Friday, September 10, 2010

Oh, no! Fell off the Wagon.

Now, I know I said I was going to stay away from the antique shops for awhile, but look what somebody left on the table this morning.

Oh, that was me.

Well, I slept in ( vacation day ), did some laundry, and headed to the fabric store for supplies. Look what I saw on my way.

It was already noon and there was surely nothing good left, so I might as well check out the house. As Gomer would say "Surprise, surprise, surprise!"   I couldn't pass up this old cabinet for a mere $18.00

The cracks are only in the many coats of paint.

How 'bout these beauties for Julie's old magazine rack at $1.50 each?

Great autumn color on this old candy tin!

A little clock to add to my collection for $3.00. There should be a mama bird feeding her little babes in the nest, but somebody thought Bambi would do a better job. Maybe cute in the Zothman nursery for future outdoorsman or woman.

Gotta head out for my AA ( antiquers anonymous ) meeting at 3:00. May the force be with me.


  1. Looks like some good finds!!! I need to check out estate and garage sales! Where is that Mr. Bill figure from!? Cute. ;)

    Oh, see you at the AA meeting. Maybe Hunt and Gather after? ;)

  2. The Mr. Bill image I borrowed from the internet. It is pretty cute. I think Megan needs to attend "meetings" with us too.

  3. Mr. Bill! Haven't seen him for ages! I'm thinking I need to move to get in on these fantastic sales you find. I'm sure all I would come across is the Night Crawers and the price would have gone up to $10.50/doz. :)


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