Saturday, September 4, 2010

My New Truck

Yes! I finally have a truck to haul all those treasures that find me. Well, maybe small treasures.

It is a little rusty. It's missing the front grill and in desperate need of a front end alignment. But the color!

Oh, missing the tailgate too.

But it is certainly sturdy enough to haul two extra large rolls of toilet paper.

Sorry girls, this one's mine. :@

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  1. HA!!! Where did that one come from? Oh boy! Baby is going to want to play with EVERYTHING at Gramma & Grampa's house ;0) I just hope Baby's not scared of Monkeys!!!

    SUPER CUTE TRUCK!!! If only it were full-size!

  2. I can just see you driving one with your little hillbilly younguns' and Gunner in the back. :@

  3. That is hilarious! ;) Jeremy got a kick out of....He said, "Yeah! I like it...the blue matches the blue jars in the cabinet." How observant for a man. ;)

  4. That is absolutely the cutest idea!

  5. Love love love your blue truck. I hope you got it for a good price. Come by and check out my blog.


  6. LOVE the tp truck!! When I come by during my ancestral homeland pilgrimage you'd better install a metal detector at the door. That one just may get accidentally slipped into my purse. :)


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