Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Winter whites.

I took my sweet time deciding whether to paint it or leave
it "as is", but in the end white paint won out.

If it were hanging in a bright white kitchen, I'd have left the pretty weathered wood,
 but this is where it lives and the wood finish just felt dark and heavy.

 I simply painted it with good old-fashioned white semi-gloss paint.
  There's plenty of texture under the new paint to show its age.
  I picked out the knobs at Hobby Lobby to go with the old wood finish,
 but I think they work fine with white, too.

I brushed a combo of rust and brown craft paint over the new chicken wire
to make it look as old as the rusty hinges on the doors.  It only took about 45 minutes,
but it was tedious work that would have taken 5 minutes if I had done it
before I stapled it to the doors.  Hindsight.

I found an old pink sewing basket to join a faded quilt on top of the cupboard.

Since it's the holiday season, I glammed it up a bit with
teeny tiny 1 inch trees I found at JoAnn Fabrics.

 I glittered the trees, glued a wee jingle bell on top and set the trees
 on old spools of thread that were left inside the pink sewing basket.
  Since I don't decorate with pastels anywhere else in the house,
 I had fun playing with them here.

Now it feels so much brighter in this corner of the room!
Our house is not large by today's standards, so every room is a
multipurpose room.  This is the Master Sewing Guest Room.

On the other side of the room........
This little dresser had been stripped of its original finish and was an 
awful shade of brown when I found it.  I painted it with yellow chalk paint
and propped a Christmas ornament on top that looks like a dollhouse.
It sits on my old pie crust table that I painted white last winter.

  I have no idea what possessed me to buy this at an estate sale
other than it's so darn cute!  It's hanging on the white door that was a victim
 of my accident with a can of stain this fall.  As you can see, all the stain came out
 and it's back to a nice crisp white.

Well, that's the extent of my decorating so far because I took on the
monumental task of painting our kitchen over the past 4 days.
I.  Am.  Exhausted.

It's almost done, but I had to call it quits because it's time to
deck our halls!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Oh this post just has me giddy! I loved that cabinet before and I still love it now! Your little sewing machine and spools are just darling and that little yellow dresser is drool worthy. You have such a knack Vickie. And yes, I would have bought that little pink jacket as well.

  2. Vicki, I love this shelf cabinet. I want to sit in your sewing room. It is so inviting and you made it look so cozy that your guests may never want to leave. The little yellow dresser is adorable. You did a wonderful job decorating this room.

  3. Vickie, I love that cabinet both ways, and I love your attention to the details in the wire (and those cute little spool trees). Believe it or not, I have a pink coat (with matching dress!) styled very similarly to yours, AND an ivory version of the coat, longer, also very similar in style. I don't know what possessed me either, but I agree, they sure are cute! I think it's the handmade quality (for mine anyway, I can't tell for sure on yours). You've put a really nice hand on styling this area, it would make me smile to walk by it, and that's the whole point, isn't it?

  4. Your white cabinet looks perfect, all crisp and white. Those vintage spools with the little trees on top are adorable!! As is the other side of the room with the little dresser and darling coat.
    Can't wait to see your kitchen with its new paint job.
    Mary Alice

  5. That is so cute, mom! :) Excited to make it there this month. No flu, no flu, no flu. I think we got it out of our system. Haha.

  6. I love everything about the room . . . the quilt cabinet (I copied your idea and replaced the glass in my cabinet with chicken wire after seeing yours) . . . the little trees on spools . . . the colors . . . Happy Christmas!

  7. I know what you mean about that heavy and dark feeling. You did a great job with your transformation it all looks so fresh and pretty in that room. And thanks for the comment on my office. I had to laugh when you mentioned how many coats it took to cover up those terra cotta walls with paint. I'm a fan of white walls (and bookshelves for that reason....hint hint...:)

  8. I love how your hutch turned out! It makes everything on it pop! Love white! And love those little white trees. You sure have a wonderful eye for putting all of your collections together! LOVE your style, Vickie!!!!

  9. I really want a master sewing guest room! It looks perfect. I want to open that gorgeous cabinet and pull out your quilt collection. I love the paint job you did and all your little accessories. If I was a guest in your master sewing guest room, some of them might accidentally fall into my suitcase... xx

  10. It is looking so pretty! I use pink and white in my bedroom Christmas decor but haven't gotten there yet. The living room is almost done. It is tiring and next year may just be less then this year.

  11. Wow Vickie painting the kitchen. You go girl. Love your sewing cabinet. It looks awesome. Your quilts are just beautiful.

  12. OH Vickie...this is a piece of pretty...and I LOVE those sweet little trees on spools! The quilts look gorgeous displayed there...beautiful!

  13. Everything looks absolutely enchanting Vickie. Loving the pastel Christmas decor. It's so sweet, innocent and tres chic. Love it.


  14. Wow, you are so talented. Everything looks so charming and I love that cute little wreath!

  15. I like the new color of the cabinet! Sounds like you have been a painting bee lately! Can't wait to see your kitchen.

  16. love the cabinet in white, vickie:) adorable bitty trees, too! i saw the trees at jo annes, just didn't know what to do with them. they are so cute sitting on the spools--very clever:) the dresser and dress are cute vintage finds, too! when do we get to see the kitchen?:)

  17. I know how you feel. I can't wait to see the kitchen. Your hanging cabinet is just so pretty and I love that darling coat.

  18. I adore that cabinet and how you have it decorated in pastels. And those tiny trees are just too cute. My kitchen desperately needs painting and so does our master bedroom. I absolutely stink at painting and my hubby doesn't have enough time, so we have to hire someone. I hope you'll be showing us your kitchen soon!

  19. What a perfect cabinet and your sewing machine fits perfectly inside the middle spot! Wow you've been painting your kitchen, you must be exhausted! Really like the pastel look!

  20. That cabinet is precious. The white looks great with the soft colours of the fabrics. Can't wait to see the kitchen.

  21. I'm pretty much into painting stuff white, as you may have noticed, so it works for me. It looks so pretty with all your pastels and the miniature Christmas decorations. I'm sure your guests will be absolutely enchanted to stay in that bedroom, it looks so inviting.
    I hope you're pleased with your finished kitchen, it's a pity you couldn't take more time off to get over the exhaustion !

  22. Hi Vickie, love your room and the white with pops of pastels is so pretty. Love the cabinet. I imagine your home is gorgeous for the holidays. You sure have been busy!!
    Have fun decorating and painting.

  23. Oh Vickie, this has been a hard day and seeing that cabinet, your quilts, and those adorable little Christmas trees on the pastel thread spools just gave me the biggest lift. You always have the most precious way of putting things together. Sending a big hug, thanks for making my day!

  24. Your cabinet looks great painted white! And those spools/trees are precious! :)

  25. Love everything about this! The cabinet, pastels, sewing machine, quilts...all so pretty!!! :)

  26. So much cuteness and originality here...but I think you are crazy to be painting right now!

  27. I love everything you showed in this pretty post! I don't have pastels in my house, but I sooo love them and practically drool whenever I see such gorgeous pieces and beautiful decorating. Everything here is just so dreamy! xo

  28. oh my goodness, it's so pretty already! Love the pastels and the creams- can't wait to see what else you do with Christmas decorations!

  29. It's so much fun to stop by and see what you've been up to. Adorable-ness, as always. I always leave so inspired!

  30. I don't care what size your house is, your taste is awesome.

  31. thanks so much for adding your vintage cuteness to our party, vickie:) i would love to find a wall cabinet like yours, sigh, maybe someday!

  32. I love all the details you add ... so pretty. Those tiny one inch trees look like old vintage brush bottle trees. They are so sweet.

  33. I will have chicken wire on a cabinet in my home some day. I will, I will, I will! I love your white cabinet, Vickie. It looks fabulous with all the beautiful quilts. The little yellow dresser and the teeny pastel Christmas trees are adorable. You are so creative and display your treasures so well. I feel so inspired after seeing all you shared. Blessings, Nancy P.S. That little pink coat is way too cute to pass up. You did good!

  34. I think white was a good choice. And your white sewing machine is gorgeous!!! Glad to see that no one is going to freeze to death in your guest room. With all those quilts, they'd just be too lazy to get one out of the cupboard if they did :)

  35. Your room is so lovely. I love your little sewing machine. My sewing room doubles as my dining room so I totally get the multipurpose room thing.


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