Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Spring Cleaning

It's time to do a little spring to speak.  I have so many pictures haphazardly stored on our computer that I need to organize, put in folders, or delete altogether.  Here are some before and after photos I found of pieces we rehabbed last fall.


This baby wardrobe was pretty darn cute already, but Megan really wanted white furniture for Finley's room.  So, I removed the old drawer pulls and dog panel (woof,woof) and replaced the broken backer piece with beadboard.  The whole thing got a good sanding and a coat of Zinsser primer.  I painted it with Benjamin Moore Impervo paint which dries to hard washable finish.  I used Impervo on my kitchen cabinets, so I know it holds up well.  I added new drawer pulls and found some window screen in the garage to replace the dog panel ( glass would just be too dangerous for a child ).  Megan attached a wire basket on the side to hold diaper paraphernalia and topped it off with a changing cushion.


The wardrobe already had the pole for hanging baby things.  We added the shelf and brackets inside for two more shelves if needed.  Hopefully it will fit in Finley's new room in Beaverville.  :@

This next piece didn't undergo a huge transformation, just a little spiffing up.  Excuse the poor picture quality. 


When I found this cupboard, the doors wouldn't close, the glass was adhered with cheap white bathroom caulk, it wore lovely brass handles with 80's country blue and white porcelain and it was STINKY. 

We removed the doors and gave the whole piece a good cleaning, sanding and two coats of primer to seal in the stink and possible lead paint.  Bill ground down the edges of the doors and I repositioned them using the old hinges.  It was painted with the same paint as the wardrobe above and finished with 2 old cabinet latches I found in my stash.  Here it is in Finley's room ( photos taken quietly in the wee morning hours ). 


Just right for a future collector.

It's still a little crooked, but that's the charm of this piece crafted by an old farmer out of scrap lumber he had on hand.  Well, that's the story as told to me by the antique dealer, but I like it.

This next table only has a before, since I just found it last weekend.  It replaced a rather unsubstantial table in our living room and was on sale for $20!!!

It has a leather top and one drawer in the front and a secret drawer in the back.  For my candy stash?

This next piece won't need an after photo, and it didn't cost me $20.  That's all I'm saying.

And Goldilocks said, "This chair is just right."

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  1. Rocking chair does look quite comfy!!!! See you soon!!!

  2. Great pieces! The baby wardrobe looks like something from Pottery Barn!

  3. holy crap!!! that wardrobe turned out AMAAAAZING!

  4. Hi! Just found you via Miss Mustard Seeds blog. Read your bio and just had to click on to see where your from on Da'Range!! Hibbing is practically next door to Eveleth, my home town ( my hubs is from Cook) . Though I am a transplant in Kansas now, but once a Ranger always a Ranger!!!
    Love your child wardrobe makeover!
    Pamela @

  5. Beautiful work! I love all of this.... I also love that little sock monkey princess!;) I am your latest follower.

  6. I love your re-do's and that wicker chair is awesome!

  7. So many great items! I love the little child's wardrobe makeover.

  8. You are so inspiring!! I sit down and read your blog every day since I found it, and it inspires me to get going and do some stuff too!! Almost finished sanding down antique pressed tin ceiling panels...not sure what I'm going to make of them, maybe a room divider?
    What did you do with the dog panel when you redid the baby furniture (looks splendid, of course)?


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