Tuesday, September 28, 2010



I was browsing through pattern books recently and came across these two patterns. One is a vintage 1948 pattern and the other had those adorable Mary Janes. Patterns were 40% off so of course I had to buy both!  Must get ready for the grandbaby on the way, and since we don't know if it will be of the pink or blue variety , I had to make some of each.

My OCD kicked in and this is the result.

Introducing the Studio 911 line of couture baby footwear.

These polka dot Mary Janes were my prototype. After struggling with my machine trying to sew through all the layers, I decided felt would be a lot easier. Not really happy with the way these turned out.

These black shoes were created in memory of Julie's famous Macy's cashmere sweater, wherever it may be. Sigh.

"Baby Blingy"

This one is dedicated to Megan's childhood obsession with all things dog.

"The Barkley"


" Mommy's Little Angel"


"Sweet Pea"

"Play Time"


"Spice Baby"

"Little St.Nick"

Our two daughters have an aversion to wearing stockings and as Mr. Glad always said, "When you plant beans you get beans."  Soooo.......


Just when I thought I was finished, those darn Vikings went and signed Hank whats-his-name.

"Go Kendra!"


The felt used to create these booties is recycled from post consumer plastic bottles.

Jeremy, this song is for you. :@


  1. OMG!!!! Seriously! I have to call you RIGHT NOW! I basically just looked at it twice, listening to the song, and almost start crying. ;) Those are awesome! Jeremy agrees....He said you should definitely go into business selling those! I am not sure what my favorites are....The Vikings, the Twins, or the black b-jeweled ones....SO CUTE!

  2. love the st nick and sherlock ones--adorable! looks like you might be getting commissions for these little gems for all the chitlens to come!

  3. OHMYGOSH!!! Haven't checked the blog in a couple days and look what I miss!!!

    So Julie -- I DID start crying! MOM! Those are sooo cute -- I can't even think of anything besides 'sooo cute' to say! ;0)


    YAY -- countdown till we get to see each other ... 6 days left ... or maybe 5! YAY!!! MISS YOUS GUYS! LOVES YOUS GUYS!

  4. These are all so CUTE!!!!! LOVE the scottie ones!

    Your little reindeer clock in the other post is quite collectible! 3.00 is a VERY good price!!
    I paid over 50.00 for mine!

    You have a lovely blog!!


  5. Oh my gosh, LOOK at these! Soooooo darn cute! Is there anything you don't do well? :)


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