Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Keep calm and merry on.

You'd think that after painting our dining room
 in December of 2012, and our living room in November of last year,
I'd know better than to start painting our kitchen the day after Thanksgiving,
  but with a 5 day break from work after Turkey Day, it seemed like
the perfect opportunity to quit thinking about it and  just do it!

I've learned that there is one upside to painting during the holiday season.
I'm motivated to get it done quickly!  I couldn't even think about taking out my holiday
decorations until I finished painting and cleaned up my mess.

There are obviously lots of finishing touches to be done, but as long as
you're here, I'll take you on a quick holiday tour of our repainted kitchen.

My valance has been removed in favor of a display shelf
over the window.  It still needs trim added to the edges, but that can wait.
As for anybody sitting directly under the shelf, I've supported it
from above with heavy duty L brackets secured with wall anchors.  No need
to worry about a soup tureen knocking you off your chair.

I hung the green cabinet back on the wall for now, but I've got a wood cabinet
 in storage that I'd like to give a try after the holidays.  I'm not worried about
the dozens of holes I'm making in the walls, because I'll be tweaking
the wall color after I repaint the cabinets..  The current cabinet color is not bad in the
 daylight, but when the chandelier is on they appear to be chiffon yellow.
 No likey.

Do you see what's new in this corner?

The Major Award I chose for 35 years of service at work!

I was hoping for 5 new windows or a spa bathroom with all the amenities, but
 since they weren't listed in the Major Award catalog, I picked a high-tech appliance instead.
  Being the technologically challenged person that I am, it took me 2 hours
 to make my first cup of coffee on Thanksgiving morning!   Believe me,
 I needed my morning dose of caffeine after bathing a frozen turkey in the kitchen sink
 'till the wee small hours of the morning.

*Note to self:  Next year buy turkey in time to thaw before the holiday
or perhaps buy one already cooked, stuffed, and artfully arranged on a platter.

I treated myself to a bottle drying rack from World Market so I could
add seasonal color to this corner of the kitchen.  The red and white striped bowl
 is a steal for only $3.95 at Crate and Barrel!

My sterilizer cabinet is fully stocked with my collection of what I thought
were child size Santa mugs.  I was recently informed that they're actually nut cups. Huh.
Let's see.  One for every nut in our family.

As for the juggling pins?  Being the fitness fanatic that I am,
I like to work on my biceps while the roast beast cooks in the oven.

I've had this old wood shelf tucked away, knowing someday
 I'd find the right spot for it, and now I have.  This is my favorite thing in the kitchen.

Do you remember my green spice cabinet?

I had my handy assistant strip the finish off, only to reveal the u.g.l.y.distressed finish
that I somehow forgot was under the paint.  He tried sanding the dings out,
but whoever was assigned the task of distressing the cabinets at the factory
 must have been thinking about her ex-husband at the time.  Those dings
are clear through to the other side!

Anyhoo, it's now been painted with homemade chalk paint
made from one of my oops cans in our basement.  I'm trying to
get away from my matchy-matchyness, but it's not easy
for a Gold Personality like myself!

Around the corner near the back door the shelf holds a pair of deer
that I made way back in 1986!  I made the sign a few years later.

Next to the back door.....
This photo of my sister, me, and my brother was published
in the Hanna Miner, around 1964.  We're testing out toys at
our small town hardware store.

I'd love a vintage bread board for the kitchen, but until I find the right one
 (or maybe 4 or 5) Arnold Ziffel will do.  snort snort

During my post paint cleaning frenzy I found an Etsy gift card given to me by
our daughters.....who knows when!........and used it to buy myself this ironstone
platter that came all the way from Hawaii!

  Mele Kalikimaka!

Above the stove I hung my old window screen with a seasonal message
spelled out with aluminum letters that are used to mark telephone poles.
For some reason, they don't make the letters X, Y, and Z so I simply
chopped a leg off a K to make the Y.  It's a little wonky, but it works.

Even though I stuck magnetic tape to the back of the letters,
occasionally they'll drop into the dinner I'm cooking, but as the very wise
 Julia Child said,"If you're alone in the kitchen and a few aluminum letters
 fall into your beef stew, who's going to know?"

I strung a few jingly bells onto wire and threaded the wire
through the screen for a little holiday bling.

Well, I've missed joining all the holiday parties out in blogland,
but I was on a mission to neutralize our spicy kitchen before Christmas this year
and there are only so many hours in a day to do it all.  Now I've got to finish shopping,
 wrap presents, dream up a menu.......

Thanks so much for visiting and
Merry Christmas one and all!

*I'm joining the parties at:
Savvy Southern Style Wow Us Wednesday
Knick of Time Vintage Inspiration Party
Mod Vintage Life Mod Mix Monday
Cozy Little House Tweak it Tuesday


  1. The wall color looks great. Maybe you could glaze the cabinets to give them some kick or a color for the cabinets would be so pretty in there. I love your little santa salt and pepper shakers those are too sweet.

  2. Everything looks so bright and cottagey! I love it all.

  3. Super cute. I love your vintage Christmas items. That green medicine cabinet is adorable!

  4. What a difference going from the spicy to white! Me likey. Me likey (or is it meliki, the way I have always sung that song, authoritatively) all your cute accessories too. That plate on your favorite shelf is killer with the cows. Love the jadeite green with the red too. Btw, if you register the serial # on that Keurig on their website they send a free pack of k-cups (or used to anyway). I've kept my account going, and have redeemed points for gifting Keurigs & accessories, and always save on some of the BEST flavors you can't normally get in stores. Merry on!

  5. what a wonderful happy christmassy post, that was a beautiful gift for your time, it would take me some figuring out as well! Everything looks so cottage y and homey, I love your home,

  6. I'm loving your new wall color in your kitchen. Is there a fancy name for the paint color?
    I had so much fun on the tour around your kitchen because I'm a detail person, and you've added such great vintage accessories to all your nooks and crannies. I have to say, Vickie, if you take that adorable green cabinet off the wall, you need to find another place for it...I love it!!
    It's always a treat when you have a new post...I'm chuckling the whole way through!!
    Mary Alice

  7. Oh, I wholeheartedly agree with the paint change! It looks wonderful. Don't you love how all your vintage color just shines against the white backdrop? I always have such fun looking at all your keeps. Merry on, Vickie! xxx, T.

  8. Vickie, you have the best collection of vintage goodies anywhere, and I love how you display them so artfully. Your kitchen looks great.

  9. It looks wonderful, and I love all of your festive Christmas touches! I still don't have my Christmas tree decorated yet, so I'll be happy to just get that done! I hope you'll come share your pretty room at the Vintage Inspiration Party going on now - we'd love to have you!

  10. I love the sign. Very cute. :) And love the white kitchen.

  11. Hi Vickie, Love your kitchen. The new wall color is so serene but the whole kitchen and decor is fabulous. It makes me want to totally redo mine!! You have such awesome displays. Magazine ready for sure. Congrats on 35 years of dedication in your career. You picked a nice gift and I can totally relate to trying to figure them out!! LOL
    I just have to go back and view all your detailed vignettes again. Love your kitchen.
    Merry Christmas!

  12. I love the new color of your kitchen! I'm partial to white walls anyway, as you probably know. I bet your kitchen feels a lot bigger now. Your red and white Christmas decor really pops now.

  13. It's adorable and you did a fantastic job decorating! I love the white, it's my favorite for kitchens. The screen is just too cute. I have one of those and never would have thought to put letters on it. Guess I will have to do something with it now!

    Merry Christmas!

  14. It's looking gorgeous and I love all your bits and bobs. The little wooden shelf is exquisite! I think your treasures stand out more because of the off white colour scheme. Good luck with the rest of your Christmas preparations!
    Have a wonderful Christmas with your family. x

  15. I'm swooning over your kitchen! Love every detail!! (And if that round board with the chippy green edge comes up missing, don't look at me ;)

  16. What a fun post, Vickie! I love all of your pretty holiday have a charming, whimsical style that really speaks to me! Love the new paint, and the spice cabinet re-do, too. I love that round board, too,,,and it makes me want to do a little re-do of a newer one I have. Still smiling from your wonderful Santa cups and everything in your kitchen! Can I move in?

  17. It all looks just darling Vickie! I recently found 11 of those little (child) cups at an estate sale and loved them! Mine are staying childs cups. I'll never tell, how about you? lol! I love the pops of jadeite green with the red throughout your cozy kitchen. And now I will always picture you lifting weights while cooking. lol! Have a very Merry Christmas!!

  18. I love it all! Your kitchen looks awesome. I hope you have a very merry and blessed Christmas Vickie.

    xo Danielle

  19. Love your pictures and got some new ideas, too. What I loved best is that you showed the big picture at the end to show how it all comes together - love that! Most blogs I see only show lots and lots of closeups and no overview - great kitchen!

  20. Your kitchen is gorgeous! I've always loved your decorating style, your cool things, and how you display everything. And your sense of humor has has me laughing while at the keyboard. Thirty-five years at your job?! Wow - that's awesome! I recognize that Bailey's cup underneath your coffee maker. ;-) (Don't know if you saw mine that I had on my last post.) Love the display shelf over your kitchen window.

  21. At least you have your priorities straight.... Coffee first. And you have the cutest nut cups I've ever seen.

  22. My other, more "normal" self would LOVE to decorate just like this someday! It's perfect! Everything about it! Clean, but cozy and warm.
    Great job!
    Erica :)

  23. Your kitchen is beautiful with so many wonderful touches. I love the little green cabinet.

    I actually used the words, melekalikmaka today when we put our daughter on a plane for Kauai. It is our first Christmas without her!

  24. You did a great job Vickie--I love white kitchens and you have such a great eye for creating vignettes with all your charming vintage pieces. They really pop out now against the white background. Love it all. Isn't it amazing how much fresh paint can change a room?

  25. OH, its just beautiful! I just love how you keep everything so calm and neutral, then accent with wonderful colors! That mint green scattered around, along with the red, is just wonderful!

  26. congrats on your 35 yrs of service, vickie:) and i'd need lots more nut cups for my family-ha! your cute shelf, reindeer, and framed article of you and siblings add such charm! your kitchen is beautiful!! a very merry christmas to you:)

  27. I will definitely be pinning this kitchen! I have almost ordered that mug/glass rack fro World Market about half a dozen times. Now I have to have it!

  28. I did the same thing here Vickie, huge painting projects which I also started at Thanksgiving. Your kitchen looks so fresh and crisp and really highlights all of your cool vintage pieces. So pretty!

  29. I love the new white on the walls, but I have to admit that I looooooved that spicy pumpkin wall color. A few years ago I did the same thing in my kitchen, right after Thanksgiving, but it does make you work a little faster. Have a wonderful Christmas, Vickie!

  30. The kitchen is so bright and airy now! And I love your red and light green/aqua accents!

  31. Vickie, the kitchen is fabulous! The white is a perfect backdrop for all your amazing collectibles, every corner, wall and cabinet holds a delight! Gorgeous!
    Have a happy and blessed holiday season.

  32. I always enjoy reading your posts Vickie. Your kitchen turned out great. Love all the vintage treasures. Hopefully now you are resting and enjoying these few days before Christmas. Sending you a warm hug.


  33. It is always so much FUN to stop by for a visit. I love your sense of humor not only in your writing, but the carefully played items in your decorating, like the beaded fruit in front of the pig. We are having roast "beast" for our dinner, too. Your kitchen looks wonderful. I think my favorite collection of yours are the NUT cups. I think I need to keep some for me instead of selling them as I find them. Yours look awesome in the green shelf.

    Merry Christmas wishes to you and yours!

  34. their decoration is beautiful, soooo simple and festive !!! I love the antique furniture with the green color !!! love greetings and Merry Christmas wishes from Germany angie

  35. Wow, what a truly gorgeous kitchen you have! I just love the table and that chandelier!! Merry Christmas!

  36. I've missed all the parties too but I'm making a last attempt to visit everyone.
    I know you want to repaint things but I must say I love all the whites (well I would wouldn't I !) and all your little shelves and the lovely Christmas touches. I love the shelf above the window too (so much that I've already assessed the look in my own kitchen), so thanks for the inspiration.

  37. Well I've never heard of a nut cup either! I'd have thought the same thing as you.

    Everything looks absolutely wonderful!

  38. Hi Vickie, I'm a little late on comments...trying to get caught up on visiting blogs today. Your kitchen is soooo pretty! It has such a SWEET VINTAGE style with a new updated look!! A great choice on a neutral color....never can go wrong especially when we like to decorate and change a lot! The red and aqua/greens pop so nicely together!! I like the shelf over the window for your vignette....I too, had one built in my farmhouse I sold last year. Also, I have a wood pig cutting board an old man made for me by hand 30+ yrs. ago....He was like a Grandfather to me, I cherish it. It put a BIG smile on my face when I saw yours.........Happy New Year 2015.....Blessings~~~Roxie

  39. I love the touch of green and red. The jadite is something that I've always loved but have never collected. Maybe that will be a new love that I'll develop.

  40. Your kitchen is wonderful! It's hard to be very specific because I love all your touches and accents so much!

  41. Vickie,
    your kitchen looks amazing, love the color change! Looking around your kitchen, I see so many of the same things I have, such as: the green jadite cups and bowl, pig cutting board, santa mugs, your white pitcher, vintage scales, and of course, using red and jadite green in your color scheme! Just goes to show, great minds think alike!


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