Tuesday, May 31, 2011

And Baby Makes Three

Congratulations Julie and Jeremy!!!!!!

Today we welcome our first grandson.  We really don't know any details, as of yet, other than his name is Mack.  Julie had a long labor and gave birth around 7:00 tonight, so Mama and baby are recovering.  We are thankful everything went well, although maybe not according to Julie's very detailed birth plan.  :@  Tomorrow we get to visit the new family and hopefully snap a few pictures.

Since Julie ( and Jeremy, I think) chose not to find out the sex of baby beforehand, or share the names they had chosen, we didn't get to splurge on any gender specific items.  First stop tomorrow:  Babies R Us!

For the newest Twinkie .

xxoo, Grandma and Grandpa


  1. yay! i cant wait for more details! congrats grandparents!

  2. congrats Gramma :)

  3. Ooh!!! I just showed Jeremy the post, and he said "Oh my gosh! You look anorexic." I told him...He's just used to me 46+ pounds heavier! ;)

    Loves you! And thanks for visiting! Mack says hello to his grandparents again!

  4. Remember, sleep when baby sleeps. That's my advice to all new mamas. Everything else can wait.

    He's perfect even if he doesn't look like you.....yet. Time will tell. xxoo,mom

  5. Congrats again to you and Mr.Bill! Now you'll finally get to see some grubby( but cute) little fingerprints in your house...and lots of bugs and noisy toys-LOL! jacky


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