Saturday, April 28, 2012

Smokin' in the Boy's Room

Where do you spend your lunch hours?  Walking in the park?
Shopping at the mall?  Maybe meet a friend for lunch?

Me?  I like to hang out at the local tavern. 
It's my new favorite place to be.

Yesterday there was an estate sale in the small nearby town where I work.
Of course, it started at 8:00 and I was working so I couldn't
get there 'till noon.  Actually, we were running behind schedule and
I didn't get there until 12:30.  Hurry up people!!!

When I got to the sale, I headed to the upstairs apartment
where I didn't find anything worthwhile.  Then the dealer told me
all of the old cupboards and stuff I would be interested in
were in the basement.  Did I mention the sale was held
in a century old tavern that recently sold?

So, I hightailed downstairs only to find that
not 5 minutes earlier a couple (opening a new antique shop)
 bought every last cupboard, bench, table........very sad face.

Still, I had to torture myself by looking over all the wonderful old pieces
they bought.  BUT, tucked between two boxes of junk
 and filled with more junk was this.....
Did I mention this was the basement of an old tavern?

 As you can see, wood liquor crates were used in its construction.

The owner's daughter was helping at the sale and she told me
this cubby was used to display cigars in the tavern.

This piece is very heavy and solidly built.  And best of all it's
mine, mine, mine!!! My new saying after spending a week with a 1 year old.
I  finally have my very own vintage cubby! 

In my state of euphoria, I floated back upstairs and found this vintage alarm clock.

Looks like this little guy had a 10:45 appointment.

A timely bargain for $1.00.

I also crawled into a low-ceilinged storage area and found these old screens.

The small screen was $1.00 and the larger one was a little more spendy at $3.00.   :@
The wood is quite pretty and I plan to use them to frame stained glass windows......
when I get around to making them.  

So, there you have it.  My smokin' hot deals.

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Meet me at the bar at noon. 
 The cigars are on me.


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  1. I'm IN!! (Hope they serve Diet Coke)!

    So happy that you were still able to find some treasures. The 10:45 appointment cracked me right up! Looking forward to the 'after' shots too! :)

  2. Vickie,
    You go girl!!! Great finds.Hey I know you did not get the Granddaddy but you did pretty darn good.Love that old cigar box,clock and screens.I love it all.Have fun playing with your new finds.

  3. I love it Vickie and I can't believe this treasure was still there that late. Score!


  4. So, will the new antique shop be in your neck of the woods? Did they get a steal? You didn't come home empty handed, and I don't smoke so you can have my cigar, for display purposes of course.


  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE the old cubby! I made it to my first two rummage sales of the year today. I also found some goodies!

  6. cool stuff! love the cigar cubby thingy. i can't wait for fridays off this summer, so mack and i can go thrifting and garage saling! :)

  7. your writing is so funny and well thought out! great post, vickie:) glad you found a couple of treasures. the cubby is darling! i only wish i could find any screen for a buck or 3 around here!

  8. I adore your sense of humor. Your post was just what I needed on this rainy day in MO. Can't wait to see what you do with the new cubby...

    Blessings, Linda

  9. I thought I smelled smoke! :)
    Oh, I love your cigar thingy and can't wait to see what you do with it. You sound like me, when I get around to doing it... :)
    Thanks for popping in to see my olden bowl.
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  10. Super finds but you know I love cubbies and that one is really amazing! hugs, Linda

  11. Love your finds, Vickie! I think the cubby had your name on it!

  12. So glad you found some goodies at the estate sale so your time wasn't in vain. Love that cubbie you brought home. Anxious to see where you put it.
    Mary Alice

  13. You certainly did find some good deals. I know you will enjoy using them.

  14. That had to be a very cool sale. Lots of stories I bet to go with the all the great stuff. Sounds like my kind of lunch time.

  15. What wonderful finds! I just love your vintage cubby. I'm always on the hunt for one... maybe one day. :-)

  16. LOVE IT! I'd say you did pretty well. (pretty funny too :) )

  17. I LOVE your smoking hot deals! You know I love cubbies, and yours are so cool!
    You scored!

  18. Looks like you managed to find a few great pieces. But I know what you mean about the ones that got away, always a little feeling of loss. Also will will now have me on the hunt for lime green bleeding hearts. Thanks for stopping by, Laura

  19. Crawling into the storage area paid off. The screens are great. There haven't been any great estate sales around here lately, but hopefully it will pick up soon.

  20. Those are smoking good deals:) I hate it when you just miss the goods but you still did good!
    Happy May Day!

  21. I'd be happy to spend lunch at this tavern with you! LUV the cubby, can't believe the antique dealers overlooked it, but lucky for you they did. Girl, always go to the basement first - that's where all the good stuff is :) The clock is gorge too - so jealous of your haul!

  22. Wow, you really did find some smokin hot deals!!! Love that little is a real treasure :o)


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