Saturday, July 18, 2015

Neutral schmeutral.

I'm drawn to photos of neutral rooms, but for me living with one....

no likey.

I've got very little wall space in our kitchen, and even my open shelving
doesn't provide much opportunity to add color to the room.

What I need........

is a double shot of color.

Sooooo, with one of my favorite food groups in mind,

I mixed up four different shades of green paint in my chem lab
to try on our kitchen table base.

It's just the ingredient that was missing in my vanilla kitchen.  :o)

I'm enjoying my last 2 days off before a marathon work schedule,
so this dose of color will have to tide me over until fall.

Happy summer!

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  1. perfection! love the chairs white too. it's so you, Vickie. You're a great little chemist.

  2. I love seeing one of your posts pop up! Busyness seems to be reigning this summer, I haven't posted in weeks. Your table is beautiful! My decorating style, color-wise is neutrals with pops of color. When a room gets too "neutral-y", I feel annoyed, but when I've tried lots of color, same thing, haha. Those mints are a great palette (and so yummy!). I hope your weekend is fun and relaxing!

  3. Lurve your new color! It looks like jadeite - perfection confection. And I love those chairs as you've treated them, leaving the seats with the tabletop. Lurve.

  4. I loved the table in white (but of course I'm a lover of white interiors) but I also like the new color you gave it. It sort of reminds me of jadeite. Perfect for your home!

  5. LOVE it, looks perfect! The color is so pretty! Enjoy the last of your days off!

  6. That is a a beautiful colour, Vickie! I have been going back and forth between playing it safe with white and grey or being brave and painting our family room tv stand (an antique wood stained sideboard) turquoise.

  7. Vickie, That is so beautiful! I love the color you fresh!

  8. The color is beautiful. Hope work goes well.

  9. Hi Vickie, love this color you added. Just beautiful! Have a wonderful summer and hope work goes well with the marathon work schedule!!
    Blessings, cm

  10. Love your pop of color Vickie. It looks so bright with all the light you get in your kitchen. Glad you had a great vacation. Have a good week ahead as you go back to work.

  11. Delicious indeed! Love, love that color. I too love neutral photos, but thought I would try doing it in my craft room and I just couldn't. This girl just needs color, Yup, color and sweets! lol!

  12. Love the added soft colour to your bright kitchen. Like you, I love neutral rooms... on picture!

  13. Beautiful! I think it's going to make the red in your accessories on the shelf stand out too. I bet you're glad you took the plunge!

  14. Oh I love the delicious color you painted your table base. That must just make you smile every time you go in the kitchen!
    Mary Alice

  15. That's a wonderful color! It's happy. :)

  16. That color is absolutely perfect! Did you get new kitchen chairs, too?

  17. LOVERLY! I love neutrals and color, so I must be bi-chroma or something! Your green suits your lovely style so well. Happy summer, Vicki!

  18. That's fantastic! Just the pop of color you needed!!!

  19. love it !!! I am right with you on neutral d├ęcor...when I see it (in someone else's home) I simply LOVE it....but when I try it for myself, no, I love some color !!!

  20. Love the's what your room really needed. Makes everything pop. As you know I'm not a neutral person at all...but love it in your home.

  21. You know....
    you know............
    you know where I am at with a neutral palette.
    It is a love hate relationship and I just cannot do an all
    white room. Color, even in small doses, is a must.

    Super scrumptious color for the table! You have my nod of approval!
    We are who we are....
    We love what we love.....
    and with that, we have to be true
    to what makes OUR heart go pitter patter.

  22. Great color for your table it looks perfect!

  23. I LOVE it Vickie! The color is perfect. I love the new look in your living room too. It's really bright, yet cozy.

    Neutral palate..... well, I love it in other people's homes sometimes, but it's not for me either. I need color in my life, because it makes me happy and isn't that what home is about? ;)

    I'm glad you're back. Don't work too hard!


  24. I am with you! I love the neutral look but have to have some color. Your green is divine and now I want to steal it and use it somewhere in my house!

  25. This is my first visit, Vickie, and I'm glad that I'm in time to see the makeover- I love this shade of green.

  26. Love your kitchen Vickie. This is such a great and easy way to add some color. Loving the color choice.


  27. The addition of white and that gorgeous green is perfect Vicki! I love it!!

    Now don't work too hard ;)

  28. Vickie I seriously want to eat your newly painted table. It DOES look scrumpdilicious if I spelled that right. I think ice cream when I see that color. A soft melting minty scoop without the chocolate. And I can relate to your conflict about color. I'm also drawn to the calmness of neutral colors when I see photos but I also have a strong quirky Boho side that's drawn to rich colors too. I don't know the solution. Either lots of paint cans in the garage or maybe some therapy?

  29. Your greens are the best greens. Your greens inspired the many greens that are now in play in my house, and I have much more green insertion yet to carry out….. I'm so thrilled with it, and also with the chairs being white now! After you get done with the massive work schedule and recover, would you? could you? post a few more pics of the new table/chairs/kitchen scene? I'm just in a froth to see it from more angles!

  30. Love the pop of color on the table. Just the right shade to mix in with all your gorgeous vintage pretties. Glad to see you back!


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