Sunday, April 1, 2012

OMG, I'm going to be published!!!!

Holy monkey business, Batman, I'm going to be published!!!  On a lark, I posed my vintage monkeys to add this photo at the end of my last post.  This morning I checked my emails and found a message that was sent yesterday by Carl Germann.  Who is Carl Germann?  Just the Managing Editor of features for none other than Martha Stewart Living magazine!!!!

They would like to do a feature including my vintage sock monkeys AND some of the Studio 911 original monkeys I've created and featured on my blog!!!

These monkeys have all gone to new homes, but they will be forever in my heart.


Fairy godmonkey.

Miss Maisy.

And Hope.

I'm so excited I can hadrly pyte!!!

I'm going to become famous!!!

In my dreams!

April Fools!!!

Thanks for reading this foolish post.



  1. Vickie you had me fooled! Besides being so happy for you, one of my first thoughts were that Martha needed a collectible to feature that she hasn't thought of before. That would of priced your cute monkeys out of sight! Oh well, her loss.


    P.S. If I had a magazine, you know I would feature you and your adorable sock monkeys.

  2. Got me too! Thank you for your visit to my blog and your sweet comments! :)

  3. GOOD ONE!!!
    Your sock monkeys are very sweet.

  4. You had me, Vickie!! I love your monkeys! I still think your 5 Little Monkeys book needs to be published!!

  5. Oh boy did you ever get me girl!Well I would not be surprised if they did call you because those Monkeys are way too cool not to be featured in a magazine.Happy April fools day you silly nut.
    Anne ;-)

  6. You're so funny. Your monkeys should be in a magazine though. They are too cute and mischievious not to be.

  7. OMG, I believed every word! Martha should be so smart as to feature your monkeys. They are adorable.

  8. Yep, I fell it for it, too! Who wouldn't, though??? Those are the most adorable sock monkeys in the world and it's about time someone noticed them! Thanks for the smile on this April Fool's Day!

  9. WHAT???? you totally need to be published, you make sock monkey people like no one else!!

  10. OH MY GOSH! I was like, What?! She didn't CALL to tell me?! I had to find out on the blog?!?! HAHAHA. Dang. Well obviously if everyone believed should be published. :)

  11. Congrats! You deserve. They're adorable. Can't resist to hug these little sweet monkeys. Sooooo lovely faces and dresses. All are very detail. You're a star !

  12. Congrats!!!! I think that is a dream lot of bloggers to featured in print! Your monkeys are so adorable no wonder they are being featured. Thanks for stopping by, really happy for you, Laura

  13. I was totally believing it! I still am not 100% sure you are actually joking. Maybe you're fooling us about fooling us. Your sock monkeys are totally magazine worthy!

  14. I have to tell you I really fell for it! I saw the April Fool and I still didn't get it. I just thought you were wishing us a Happy April Fool's Day.

  15. You so got me! I would totally believe that....your sock monkeys are that good!

  16. little trickster! You totally had me!


  17. I soooo fell for that, only because your little monkeys are that fabulous! I vote for them to be in MS magazine! But, on the other hand, maybe not, you don't want them to get a big head and you know, that Jersey Shore attitide!

  18. You sooooooo would have "got me" too! Makes me sad I missed it yesterday, although today it really would of fooled me, and it did till the end. I was busy composing my excited reply to you, now I'm sad it's not true. Your monkeys are the cutest things ever and they really COULD be in Martha's mag or any book.

    Love 'ya still, even though you got me too you monkey butt!


  19. I was just getting ready to congratulate you. You fooled me!! Good one.
    Mary alice

  20. Ha! Lucky me. I missed reading the blogs for a few days. I read your post from today first and read the part where you alluded to this sneaky little trick!!! lol Cute lady. ;)

  21. you are too funny! now, lena is available for a photo shoot for you, should it ever come to be:)

  22. You had me fooled... only because I think you should be published. ":o) Your monkey's are the best!

  23. I totally bought it!
    They're cute enough to be in her magazine. :)


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