Friday, January 9, 2015

These boots are made for walking.

Recent find.

The boots below are not made for walking,
at least not during the coldest winter months in northern Minnesota.
I'd freeze my toes off if I wore them for a walk outdoors this time of year!

These are my fair weather boots.....yet to be worn,
because we haven't had any fair weather!

Our boot lineup at work looks more like this (below) because
one does not want to be stranded on the roadside
wearing stylish unlined boots:

Here on the Range, its the old tomato/tomahto controversy when it comes
to the pronunciation of Sorel.  Sore' ul or sore elle'.  I'm still not sure which is correct,
 but I prefer the latter French pronunciation.

Soft and comfy like slippers.

The warmest boots I've ever owned!

Since we're on the subject of footwear,
look what I found at the thrift store the other day....

(That's a quarter behind the shoes for size reference.)

So cute for only 99cents,
or as we Rangers like to say, Oh, the cute!
(I have no idea why we say the rather than how,  but that's the way we roll.)
They're miniature versions of the shoes I place on our hearth during the holidays
 so all I need now is a miniature fireplace where I can prop these shoes.

Ha!  Here it is in the dollhouse I keep in the basement
for our grandchildren to play with when they visit.

Mack, why don't you do your little dance for us?

You put your right foot in, you put your right foot out.....

Sorry, I get a bit carried away when I start playing with toys.

As you can see I've gotten off track and the projects I listed in my last post
have been temporarily set aside after a visit to our local yarn shop.  The owner
had a pair of boot cuffs on display along with the pattern she wrote,
so of course I had to buy the pattern and knit a pair!

They only take a few hours to knit up, so unlike home renovation, I get
instant gratification!

Her pattern is copyrighted, so I can't share it, but I found you
a free pattern of basic boot cuffs on here on Ravelry.

Because it's a new year and I'm trying to focus........
hmmm, I've noticed many bloggers have chosen a word for the year
so, what the hey, I'm going to choose focus as mine!

Yes, I think staying focused on one thing at a time
will be quite a challenge for moi.

I had to improvise since I don't have the letter U for focus.

Anyhoo, onto another subject (already losing my focus) just to show you that I can
stay on task and work on my list of projects for the year.  Here's a look
 at my bare kitchen wall awaiting beadboard..............

Thirty minutes, a hammer, a chisel. and a screwdriver and the cabinet is history!
I can't very well leave it looking like this, can I?

Narrow or wide beadboard is the next decision.

Source unknown.

I'm pretty much in love with this kitchen, but
we're focusing on beadboard here.

Serena Crowley design.

I've been toying with the idea of painting our lower cabinets
a vintage green, but once again, we're looking at beadboard.

source Husmannsplassen i Hidelsundet

I'm moving to Norway!

Okie dokie, decision made......I think.
Now I've got to do some skim coating on the walls, replace the
window trim that was cut away to fit the cabinet. replace the outlets
with off-white outlets, choose a paint color for the cabinets
and shelves with less yellow........all in due time.

Breathe in, breathe out.

Now that I've covered my mess with an extra large tole tray,
I honestly don't think you-know-who is even going to notice the missing
cabinet when he gets home from ice fishing........until he reaches for a plate.
   Psssst!  They're in the dining room under the buffet.
*We'll be doing lots of deep knee bends until I finish this up.

Okay, back to boots.  How many of you were around in 1966?
Oh, I think you're going to enjoy this blast from the past.  My favorite part
is when the backup dancers are lying on the floor, sleenavutzing around.
I have no idea if the word is in the Slovenian dictionary (highly doubtful)
but my Baba used it when she watched Kathy Smith perform her workout
routine on Good Morning America in the 80's with her goozie cheeks
 hanging out of her leotard.  I wonder what she'd have to say about twerking?
Turn up the volume and enjoy!

Too sexy!

Thanks for visiting and stay tuned for updates as I
focus on my projects for 2015!

Give me some Aerosmith, Walk This Way!

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  1. Such a fun post and I am glad that there are other people who start talking about one thing and end up talking about another.

    I would love to be wearing my Sorels because it would mean we were skiing. The good news is that it is actually raining here right now so maybe June Mountain is getting some snow.

    Have a lovely weekend.

  2. I love boots in the winter, but here in GA you could get away with those fair weather boots that you haven't worn yet. the lined boots are great but not really necessary here most of the time. I love those sweater cuffs you made! I like the beadboard idea in your kitchen too. Can't wait to see everything when it's done.

  3. So much fun taking a look back with that video. You had me up dancin!! Love the boots and your new find is adorable. I have a regular size pair my dad brought back from France in WWII.
    I thought I was the only one who jumped from one thing to another. This is what happens when we have so many ideas going on in our heads!!
    Love the bead board idea for your kitchen. Looking forward to seeing the reveal.
    Wonderful boot cuffs and thanks for sharing the link.
    Have a great weekend.

  4. Funny post, Vickie! My brains jumps all over, too, so I have no problem just following along! The kitchen progress is going to be fun to watch Love your new boot cuffs and sweet little wooden shoes...and I need some of those mukluks!

  5. Such beautiful kitchen inspiration, I can't wait to see how yours turns out. I wish I could knit. You make so many wonderful things.

  6. Yup, us gals have boots for every occasion. I have not found it bad enough to get a pair of sorrels. But they are fabulous I know! Love the kitchens! I had beadboard (small) at my previous home and loved it. But I am really liking the wider lately. Your little shoes are so cute and boy can that kid dance! lol! Always love singing along with Nancy.

  7. Mack is macking some cool shoes and he is the Mack-Daddy if he struts to Aerosmith! And I do think that those back up dancers were missing their pants! Their panties are showing. Whohoa!

    I am laughing right now! You DID IT!!! You removed the cabinet. Good girl! If you are taking votes for bead board, my vote is the wider stuff. We are putting 3 inch click panels on two walls. Half done as I speak. I think the wider stuff makes a room look bigger. Did hubby notice?

    Have fun, Vickie! Stay focused! I have three words: Get 'er done! And that is said using a Jed Clampet accent.



  8. Your posts are so funny. You always give us a good laugh. We put bead board in two of our bathrooms and I still love it to this day. It's such a clean classic look. Can't wait to see the end result in your kitchen.

  9. Hi Vickie, The boot post is awesome, funny and I got educated! Yeah!! on removing your first wall cabinet!! I vote wide bead board.....for a kitchen. I put the wide in mine (but it's not too wide). The narrower (is that a word?) is in my bathroom. It's gonna be gorgeous! Blessings~~~Roxie

  10. Vickie, I could have written this post. My mind jumps all around and my friends have gotten used to it! I am talking about one thing then another and they don't know I switched subjects. LOL! I loved the boots and what a blast from the past with Nancy. I don't remember this particular one. The one I remember was when she was wearing white go-go boots. LOL! Love the boot cuffs. Can't wait to see the kitchen.

  11. such a cute post, vickie:) love your new boots--big and bitty! great job on the cuffs:) wtg on taking down the cabinet---love the vintage green idea! beadboard?, big or small, i love them all!

  12. Ha ha, I love your little Dutch shoes on the dollhouse boy! Love all those boot choices, although down in Florida, the main reason we wear boots is to look stylish- not out of necessity! (But I was born in Minnesota, so I know all about NEEDING good boots!)
    I wanted to show you this Ebay link to your same dollhouse: Like I said, I see them frequently, and it's always fun to see how the "builder" changed things up with the design!

  13. Oh lawdy! Pony jerk, grapevine....oh yea. Do you remember the show Shindig? I had a pair of go-go boots like those girls (I was around 10), and thought I was the bomb. Having older sisters who might have been caught lollygagging (not sure about sleenavutzing, but it sounds so much dirtier!), I was careful to get all mine under the guise of ballet lessons (which, btw, is also conveniently seen in this clip at 1:40, lol).
    Oh dear, your posts have got to be the most entertaining of ALL. I read this last night and chuckled at the dutch shoes next to the fireplace, but when Mack stepped in, I laughed out loud. This morning was no different - it's just too funny. Can't you see him "Walk this Way", like Frankenstein?
    How could anybody stayed focused with a humorous, wandering mind like yours? What was this post about again? Focus? Beadboard? Knitting? Boots? Dancing? Pinterst?

  14. I'm so in love with those tiny wooden shoes! I really like your word for 2015! Focus! Mine is Health!

  15. I don't know where to start... I loved this post! Everything you said was right on. I love those kitchens you showed. My house is over 100 and I kept the old running board sink and metal cabinets but I am thinking I might want to update after all. I did put bead board under the cabinets and I like the look.Carry are doing great!

  16. Oh Vickie, this post is so full of entertaining subjects, I agree with Karen above...where do I begin?
    I have to say...great boots and video. Your kitchen is going to look wonderful with the headboard, but hey, what's the rush...the tray does a good job right now hiding the mess.
    Always fun to visit!!
    Mary Alice

  17. Love all those boots! When my nieces were here in November, I "stole" my 16-year old niece's Bare Traps boots...they were so warm and comfy! I need a pair of my own. I should start looking for sales now...cuz you know they're probably starting to display sandals in the stores now! Exciting start to your kitchen...I just know whatever kind of beadboard you choose, it'll be fabulous.

  18. I loooove that song. It has weird feminist vibe that appealed to me even as a little girl. Hey, with three brothers you know I came out with a feminist bent. Love this post, I'm a boot person but those little wooden shoes are so precious. What a nice Grandma to have a dollhouse all ready. And with little pieces too. Stay warm Vickie, it rained today in Huntington beach and brrrr I think it's going to be 49 degree tonight. (don't hate me) :)

  19. I just love reading your posts Vickie, they always put a smile on my face. Love the tiny little clogs. Can't wait to see your kitchen all done. Wishing you a wonderful new week.


  20. Posts that long, if they were about one topic, we'd get bored! We need rubber boots here in southeastern North Carolina this morning. We're having a thunderstorm, and we're in the mid 60s. No matter where we live, someone has a boot to go with that! Now...about that bead board...

  21. Thanks for the video, I love that song. I've never heard of sorels, but I'd love some for walking Rufie when it snows (which doesn't happen often), they look great. I'd also love to come to your place to play doll's house, or 'play' in the kitchen - I'm impressed by how quickly you got that cabinet down. Basically I love everything about your entertaining post and your determination to focus, let's face it, it's not going to happen is it lol !

  22. Vickie,
    thank goodness I can come out of the closet and admit that I also like those funny little wooden shoes! I thought I was alone! I have a small pair that I got in Nov. from Solvang CA that I put on my Xmas tree as an ornament and a few years ago at my old store one of the vender's had a small child's pair of red ones that I kept looking at and finally had to buy, don't know why but I was compelled ! Your kitchen will look amazing when you're done, I like the larger bead board also. Can't wait to see it finished! Focus is a good word but a little hard to stay with, for me anyway! Mack cracked me up in those clogs, but he's got the moves down!

  23. OH the Dutch Shoes and the Dollhouse ! :)

    What a fun post between boots to consider, the fun stuff, and on to the kitchen! :) Alright I am going to watch the video now for my icing on the cake :)

  24. Vintage green, Vintage green!!!!! Rah, Rah, sis boom bah!!! Viiiiiiiiiiiiiintage GREEEEEEEN!!!!!!
    Beadboard? What? OH!!! Well, all beadboard is splendid, so you can't go wrong there….
    Vintage Green, Vintage Green…………

  25. Talk about memories, these boots are meant for walking sure brings them back. I need a pair of winter boots, they fell apart last winter. So I wear my hiking boots. I related to the Dutch boots even is they are small cause I'm half dutch and have a pair myself. Love bead board and it looks like it's going to make a great additional to your kitchen. Posts are never long when there;s lots of photos and funny written.

  26. I drive people crazy switching from one subject to another. Thank you for validating that other people across the country are my people! I love your writing and this post is proof positive! Looking forward to many more posts this new year, Kathleen in Az

  27. I have those boots in the third photo!! Love them! Speaking of boots, Frank Sinatra jr. was here last week performing. How's that for a Segway?!

    Norway sounds good. One of the 'happiest' people on the planet. Right up there with Denmark. :)

  28. You crack me up, lady! I am currently nursing a passion for the wide beadboard (so English! So Norweigan!) so that's my vote. That and it's cheaper if you get the economy type, which I so, being cheap. I mean frugal. And I'm sure the tole tray will completely hide the missing cabinet. Ha! :-) I really want to know how long it took for certain people to notice the missing cabinet. My DH would take days, I'm sure. DAYS. I look forward to seeing your continuing baby steps! Onward! ~Angela~

  29. I love your adorable focus board! So glad you didn't have the U, the glasses are just fabulous!
    Can't wait to see more progress in the kitchen, beadboard is just gorgeous!

  30. Hi there,
    Enjoyed the post. Good for you with removing the cabinet. Sometimes we just need to tear things up a little!

  31. Ha! Oh I love those cute little wood shoes! Umm why yes I was around in 1966...the year I was born :-) and I do remember that song. Love that little peek at your kitchen....I am going to read on to see how it's coming along.

  32. Well! This was my entertainment for tonite! You are so hilarious, V. I adore your sign and love how you used the vintage glasses for focus. Do they help? Send them my way! LOL
    Fun, fun must be so fun to come to your house.
    YOur kitchen looks great...can't wait to see it completed. Keep hanging one will notice. ;)


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