Saturday, August 28, 2010

Summer Pickin'

No kayaking today as Bill left at some ungodly hour to go fishing with a friend. So.....a good time to update my blog. Today's subject is antiquing and I have many years of experience under my belt.

This summer I found quite a few treasures. It's a little harder to limit myself now that I am looking for Julie and Jeremy, Megan and Dave ( and baby ), and myself.

I was on the hunt for turquoise accents for my kitchen but they were not to be found. So, I bought some MS ( Martha Stewart ) green painted canisters and found this color worked well with the burnt orange walls. Next I spotted a green kitchen scale with fabulous art deco numbers in the new antique store downtown. Of course it wasn't priced. I asked the creepy shop owner what he wanted for it, and he leaned back, rubbed his fat belly and looked me up and down and said with a toothpick sticking out of his mouth "Well now, I usually ask around 10-15 bucks for these scales, but this here scale is real purty with the green color and all." Now I'll take may chances and guess he's not into shabby chic, so I replied "Ohhhhh.....I didn't notice the rust."( like that's a bad thing ). In the end he offered it to me for the top price I had in my head so I bought it. I did get a deal since he didn't charge me any tax on it, just pocketed the money. He must have a special variance.  :@

I also found the cute green bowl I have on top of my kitchen scale and a really cool ice cream maker-get it - cool.

I haven't found a place yet for the MS green wall sconce, but I will.

In a shop in Buffalo ( Buffalo Nickel - great old barn shop!) I found the paint brush display sign. Being that I am a painter of sorts , I bought it for the basement.

For baby, I found the children's book with classic illustrations dated 1935 and the Scottie Dog linen. Cuuute!

Some shaving brushes for Julie's collection.

A set of weathered boat oars for outdoor display. $10 for the pair !

A homemade sink and stove to refurbish for grandkids to come.

Old metal movie marquee letter "V". Come on, it had my name on it!

I also purchased two old pieces for the Baby Zothman nursery, but I'll do a reveal on the before and after when they are in baby's room. to get the big piece transported. Butchie ( my new pet name for the Matrix ) to the rescue. Picture the Beverly Hillbillies.

Now Dennis thinks Bill and I should hit the open road and become the Range Pickers, but I really don't see that happening. Although I'm not ruling out a future ETSY shop on my blog!


  1. I'm BAAACKKK!!! :) Yes! Future ETSY shop for sure!!!!! Cute finds! Ooh! Now that I am out of wedding mode....back into house mode. Thanks for the shaving brushes!

  2. Ooooh - look at all that good stuff! ;0) Can I come pick up the furniture to bring to Baby's room next weekend??? I'm so excited to set it all up ... ;0)

  3. Love this, it's like a trip back to the birth of your kitchen... well, rebirth I guess that would be. Great finds but I'm still a bit creeped out by the antique shop guy.


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