Sunday, December 4, 2016

Dark and cozy.

After I removed this mirror from the wall behind the Christmas tree,
I gave it a try over our fireplace...... and  (insert angels singing).......

....lo and behold, I actually liked our stodgy old fireplace for the very first time!

Well, that's how I'm feeling today with the snow falling outside
and the lights twinkling indoors.  Tomorrow, who knows?

I usually shy away from using real greens in our house because our steam heat is so drying
 the greenery will probably be brown and crispy in a few days time.  Thinking ahead,
 I intertwined real and faux greens.  I bought a 20 foot cedar garland and only used about half,
so the other half is in cold storage (outside buried under the falling snow).
I think I saved enough to rewind the garland before the holidays.

Here's how it looks in the light of day.

And in the early evening hours.  Sigh. 
I think I'll just sit here for awhile before I clean up the big mess I made.

Thanks so much for visiting!  I've got a few more changes going on that I'll share
 in upcoming posts.  Until then, I hope you take the time to slow down
 and enjoy the season!


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  1. The mirror is just Perfect above your mantle and I love how you decorated it. I see the "girl with cherries" picture. I have the same one! A nice night for a fire in the fireplace. Stay warm and cozy.

  2. Always love a mirror above the fireplace. And your greens add a soft touch against the brick. It's all so pretty and festive.
    Mary Alice

  3. Oh my gosh, you're back!! I'm so excited! I saw your name/comment on someone else's blog post and I rushed back to your blog to see if you've been posting...and you have! I will have to get caught up with your latest posts. Love your fireplace decor - just gorgeous.

  4. Vickie that's beautiful, day and night!!

  5. Love the mirror there Vickie! I love fresh greens, but we run our fireplace so often that I opted to use it around the front door. Love the look of it! I bet it smells wonderful!

  6. Hi Vickie! Your mirror looks super over the fireplace - love the simplicity. Fresh greens - nothing like them, but they do brown up so fast, especially when I use them on our mantel. Boo to that! I do tuck some in just before Christmas or if we are having a holiday party. Living in Wisconsin, greens are plentiful and I can just go in our yard and snip off what I need. Happy Monday to you! Jane

  7. I would love to sit in front of your cozy fireplace, Vickie. It looks wonderful and I love the mirror over your mantel.

  8. Oh! Your garland is so gorgeous Vickie! I just love real greenery, and I have used it in the past. Last Christmas it was in the 70s here at Christmastime and my garland was a crispy crunchy mess. So I was weary of getting any this year. We did just get a real tree for our living room though and I'm pretty happy with it!

  9. Hi Vickie,

    What a smart idea to save half to use after this one dries out. I love fresh garland but it's such a mess. Your mantel is beautiful- simple and elegant. The mirror is absolutely perfect there.
    Stay warm!
    xo, T.

  10. Your fireplace looks very pretty all decked out for the holidays. I love how natural greenery drapes so nice. I never use it because it just doesn't stay alive long enough here in the south. I think they recommend that you mist it daily so maybe that would make a difference.

  11. It looks perfect there! And I love the red candle holders.

  12. I don't think your fireplace is stodgy at all, but it does look lovely dressed up for the holidays. The touches of red really make a big difference too. So pretty!

  13. The whole area is so cozy and lovely, Vickie! What a smart idea to mix real and faux! I love the way you styled the greens, they really complement the beautiful fireplace...and the mirror is perfect!

  14. Looks beautiful Vickie. I would sit there and enjoy it too.

  15. It is so pretty Vickie! I'm excited I found your blog again. Somehow I lost touch but I'm back!!

  16. I just had one of those "duh" moments (a first for me). Mix real with fake!!! May have to give it a go with the boobs later.

  17. So lovely and cozy, don't you just love snuggling by the fireplace when the snow is falling outside? I'll be doing that tonight!

  18. I love it! Forget "stodgy". Your fireplace is a classic, Vickie. I shared it with my husband who worked his way through college as a bricklayer/stonemason and he was very impressed with the workmanship. I'm so glad you've kept it in its original condition. It's beautiful and you've decorated it perfectly for the holidays. I adore the Scandinavian accents. xo

  19. That mirror is a beauty, Vickie. I love how it looks over your mantle with the red candles. At night is looks so cozy. Love the greenery. I need to do some greenery next year. I love the whole look. I forgot-the red clogs are the perfect accent.

  20. Your garland looks beautiful on your pretty mantel. Thanks for joining Monday Social.

  21. The mirror over the mantel has found its home. Smart thinking to save some garland outside. :) Thank you for sharing at Monday Social.

  22. I love your Christmas mantel and the look is very cosy indeed.


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