Saturday, March 24, 2012

Honey, I shrunk the table!

I've been storing our old kitchen table and chairs in the basement for almost 8 years, hoping one of our daughters would find a place for it.  It's squished between the sofa sleeper (the dark blob on the bottom of the picture) and a wall, and you can't sit at the table without knocking a game board or 3 off the wall. 

The table is a trestle table, so unfortunately the major award blows directly on the closest trestle.  Fire hazard?!

We've had the set since the girls were babies.  It fit well in the kitchen of our previous house, but is too big for our current kitchen.  It has proven to be quite useful as a work table for sewing or stained glass projects, but I need to make room for the play kitchen for our grand babies.  I still need a work table, so I've been scouting about for a smaller table.  I finally found one last week and it was even clearance priced!

Meet my petite farm table.

It's already the perfect color.

Slightly warped top.  Just my style.

Cute turned legs that don't even wobble.

Old thumbtacks with remnants of an oilcloth cover.

Some yummy previous colors.

Once again, I've put the cart before the horse.  Our youngest daughter has agreed better take our old table and chairs for their basement.  But first we need to reglue the joints on all the chairs.....

which is proving to be more work than I bargained for!

Until the table and chairs are outta here, I need to find a spot for the new table I bought. Hmmmm.

This is the view from the cave dweller's seat.

Do you think he'll notice?

Have a great weekend!

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  1. LOVE the new old table--great color! cave dweller--too funny!

  2. Ah ha ha ha ha.... cave dweller. I just pictured Grizzley Adams watching TV in your basement.


  3. Vickie,
    that table is perfect! You know green is my favorite color! I just passed up a fabulous "green" farm table today at the flea, it was only $75.00! If I still had my store I would have snapped it up, but, alas, no room! Like you, I'm waiting for the "Children" to take furniture out of my garage so I can walk in there!

  4. Oh I love your new farm table Vicki. The painted legs are the perfect shade. LOVE.


  5. Love the color, how perfect!!
    its definitley a sister to mine!! I think yours may be in a little better nick than mine. Ours is a bedside table, in our guest bedroom.
    thanks for checking mine out!!

  6. Like the title of the post. ;) Well Jeremy really likes the shelf that there wasn't room for down there!

  7. Well, you have his remotes where he can reach them easily, so he should be all set. LOVE the new table color and the thumbtacks with bits of oilcloth are the icing on the cake!

  8. Love that table.Great color on the legs.I am sure you will find a perfect spot for it.We always manage to do that don't we ;-).

  9. I love it! It's perfect in every way. Raise the TV and he will never notice! Tell those kids to come get the other table ASAP! You need that table in it's place..

  10. Hi Vickie,
    Your little farm table is wonderful. Great color and charm!
    Thanks for stopping by, Mary Alice

  11. LOL! Nah, he won't notice! :) Love your little new/olden table and what a great color it is! I love reading your posts and thank you for popping in to see me.
    be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  12. I must need another cup of coffee because I can't figure out what the fire hazard...??? I have re-read that three times!!! Duh.

    ...also, I totally laughed out loud at the idea that you can't sit at the table without knocking off the game boards on the wall!!!! Funny funny.

    Still can't figure out that fire hazard thing. Waiting for an explanation. :)

  13. Your new table is so charming! I love everything about it. Great find!

  14. You have no idea how much I have waiting in the garage and basement waiting for my daughter to take, I feel your pain! Love the new table, I like the color too. Thanks for stopping by, Laura

  15. Your new table is fabulous! The color is so yummy too!

  16. I love your new table and the color is perfect!!!

  17. Hahaha! He might notice!
    Your new table is PERFECT!!! I LOVE the color, I love the chippy paint, I love the whole thing! What a score!

  18. That table is ADORABLE! I take my Mom's cast offs too. But I'm having to start saying No. The house is getting "all fulled up". haha
    Thanks for linking up to Cowgirl Up!

  19. What a great table...and you had me at the first photo of the gameboards...

  20. Love the table--the color is perfect!

  21. LOVE the table and you crack me up - haha love the last pic. hilarious!

  22. That is an awesome table~great color!


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