Monday, March 12, 2012

Guest Post: First comes love.

You've seen many of my vintage purchases and may have wondered, "What in the world does she do with all that stuff?!"  To help answer that question, I've invited Julie from "First Comes Love." to be my special guest today.  Take it away, Julie!

Hi, I'm Julie, and if you haven't already guessed, I'm the firstborn daughter of the Rangers 911.  My mom asked if I would share with you the reveal of our son's nursery highlighting many of both her and my vintage purchases and blog inspired creations.  Now you can see for yourselves how everything came together in a room perfect for our little man.  Enjoy!

Mack does not like the word nursery.  A nursery is for a new baby.  My baby is 9 months old.  {Yes, it seriously took me 9 months to post these pics.}

Without further ado.  Here is Mack's Mini Man Cave.

Airplane from my mom (aka Gramma).  Hung from the ceiling with fishing wire.  Mack loves when I hold him up so he can make it fly.

Collection of what else...trucks, of course.  {Mack.  Mack truck.}

Hoping he gets his daddy's musical ability.  {Present from gramma and grampa before he was even conceived.}

Chalkboard wall.  I used it to record feedings and diaper changes the day we came home from the hospital.  {think that lasted about a day and a half.  "he ate for 15 minutes on the right side and 10 on the left.  will you write that down please?"  "oh, he just pooped.  i think there is pee, too?"  remember that?  what a different world with a 9 month old.}

Scrabble tile holder to hold the chalk.  One day Mack will be able to use this to create artwork.  {he will just silently sit and create.  for hours upon hours.  hahaha.  somehow i doubt that.}

The Mustache Mobile (from etsy).  Soon he will be able to reach up and grab it.  Time to take that down.  And lower the crib.  {bad parents.}

One of my favorite items in the room.  A $7 old army ammunition box repurposed as a toybox by my very creative mother!  See it here.  It is so me Mack.  LOVE it. 

For making Mack's Melodies.

I found this vintage toybox {aka basket} on one of my very pregnant antiquing trips.  {that was my teddy bear when i was little!}

Mack's grampa's (my dad's) old softball glove.  Mack has some big shoes to fill.  The first son and the first grandson to two very athletic guys.  {sorry guys, he does have half of my genes.}

This table was another antiquing find.  And I made that changing pad cover.  Remember?  {Time for the changing table to go into storage.  Was very useful for first several months, but the floor proves to be the more convenient option now.}

Vintage metal locker baskets.  Perfect for holding diapers and burp cloths.

Sign made guessed it.  Gramma.  Simple, white IKEA curtains with yellow pom-pom trim.  "Made" by me.

Another favorite.  The "sweet p sign."  {p-baby.  mack's genderless in utero nickname.}  Complete with tiny disco ball.  {get it?  "won't you dance with me?}

The teeny, old fishing poles were purchased before Mack was born.  {i knew in my heart he would be a boy.  yes, i know, finley.  that does not matter.  you will be right alongside the boys with rod in hand.  with a cute fishing hat, of course.}

Definitely a gramma present.  No baby room is complete without one.  {ok, one more time.  click here.}

The sought after gift from this year's Ranger family dice game.  Jeremy won.  Or shall I say Mack won.  {looks like he is guarding mack as he slumbers.  plus, i get to accessorize him!  name suggestions are welcome.}

Ok.  I think this takes the cake as my all-time favorite part of the room.  The Bobber Chandelier.  {Must give my mom credit for this idea.}  Antique chandelier, boy-ified with some red and white bobbers.  {mack has loved this chandelier from day one.}

The grand tour.  {of his teeny, tiny...but much}

Vintage red wagon shelf.

White Jenny Lind crib from that we purchased in black.  But changed our minds.  {not a fun thing to paint.}  IKEA curtain rods {cut off at each end accomodate corner windows} and IKEA rug.

"P-Baby" sign made by sis Megan for Mack's baby shower.

I take back all of my "favorites."  My favorite part of this room is you, Mack. 

Love, Mama.

*Thank you Julie for being my guest today and I hope you will come back again!  So, what does the little man think of his room?

Oo, la, la!
(His hat is a vintage French wool beret we found on an antiquing trip to Buffalo, MN.)

Not all of my vintage finds hit a home run.  I've learned to only buy big items our girls are looking for after I've emailed pictures and have their approval.  As for the smaller items they weren't exactly smitten with...

Garage Sale!
Yes, we Rangers will unite this spring for a group garage sale.  Even if we don't sell everything anything, I know we'll have plenty of fun!

Thanks for joining us today!
Vickie, Julie, and Mack

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  1. Fun baby's room! It's great that your daughter also loves vintage.

  2. What a great room! So many cool, manly touches.

  3. This is an amazing room! He can grow and enjoy it for many years! I love junkin and creative uses like this. My favorite might be the wagon as a shelf on the wall! Hugs, Linda

  4. Mack is one lucky child to have such a wonderfully decorated room, one that stirs the creativity in a child. Plus he is so darn cute.

  5. That is one seriously cool mini man cave! I LOVE all the vintage touches! That red wagon shelf and the little airplane are my favorites, I think. Great room!

  6. Mack is one lucky little guy.What a fun room.

  7. Vickie and Julie,
    what a fabulous "boys room"! Between the 2 of you, you guys came up with some wonderfully clever ideas! And, that Mack, how aborable is he, what a cutie!

  8. Oh what a fun post. I love how each item is a wonderful found treasure with a unique history and purpose of it's own. What a lucky little boy!
    We'd love for you to link with us at Ivy and Elephants, too.

  9. I love your creative spirit... this room is awesome!

  10. What a cute nursery. I call it a nursery because it has a baby bed in it. Ha! Very creatively done.

  11. Everything is unique, the hanger with a bird is particular sweet. Love all.

  12. Fabulous little boy's room! Love the fishing bobber chandy! And the "Mack" trucks!

  13. What a wonderful room, loved everything about it. The bobbers were a great idea, very fun! Lived in Mpls area for several years many years ago, always love MN. Am your newest follower hope you will stop back and follow. Laura

  14. From one thrifter to another, I love it all! Well, must confess; not a lover of the animal head. But sometimes you just got to let a man have his way. lol! Love, love the wagon shelf and the vintage plane. The bobber chandy is sweet as candy! Little Mack is so darn cute I can see why he's your favorite item. I am always picking up vintage items that I think will look cute in my grandies rooms. One granddaughter loves horses and did I ever find some cute stuff. Even an old pair os spurs and a cap gun. She loved them both. Isn't it so fun to throw a bit of old in with the new?

  15. Oh, what a darling little room. Little Mack is so lucky to have such a fabulous room. I'll bet he's the only little one with a deer head in his room! :)
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  16. I LOVED this post...the nursery is adorable and creative but what I really loved is the mother-daughter helping your daughter make her house a home...and I did have to chuckle about getting their approval on big items...they do have minds and styles of their own, don't they?!

  17. What town you gonna have that sale in? So much to comment on in this post.... I recognize that bridge..... skip to the end, Mack is one adorable little Frenchman...... I have an old ammo trunk sitting next to me right now (from last month's Buffalo trip).... the wagon shelf too cute. That whole nursery is cute, the apple didn't fall far from the decorating tree.


  18. You've fashioned such a wonderful world for Mack, how can he not be creative! I had to look over this post several times to take it all in...everything is so wonderful! Of course Mack is the star of the show ... he's so cute! Thank you for posting this was worth the wait!

  19. His room is so fun. I love all the new uses for the vintage items. Love the chandy!

  20. OH I am in LOVE with this full of whimsy, humor, and sweetness! Little Mack is a heart stealer! Great post!

  21. Completely my style and tastes! I miss decorating my son's room (he has his own tastes now) but this really is amazing. So perfect!


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