Sunday, May 22, 2011

Got Milk?

Knock, knock. 
Who's there?
Moo who?
Moo aren't very good at making up knock, knock jokes.

This is the silliness that occupied our girls during long car rides when they were little.  We had no such thing as portable DVD players in the 80's and 90's.  The girls would take turns making up knock, knock jokes until they made absolutely no sense at all, but at least it kept them from fighting and whining.

How many udders does a cow have?  No, it's not a riddle.

The answer is 4.

Yesterday I attended a baby shower for my Kathy Griffin-Jenny McCarthy-like niece Ashley.  I bought a gift from her registry, of course, but also wanted to create something truly unique for her baby girl due in July.  Since I've been in a knitting mode, I thought a funky newborn hat would be fun.  You know, something not too sweet, not too pink, and a little mod.

Here it is.  A Studio 911 udderly original noggin' topper.
( Playlist song chosen for this post courtesy Weird Al.) 

I had to create my own pattern, so I randomly chose to add 4 udders.  I was later informed by a "country farm gal" that yes indeedy, COWS HAVE 4 UDDERS!  Who knew?!  Certainly not me.  I get my milk from the supermarket.

Slightly confused Ashley.

Just in case there was any doubt as to what the pink thing-a-ma-jigs are on top of the hat, I ironed a familiar logo onto a cotton knit baby cardigan from Target.

There it is.  The perfect ensemble for her first outing with Mommy and Daddy to..... oh, I don't know.  Country Trough perhaps?

Happy Birthday tomorrow, Jeremy!

Addendum:  I stand corrected.  I have just been informed by my son-in-law (whose parents owned dairy cows when he was growing up) that cows have only ONE udder!  Yes folks, one udder and 4 teats.  I guess I'm never too old to learn something moo.   :@

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  1. hahahhaa! it did take me a second to figure out what it was! and my oh my, there has never been anything more perfect for my baby gal!
    THANK YOU again! i LOVE IT and it will make for some great newborn photos! ill probably have her wear it when im nursing, too, to get the full effect ;]

  2. I was going to knit just one udder, but I thought it would look know. I can just see you and Charlie strolling the neighborhood with baby wearing the hat. :@

    Have fun playing with all the new baby stuff!

  3. Hahaha. ;0) That is pretty dang hilarious!

  4. So darn cute! I love that!

    I'm having a little give away! Come by and say Hi!


  5. So, so cute and funny. I love it! I bet she has to explain every time the baby wears it!


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