingenious!! Very patriotic room.


  32. Selfie, huh? Can't say I had ever heard that definition for it before but I sure can say I've been guilty of it...many times too. Hee, Hee, Hee. The curtains turned out awesome. Happy 4th of July.


  33. I love your definition of selfies. Your dining room is adorable and you did a great job on your curtains and blinds. Excellent use of pool noodles. :)

  34. Hi Dear,
    oh how wonderful, such lovely decoration ideas!!! Love them all! It's great how you put pits and pieces together and arrange them so very delightfull!
    All my best from Austria and a wonderful weekend

  35. OMGosh, you are so funny! I absolutely love your new 'selfie' definition! (Glad I'm not the only one who's kept a gift for myself ;)
    Your room looks amazing...great job on the curtains!

  36. It all looks so fresh and summery, I love it! I would have loved to have seen at least *one* self-portrait, though, just so I could see what you look like! ~Angela~

  37. Ah ha ha ha ha ha..... your version of selfies is much more my style. And the pool noodle tip, excellent as I have some droopy shades.

  38. I like your selfie definition much better than the traditional one. ;-) Your blinds are curtains are the royal blue and white and the patterns. Great vignettes, too.

  39. I just love your curtain fabric, Vickie! It is beautiful!

  40. Oh, I have SOOOO many selfies!!!! LOL Love this whole post, all your vintage goodies and your pretty new window treatments. The roller trick? Now that's using your noodle!!!! Love it!

  41. I guess I'm a selfie! Vickie, your home is beautiful and what creativity and talent you have! It was meant to be on those SWEET chairs~~~love a gal that uses her noodle! Blessings~~~Roxie

  42. I love these decorating ideas. The designs are so vibrant and the view is so happy and cheerful.

  43. Love the drapes and the shade! And your spin on the Selfie. Lol. What a fun post.

  44. and the queen of vintage collections and vignettes strikes again! The curtains are great! I love that fabric.

  45. Very informative blog. I was searching for something like this. your blog helped me a lot. Thank you so much for sharing. ikat fabrics by the yard

  46. Wonderful post!! Liked your entire décor. Last week went to my friend’s birthday party at one of venues in NYC where I have found similar décor. It was looking awesome and was all arranged by famous event planners that were hired for the day. Just loved their work.


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