Sunday, July 5, 2015

Time for a change.


It's been a few months since my last post and I'd like to thank those of you who
emailed me to see if everything's okay.  It's all good, but up north our summers
pass by in the blink of an eye, so I've let my laptop sit idle while the days fly by.
I had no intentions of posting today, but since I already uploaded the photos
I thought I'd dust off my keyboard and sneak in a quick post about the 
changes I've made in our living room.

I loved the original color of my clock, but it was too dark for this corner.

I mixed up blue and cream flat finish interior paints and covered
 the grayish green body of the clock.  Yikes!

  To tone down the bright blue, I rubbed on a mixture
 of Johnson's Paste Wax and black and burnt umber artist oil paints
and what a difference it made!

I also painted our too-large-for-this-corner armoire with the same creamy off-white
as our kitchen cabinets and now it feels less like the "elephant in the room".

(These are the 2 colors I mixed to paint the clock.)

Earlier this spring, Lowe's was kind enough to ah... lend me this sisal rug
 for a trial run, but in the end I returned it.  We're waiting for a call from the movers
so now's not the time to invest in a rug that I may not keep.

Oops!  I guess I should clarify.  Piano movers!
Yes, our piano is moving on to greener pastures.....literally.
Very soon it will make the trek to Beaverville (my pet name for their home
in the country) where it will live for all eternity.  hehe

I also recovered the red cushion on my seagrass chair and now I know,
without a doubt, that white furniture will not be making an appearance
in this room.  Our low-maintenance navy furniture has served us well 
over the past 25 years!

The reason I took these photos along with dozens more was to help me decide
 where to hem my curtains.  I found 2 sets in the perfect color for our double-hung windows
at HomeGoods for only $29.99 a pair!  They looked perfectly lovely right out of the package,  hanging straight down to the floor...but, as you can see, they would be right up against our
extremely hot live steam baseboard heaters, so I made countless trips up and down
a ladder to find the best length and I think this is it.  deep breath

*My Google safety experts recommend anywhere from 6 to 12 inches
between the bottom of the curtain and the top of the baseboard heater and I went with 6.

Inspiration photo.
Source: Georgica Pond

I'm in love with the look above, but without the built-in bench seating,
 the sill length panels made our windows look short and squat.  I'll live with them
 pinned up to the length they are for a while before I take my scissors to them....
scary business!

The curtains take up about a foot of wall space, so my lead glass
window had to come down and I replaced it with one of my many old mirrors.
  Now that I see it here, I think it needs to be moved up an inch or two, but no biggie.

 What's one more hole in the wall, right?

I have to work the next 5 days leading up to
our city's Jubilee Celebration with parade and fireworks,
 so today's my one and only day to get our house ready for our extended family.
Time's a wastin'!

Ready or not, here we come!
Five little.....angels?
(Our grands and grand niece on the left.  Photo by Ashley.)

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful summer!

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  1. Oh Vickie,
    Your living room looks great, love all the changes. And I love, love, love how your clock turned out. It was so nice to visit. You've been definitely missed my dear friend. Hope you and your family had a wonderful 4th of July celebration.

    Much love,

  2. I love your wall clock! The color that you gave it is perfect now. Your whole room is pretty. Your room is looking very patriotic for the summer. Glad to hear that you've been doing well.

  3. Hi Vickie! Oh, your living room looks so pretty! Your clock is gorgeous and love the new color. What a perfect corner. Take care and thanks for popping in to let us know you're doing well. I'm in upstate New York now and I can't believe how cool the weather has been. I love it! ;)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. Vickie - Love the color you did the clock in. Your living room looks great.


  5. So excited to see a new post pop up from you, Vickie! I've missed you, but totally understand the need for a break now and then. Your living room looks so charming with the changes you've made! Painting the armoire white was brilliant...even makes the room look larger.
    Mary Alice

  6. I love your living room - the clock is fabulous - what a beautiful color choice!

  7. Oh, how I've missed you, your style and your humorous posts, Vickie! I love the changes in your LR (I would've been panicking on the painting, but both pieces turned out really great), and I think Imma gonna pin that inspiration room of yours - love the look. We have all windows (22 of 'em) in our home covered with wooden blinds, and I really like that shutter look. Our webbing is starting to dry-rot on west facing windows, so they'll need to be redone anyway - ha, maybe they can just whip me up some plantation shutters, ya think?
    Btw, I love your profile pic and your hair. Why won't mine lay like that?? I bet yours is perfect all the time, isn't it?
    Have fun with those beautiful grands of yours - they are adorable. Happy summer, and it was great to hear from you.

  8. Vickie,
    so glad to hear you're doing well and having a good summer! Your living room looks great, very fresh and cozy! The cabinet looks so good painted to match the wall, seems to take up a lot less space and the clock color is perfect! The kids are adorable, I know you're gonna have so much fun with them!!

  9. Well Hello my friend. Glad to see you are doing great. Sometimes a nice break from Blogland is a good thing!!!! Love the clock it is so perfect. Your grands are just adorable.

  10. Hi Miss V! I have missed you but as I'm on a break myself, I certainly understand. I love all the changes you made and your grands are all so adorable! Good to hear from you and I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer. xoxo, T.

  11. Ooh you busy bee! I love your newly painted armoire and the clock looks fantastic.
    Enjoy your time with your little grandkids. What cuties! xxx

  12. Such a cute photo of the kids! I love the changes you have made, Vickie...and they are beautiful in the room. It's fun to see your thought process! My keyboard is sitting pretty idle, too!

  13. So glad to see your post! Love the living room changes!

  14. Love the sign! Hehehe. Can't wait!! See you soon, Mom!

  15. Hey, girl! What's up? I got a little giddy when I saw your post come up in my feeds :) Loving the new projects in the living room. And those grandkids!!! Adorable!

  16. So glad to hear from you. It good that you are enjoying summer since it does go by so quickly! Love what you did and such a busy girl you are. We've go so many project going on at the Charmer and I need at least more summer time so I can enjoy them once their done!

  17. Your living room looks so inviting! I like the changes.

  18. Glad to see you! I, too, like the changes in the living room, especially the white cabinet. So fresh! Those little darlings at the end do look like angels. Such sweet faces.

  19. I love all of the changes you have made and you did a wonderful job painting the clock, just beautiful! The children are positively adorable!

  20. Hi Vickie, love all your gorgeous changes in your room and the clock is beautiful. Those grands and niece are just precious. Enjoy your summer and so nice to see a post from you,
    Blessings, cm

  21. Love the white armoire and the new colour on the clock, everything looks so fresh and inviting.
    It's great to see a post from you but I know how hard it is to keep up with blogging all the time, especially with work and (for you) with grand kids and then the sun comes out and demands that one spends time outside, looking after the garden.

  22. Hi Vickie! Hope you're having a great week and thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  23. Your living room looks so pretty and your mora clock looks beautiful with it's makeover!! Love the changes!

  24. What a cute home! The clock and armoire both look wonderful with their new makeovers. Visiting from Share Your Style.

  25. Oh! So lovely to see you! Almost passed out with horror when I saw "time for a change" because I thought it meant you had decided to give up blogging! So relieved you were referring to home furnishings! As always, love what you do. Enjoy your summer!

  26. It's great to hear from you Vicki! It certainly looks like you've spent your time off wisely. The paint colors are beautiful! Enjoy the rest of your summer!

  27. I am so glad I caught this post.

    This morning there is a bit of "calm before the storm" - our son's wedding is in 5 days! I am leisurely looking through my blog roll to catch up since I am weeks behind.

    I love the fresh look of your space. Painting the cabinet white was a wise move although I did like the color before.

    Enjoy your lovely summer.

  28. So glad to see you blogged again - yay! Your living room is so fresh and pretty - love the big white armoire in the corner. And thanks for explaining how you toned down the blue clock. I had painted a picture frame in a light blue and it's just too harsh. I didn't know what I could do to "tone it down". Now I know! :-)

    1. PS - I love your new curtains and the length you have them pinned at. Go for it!

  29. So glad you are back. Thanks for the update. I love the changes you have made.

  30. Vicki, I love the way the clock turned out! Even thought I loved your cabinet before it is awfully pretty white. Sometimes it's just fun to mix things up a little. I really like the length of the curtains and the kids are so cute!

  31. Oh good golly gracious me! I totally did NOT know you had posted! I miss you so much and was pleasantly surprised to see that you DID! So without further adieu, let me tell you that I LOVE your
    changes and that clock....oh me oh my! ADORE that! Your paint choices are superb and quite light, bright and happy!

  32. Oh good golly gracious me! I totally did NOT know you had posted! I miss you so much and was pleasantly surprised to see that you DID! So without further adieu, let me tell you that I LOVE your
    changes and that clock....oh me oh my! ADORE that! Your paint choices are superb and quite light, bright and happy!

  33. BTW, that bunch of little people look like they are up to no good! Hoping you had a super swell time with them!! xx

  34. So happy you're blogging again!

  35. Look at those beautiful bambinos! Isn't Beaverville next to Hooterville?

  36. Love your clock....<3 It's on my long wish list ;-). Your grandchildren are so big already! What a sweet photo, where does the time go?

  37. So I just counted back and read posts from December to here. Kept going till I found where I left off which was here according to my previous comment.


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