Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mystery Solved

I picked up a set of old porcelain faucet handles awhile back to use on a play sink, but I couldn't figure out a clever way to attach them without the whole faucet.

The other day, while rummaging through my hardware bins for finials, I thought of a new use for them.

I needed a glue that would create a strong metal-to-metal bond and this stuff did the trick.

It dries in under a minute!

I glued a handle to each end of a galvanized pipe fitting. 

Then I screwed 2 hooks into the bottom of my cabinet for hangers.

Ta da!  My new towel bar made from old plumbing parts.

Before with makeshift twine towel hanger.


I topped the cabinet with my March angel......

...and this 1950's recipe box complete with recipes from that era.
  Anybody need a recipe for prune whip? 

Did you notice anything different inside the cabinet?  I just now noticed that my ironstone pitcher collection seems to have multiplied and I have no idea how that happened!!!

Time to call in the expert.  Any Pink Panther fans out there?

Google Images
 Hmmmm.   Just as I suspected.

Yes, Cato, it would seem these pitchers are part rrre'bitt.

Inspector Clouseau, do you mean rabbit?

That's what I said, you idiot!  Rrre'bitt!!

You heard it from the expert.  Proof that I did not buy any more pitchers.

Another mystery solved.

Have a great weekend,

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  1. What a great idea to turn those knobs into a rod.Your ironstone looks great in that cabinet.

  2. Good idea! :) Looks really cute!!!! I like the bunny tail.....

  3. Did Mr. 911 believe the fertility story of the white pitchers?

    I think I want the prune whip recipe. Just to see the look on my families face.


  4. That towel bar looks so great, what a good idea! That little green cabinet is so cute too, especially with all that of my favorite things :)

  5. I love the towel bar! So clever and perfect for that wonderful cabinet! Loving your Ironstone! Hugs, Linda

  6. What a great idea! I love the old Pink Panther movies too but keep Kato out of the kitchen before he breaks something.


  7. I'm a new follower - love your blog because, crack me up! Very entertaining and informative. Clever towel rack too. Thank you for sharing.

  8. What a great project, Vickie! It looks wonderful on the cabinet...and the ironstone is so may need another cabinet soon!

  9. First of all... I love the towel bar! How clever!!!
    Second...I can't stop smiling...You have a wonderful sense of humor.
    ~ Geneva

  10. Such a good way of upcycle. Love how it turned out to a vintage look towel hanger. The cabinet look with the hanger and pitchers are very country style. Loving it.

  11. You're goofy. Maybe that is how I keep getting more silver pieces. Love your knob idea!

  12. Haha! Yes, they would multiply on their own!
    I love your towel bar! It looks great with your cute cabinet. I might have to copy you one of these days.

  13. You are soooo clever making that towel bar. LOVE it!! Your cabinet is charming and shows off your ironstone nicely. Love the recipe box.
    Thanks for stopping by and all your lovely comments.
    BTW, the little french stand has its original paint. Another great find.
    Mary Alice

  14. What a neat idea! Thanks for visiting and the sweet comment you left. Blessings, Arlene

  15. great idea for the faucet handles. but the gorilla glue really held it? that's amazing. the couple of times i have tried using it for projects it hasn't worked that well.
    anyway, your project looks great!

  16. ha! the knobs are fabulous!! good for you for thinking outside that box!

  17. Love the idea to reuse those knobs the way you did. I love those old fashioned knobs. You've got a nice collection in your cabinet too. It all goes together so well.

  18.'s great to be back! Your knobs are ingenious!!! Love it.

    While you are offering, yes....would like the recipe for the prune whip!!! lol jk I bet there are great cake recipes in that file. Nobody make cakes like they did back then...

  19. Love it! Looks awesome. Thanks for sharing your great ideas. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  20. you clever girl! love the towel bar!!

  21. My pitchers seem to reproduce this way too! haha! Your towel bar is cute GENIOUS!!

  22. Cute idea! Love it! Happy week!...hugs...Debbie

  23. OMG! Brilliant idea with the hot/cold knobs!! Love it!!

  24. Love your towel bar creation and the Pink Panther -- but hold the prune whip! :)


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