Monday, October 27, 2014

Everybody loves a nut.

While most of you are gearing up for Halloween, we just celebrated
 an early Thanksgiving/Oktoberfest with my extended family. 
  Holidays that aren't celebrated on the holiday have become the new tradition in our family.
  It's all about family gathering together, so to me, the day (or month)
we are able to do it doesn't really matter.

Normally, I think of the weeks between Thanksgiving and
Christmas as the Eating Season.  Goodies are served up everywhere,
from the workplace to the places we shop.  Food galore!
To top it off, I found out we're hosting the real deal on Thanksgiving Day with
our immediate family, so double  oink oink.
If you think about it, we've extended our Eating Season by a whole month!!!

Since I'm a utilitarian cook at best, I've been whipping up some simple
 low calorie treats to fill our candy dishes.

Knitted acorns.

They are knit with fingering weight yarn and size 1 needles
and you can find the free pattern at Pea Soup blog.
(I bought the glittery yarn at Michaels.)

I have absolutely no self-control so it's impossible for me to
 walk by a candy dish without grabbing a piece.....or 6,
(I couldn't possibly have eaten 4 bags of candy corn, could I?!!! )
so this is my wooly solution to avoid all that sugar.

Popping one of these in your mouth would be about as tasty
as eating a cotton roll at the dentist's office.  Gag.

Pictured below are felted acorns, but if I knit one acorn a day for a month or so......
I'd have enough to make this cute garland!

The colors can be changed out to make Christmas ornaments, too.

Wouldn't they look festive tied on a package?

I knit the acorns below last winter with worsted weight yarn to try out
the pattern, but I like the smaller acorns better.  Why?

I used a boucle yarn for the cap and to me it looks
a bit like Mrs. Acorn is wearing a really bad wig or an ugly hat.

Oh, well.  I only knit 4 of them.

I needed to step away from my unruly curtains for a few weeks, and this
is one of the projects I've been working on.  So....have the synthetic curtains
grown on me yet.  To be honest, no.  They are looking more and more
like this year's Halloween costume!  Maybe if I leave the windows open
they'll be sucked out by the wind.  As in Gone With the Wind.  hehe

I think I'm beginning to see a pattern here.
Nuttin' I do works out the first time around!
Thanks for stopping by and
Happy Thanksgiving, Halloween, Oktoberfest,
or whatever holiday you're celebrating!


Everybody loves a nut......
the whole world loves a weirdo.

(Does anybody remember that song by Johnny Cash?  And why
didn't I think of it when I was trying to come up with a name for my blog 4 years ago?!)

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  1. Oh my gosh, Vickie, those are too darn cute! I love them all - the sparkly yarn, yes, but I think the boucle is really cute too. Too, too cute. As a non-knitter, how long does it take to knit one, I wonder?

    Oh yes, it's the eating season. Sometimes, usually after gorging by the candy basket that's so obviously hidden on the DR chair, I crave a salad. But when I do, I just go to the cabinet and eat cherry licorice or a pepperoni roll or white chocolate almond cookie. Yep, I'm all about the bass, no treble these next couple months. I could use a few cotton nuts to stuff my wandering eyes and mouth.

  2. How cute they are! Little bits of goodness, no calories. I've been eating candy in the middle of the night. Go figure. Today I bought nuts. No more candy in this place!

  3. Vickie,
    These are too cute. I need these in my candy dish instead of the candy corns too. I have eaten a whole bag of those carmel apple candy corns in the past couple of days sitting at the computer and popping them in my mouth. OMG! Need to stop and eat the knitted one lol!

  4. Just darling little acorns! Much better than candy for sure! I

  5. Your nuts are adorable! It always amazes me what you can knit these days. Back when I was learning to knit (179 years ago) we only did mittens and scarves :)

  6. Soooo Adorable cute!! They would look adorable in my cottage~~~you should sell them! Blessings~~~Roxie

  7. reminds me of the old "mound" and "almond joy" commercial... "sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't". you're the best kind of nut! love your acorns with wigs!

  8. I smile every time I read your blog. You have the best sense of humor and you put it to pen so aptly. Those acorns are adorable and yes to candy corn!

  9. I love those acorns. Now I need a pattern for filberts (hazelnuts) since I think it would be appropriate living on a filbert farm. LOL! I loved this post. I am sorry you aren't loving the curtains. I laughed a lot about the acorns with the bad wigs.

  10. wow, das sieht gut aus!!! liebe grüße und einen schönen dienstag von angie aus deutschland

  11. My first try at anything new NEVER works out! I always drive myself crazy by re-doing everything. Love the acorns you knitted. You should sell your creations. You are so talented!

  12. The acorns are awesome! I just got some wool roving to try making some of the acorns in the garland photo (no knitter here...). Let's see if I make any by next fall. We always ended up getting together on a random day, many work schedules and in-laws...I've learned to go with the flow and am a lot happier that way.
    P.S. That would be a funny blog name...someone will probably do it now...

  13. I do not know how to knit but if I did I'd be chasing this pattern down asap. These are so darn cute!!!

  14. Those are absolutely adorable! I not only wish I could sew, I now wish I could knit!

  15. Hi Vickie, oh wow how darling are these acorns. They look adorable filled in the candy dish. What a talent! You are amazing~~and no calories!

  16. Adorable! I wish I could remember how to knit- I learned how in the third grade. That knowkedge is long gone now. I'm seriously thinking of using your idea for family get togethers over the next few months! You keep knitting those cute little acorns. :)

  17. Oh Vickie, how could I resist a blog post with this title? of course I love nuts, the real ones and ones with two legs like moi! I think these acorns are a perfect replacement --so cute too---for the candies which are SO easy to keep munching on...You're so talented, some day I'll have to get back to knitting..

  18. Totally cute! And calorie-free. Win/win! :)

  19. Your tiny acorns are so are you, Vickie!!
    Mary Alice

  20. I love your acorns! I'm wondering if I'd have the patience to knit something that tiny.

  21. your post is totally cute, vickie! love the little glittered caps!

  22. I really like the picture of the acorns on the fireplace. Pretty. It looks so calm and serene over there......hehehe....not for long! ;)

  23. I adore those little knitted acorns! And your sense of humor! Mmm...I love Thanksgiving. I think it should be celebrated every month. :-)

  24. They're fabulous! Yes they'd look awesome as a garland. Go for it! (Wish I could knit...)

  25. Very cute! A garland would look perfect in one of your sweet vignettes.

  26. I am supposed to be de junking my craft room today.... at least that was my intention before I saw those nuts. Now I want to go and hunt out my knitting yarn and the needles.... I feel a nutty moment coming along. They do look wonderful.

  27. Hello Vickie! Your little acorns are so cute...I love them, and the way you share them in your beautiful photos. A garland would be wonderful for your lovely vignettes.
    Sugar...calories...such a great subject, specially when hot days are arriving (here). My life for a donut, or a croissant!
    BTW, your curtains are fantastic for me.

  28. I love your colourful acorns. You should totally do the acorn banner, so fun!

  29. Oh my gosh, I love them! Even the ones with the bad hair, wig look. lol! Jars or bowls full of these would be super cute. I have a solution to not eating the candy I put out on display. I buy what I don't like. Never have been fond of Candy Corn, but their too cute to not buy. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  30. I love both sizes and types of yarn, you are nuts!

  31. They are super cute! I love the idea of putting them in the cady dishes instead of real candy...Hee, hee, hee...Been eating way too much these last days...Yikes!


  32. So stinking cute! I wish I could knit. I love the garland on the mantel. Adorable.

  33. love the little cute!!

  34. Those are the cutest little knit acorns! I love them. I couldn't imagine being able to make something so small. You did a great job.

  35. You definitely need to make the garland, the acorns are so cute.
    What a perfect way to cut down on the sweet treats.

  36. Vickie, those acorns are the cutest things ever!! And calorie free...bonus! :)

  37. Oh.

    I am going NUTS over your cute acorns! Yes, yes! Make a garland. They would be cute ornaments on a feather tree along with squirrel ornaments.

    big hug...catching up!


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