Thursday, December 8, 2016

Ready for a long winter's nap.

Bedroom no. 3 is by no means done, but here's where it's at this holiday season.

The chore board and shelf were hand-me-downs from our youngest daughter.
I added a few hooks to hang vintage baby gowns.

I had planned to paint the dresser gray, but the yellow adds a bit of sunshine
to this room during our long gray days of winter.  We replaced the ceiling fan
with the same fandelier we hung in the other bedroom.  It still needs
 bobeches and crystals, but that will come later.

25 cent lampshade tops a pretty lamp from my Baba.

This darling deer was left in a dresser that I'll show you in an upcoming post.

Fish bowl view of this side of the room.  That's a closet door on the right

We made this shelf from lumber we unearthed in our garage.

The "hooks" (or hookers as our youngest grandson calls them)
are a mish mash of porcelain knobs I've collected over time.

The petite size of this smoking stand works well as a bedside table.
It's topped with one of my many doll dressers.
To the left of the door is the alcove that houses my yarn cubby.

I procrastinated so long that I had to resort to painting the bed indoors
with chalk paint.  I gave it 2 coats followed by clear wax and it seems
to be pretty durable.  The alternative was to spray paint in the snow.  :o)

After 5 years of kicking this buffet topper around, I've finally found a use for it.
I filled in the mirror opening with plywood cut to size and painted with
 homemade chalkboard paint.  Then I sketched in the art with plain old white chalk.
  I bought chalkboard markers, but they only work on a flat surface and
 I was not about to take this very heavy piece off the wall!

For those of you who will be sleeping under it, don't worry because
 it's attached with 6 long screws directly into wall studs.

  It's not going anywhere.

The deer I made decades ago have been spiffed up with new glittery wreaths.

I do believe this window has found its final resting spot.
Last year's ho hum candle ring has become this year's window wreath.

Well, that's it for now.
Thanks for visiting and sweet dreams!


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  1. Goodness, you have the sweetest touch in everything you do! It's all so unique and "you" it seems. Nothing cliche or cookie cutter. Just the right amount of everything. Love your home!

  2. I just love the way you decorate. Love the lamp. Love it all!

  3. this sweet bedroom is perfect for a cozy snuggle and snooze. I love everything about it, but because there was a glare on my screen I thought you said "YAM Cubby". I'm wondering why you kept your yams up in the bedroom, te he! xoxo

  4. Such a lovely and serene bedroom. I love it all and that little dear....oh my he is just wonderful!

  5. This bedroom is magazine ready! Just lovely :).


  6. Oh, Vickie! How many ways can I say I love this room? The dresser color works so well with everything and I would never change it. Its little imperfections are so quaint. I love the shelf you made and the knobs, and the bed, and that darling doll dresser on the smoking stand. All the little details that make this room so special. And I totally agree with Isabella -- "you have the sweetest touch in everything you do." Just so charming. Love it all!

  7. Vicki, this is my very favorite room! So sweet and simple and just so warm.
    Beautiful job!
    xoxo, T.

  8. Love your guest room and my favorite piece is the window!!!

  9. Love your guest room Vickie. So cozy and pretty. I just love the coziness of the smaller bedrooms in older homes. Yours is just sooooo sweet. I love the old vintage window.

  10. You are very talented Vickie, and it shows in all you've done here. I love this room. I really like the dresser as it is without gray paint, and the bed turned out great. Love the orphan deer you rescued.

  11. I just adore this room - so peaceful with the all the neutral shades.

  12. It's just beautiful! I love the fun chore board and the darling doll dresser. Love your style Vickie!

  13. The room looks wonderful. Just the sort of calm pretty colors you want in a bedroom.

  14. Your room is awesome! Love the calming colors in there. And the dresser is perfect as in. Sort of like that chippy, slightly yellowed look to it. She's seen better days and isn't afraid to show her age :)

  15. How did I miss this? I love this room. Such sweet touches and pretty calm colors. I love the piece over the headboard. Love the hooks with the baby booties. So sweet! You sure have a way with decorating!

  16. It is so pretty! I love the soothing calm colors! Glad to see you posting again. Big Hugs!

  17. OH I LOVE this room, Vickie! Your wonderful personal touches and vintage goodies make for a truly charming and special place. I love so many things...especially the peace on earth chalkboard (you did such a beautiful job with it)! The bedrooms in our lakehouse have similar inspire me to decorate them to be special rooms, too. Love, love, love the whole room!

  18. What a beautiful room! I normally like color, but I am loving the all the neutral in this room because it's so calming and peaceful looking. Your special touches and the antiques make it all the more lovely.

  19. That is such a charming guest room. I love how you furnished it with antiques and old fashioned accessories. The shape of the room makes it extra cozy.

  20. This is a darling bedroom. The buffet top looks wonderful and the old window is perfect! I love the overall atmosphere of this room.

  21. That candle ring is perfect as a wreath on your pretty window. The whole room is beautiful. Thanks for sharing at Monday Social.

  22. So cute. I love the chalkboard message, the window and the cute little dressers. Thanks for sharing at Monday Social.


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