Monday, April 9, 2012

Window Shopping

I planned to spend Saturday antiquing in Buffalo, MN with our daughter Julie, but due to a medical emergency, she wasn't able to go with me.  Everything turned out fine, but I shopped alone while my chauffeur waited patiently in the car.

Saturday was cold and rainy, so it wasn't much fun walking from shop to shop.  I certainly didn't spend much time looking at the outdoor displays.  As we were leaving Buffalo, the sun finally came out for a few minutes, so I asked my driver to stop at an architectural antique shop that we've driven past many times on previous trips.  It looks small from the outside, but is actually quite large and filled with tons of fantastic, but expensive stuff!  Door number 20 above wasn't even priced.

This is how I window shop.  I get ideas from antique stained glass windows for creating my own.  I've got some old window frames stashed away that I'd like to fit with custom stained glass and there were plenty of examples to look at here.  These are English windows that the owners purchase on their yearly buying trips to England.

They have windows, doors, name it, they've got it.

Entire walls of wood panels.

Fireplaces galore!

They even had a few rustic pieces.  This was quite large and only $55.

A fancier version for around $400.  Much too heavy to carry on top of the Matrix.

How about this stuffed riding toy?

Would this chair make potty training easier?  I think so.

This was a fun place to browse, but a little out of my league.  In the end I did find one clearance priced item.

It needs a little work..........

but for $4.00 it will be the perfect apron for a little baker!

So, that's how I window shop.

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  1. Sweet! My great grand always wore little embroidered aprons. I have a soft spot when I see one...

  2. wow!!! I would love to go there!

  3. I think I've stopped at that place. It's cool and like you said, expensive!
    Love the platter in the last post. Cool shape!
    Haven't been to Buffalo in awhile.

  4. I would buy that $400 piece above the doorway. That price doesn't seem that bad if it's as big as it looks!

    Cool place!
    *Come share at Cowgirl up when you get the chance.:D

  5. Sigh. Buffalo, I will see you again. At least we are all healthy {or almost healthy} again. :) There is always next month. Or the month after. Cute lil apron! Finners will love it!

  6. Yes, I agree they are a bit pricey there. I stop in from time to time to have a look. I noticed some antique rubber stamps last time I was there that were reasonably priced. I should look at those again for stamping burlap.

    Glad the medical turned out fine. Did you get anything on the trip besides the apron? Do you stop in at Annie's Attic?


  7. I have never been to an architectural salvage shop. Looks like fun!

  8. So many hard choices. So many beautiful pieces. So much inspiration.

  9. Such a nice window shopping. Stained glasses are pretty. Wow, the little apron is simply sweet. Love the embroidered ducks.

  10. i like the way you window shop, vickie:) darling little apron!

  11. Thanks for sharing, I loved the old toy and that amazing highchair. cheers SpecialK XoXo

  12. What a great place to window shop. I too like to just browse and get ideas. Those stained glass windows are awesome, but so expensive these days!
    Love the apron. I totally would have bought that.
    Glad everything turned out ok w/your daughter's emergency. You must have been distracted all day by that!

  13. Vickie,
    Glad your daughter is alright.
    What a fun place to go browsing.I LOVE looking even when I am not buying.

  14. I like you new apron, but don't know if I could have passed up on some of those windows. There's an architectural salvage place downtown that has extremely high end stuff with price tags to match. I went to visit once and left fairly quickly. Entirely and hopelessly out of my price range.

  15. I LOVE the apron...those polka dots are darling! I love shops like that too...there aren't too many around here, though.

  16. Looks like a neat shop. Thanks for visiting my blog. I am one of your newest followers!

  17. Oh, you're my kind of shopper! You were in the middle of a wonderland.
    I would have come home with the little apron, too. I can never resist them. I always wish that they came with their history attached!
    Thanks for coming by- I'm a happy new follower.

  18. Vickie,
    what a amazing place with fabulous stuff! Door #20, love it and that primitive piece, very cool! That little apron, (more in my price range too) adorable! Tina, above makes the most fab vintage looking aprons with embroidered details, lucky enough to win one! (Feb 9th post).

  19. Wow! What a neat place. It was like eye candy from beginning to end. Of course, that little $4.00 purchase was one of my favorites... so sweet!

  20. Ha Julie - maybe the apron was for Finley AND Mack ;0) He will probably get more of the baking gene anyway!!!

    Mom - that is SO CUTE! I love the polka dots. Give me that riding toy too - seriously cute!

    Alright - is there a Buffalo weekend Mack's b-day??? We may be making a slight detour home ;0)

  21. Looks like fun window shopping, Vickie...and the apron is adorable!

  22. I really loved those old doors and stained glass. My mil has an old door in her kitchen like the #20 door you showed. I love browsing antique shops like that.

  23. What an adorable apron. Love it! The photos from your window shopping were all tempting!


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