Sunday, July 29, 2012

Do you see what I see?

This is not a Christmas in July post as my post title may lead you
to believe.  Rather, it's about the first signs of autumn in my garden.

I'm not talking about the unsightly spots or half-eaten leaf.
I'm talking about the color!
It's not even August and the leaves on my vine have started to turn red.

Elsewhere in the yard..............

I may plant these Wave petunias in my window boxes next year.  As you can see on my garden cart to the left, they don't get as leggy as the pink and purple varieties.
The first Helen's Flower to open.  This plant gets to be about 4
feet tall with thousands of blossoms in all shades of orange and yellow.

Ebony and ivory.
Diablo Spirea and Annabelle Hydrangeas, side by side.

More hydrangeas trying desperately to cover the ugly chain link fence!

These sweet pea blossoms are the star of the show.  I planted a perennial sweet pea vine this spring and it's just starting to blossom.

 There is no editing done on these photos.  The colors of the flowers are so vibrant!

Here's what's happening behind the vine.

We are trying to tone down the hideous color of the fence.
Disclaimer:  We did not pick the magenta color behind the trellis, we
inherited it from the previous owner.  Can you see why I 
missed the first blossoms on the left?

The Benjamin Moore dealer assures us that the burgundy color will hold up
much better than the magenta which we my painter has to scrape and
paint almost every year.  I'm hoping the CEO of Ben Moore reads this
post and offers to repaint our house inside and out.  I've already
chosen the colors.  :@

This phlox need to be moved away from the fence.
The violet against the burgundy is not a pretty combination.

The cone flowers and pansies have reseeded themselves in new
locations from last year's flowers.  They seem to be healthy,
so I just let them be.

Black Eyed Susans can't be beat for late summer color.

Some garden art.

In the front yard.....

I like these Pink Diamond Hydrangeas with their white blossoms,
but as the name suggests, they turn a dusty rose as they mature.

The Wave petunias in our window boxes have been given a trim
in hopes they will fill out again during the month of August.
The old wood shutters need to be painted this summer, so you can see
why we're trying to pick one color for the fence and shutters.

It won't be me climbing up the ladder.

Every spring I sew new cushion covers for my ice cream chairs.
I use the lime green color to counteract all the burgundy..cranberry...
er magenta, whatever that color is!

The chairs were purchased wearing the
 black ballerina shoes (aka electrical tape).

Our neighbor has slowly weed wacked the shrubs between our
yards to death (directly under the flag in the photo) over the past 2 years.
 Do you think she'd notice if I removed them in the middle of the night?

Thanks for coming along on my garden tour.


  1. everything is lookin good girlie! i love the front of your house and those cute shutters and pink diamond hydrangeas!!not to mention the adorable window boxes that add so much charm.
    happy sunday,

  2. Your garden is still so beautiful and looks so lush. Your phlox are so pretty. The bunnies just recently destroyed mine!
    Mary Alice

  3. Helen's Flowers. Never heard of them, but the thousands of blossoms sound heavenly!
    We have the hydrangea that changes to pink after blooming, too.
    The flowers are all beautiful!
    Yes....take out the hedge by the darkness of night!

  4. I love the diablo spirea. I just have the bright green ones. The coneflowers, hydrangea, sweet pea, petunias, black eyed Susans, phlox, all look very healthy.
    I don't mind the paint color on the shutters. Not so much on the fence because of clashing with flowers.

  5. its all gorgeous, vickie! i love your phlox--i don't have any at this house. love the shutters and cute ice cream chair in the front, too!

  6. Loved the tour and the shot of the front of your sweet house. I love the yellow petunias in that sweet cart and your chairs are adorable with their slippers on. Our black-eyed susan's haven't even blossomed yet and my usual colossal sweet pea wall is dismal this year. I'll live vicariously through your garden. I did, however, avert my eyes from the fall-ish leaf. I'm just not ready for that!! :)

  7. Vickie:

    Thanks for your garden tour. I love all of your flowers. I never have luck with sweet peas, I love them in small bouquets.

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Love your home, it reminds me of my brother's except his is stone.

  8. Your flowers look great! Mine are struggling but the impatiens still look good. I know what you mean about petunias getting too leggy. I like the full, yellow ones you have.

  9. Your garden looks wonderful! Even turning red! really??? Ours looks pretty wilted. I saw your very smart camping post. You did it up right. And I think you could have a healthy sign making career. And make quite a profit too! Love the sweet peas!

  10. Beautiful garden. Tonight is cooler than it has been, Maybe fall IS in the air!

  11. Your garden is gorgeous. Thanks for the tour. Everything looks so healthy and beautiful.

  12. Very pretty! I love that so much is blooming in your yard. I have only a few things that are surviving this heat. Wow on the fence...hope you can find another color you like better! hugs, Linda

  13. Make sure you wear black for any night time shrub work you find yourself Your flowers are all so beautiful even the first sign of fall is a welcomed color.

  14. Oh so pretty and so many different spots of color. I am afraid my garden/yard are a bit neglected this year. I will look to your for inspiration next spring!! Oh and your sweet peas a just divine!

  15. Your garden is beautiful Vickie! My flower gardens all looks terrible now because of no rain. Oh well, they were pretty for a little while. Enjoy your day, Gail

  16. Vickie you have a beautiful home and garden.

  17. Vickie,
    Your garden looks beautiful.I can't even share mine.Although my hydrangeas are starting to bloom.So there is hope LOL!

  18. Your gardens and plant are looking beautiful, Vickie! And yes, I am seeing signs of fall, too...

  19. Can you tell me with this heat what would possess Mother Nature to start turning things to fall colors in July?


  20. Your garden is looking so beautiful! What a nice variety of flowers. I don't think I've ever seen those Pink Diamond hydrangeas before...they sure are pretty. I haven't seen any signs of fall around here yet, but I'm sure it won't be too long.

  21. Gosh, your flower garden is gorgeous. Love the vibrant color of your sweet pea!

  22. Vickie, you have an amazing garden and that little bird house with the hinges is so darn cute. I'm trying to figure out how to make one right now. Wish I was better at math. Thanks so much for sharing this with us. Does all this mean you think we are getting an early fall? Who wouldn't love that with the scorching heat we have all experienced this summer?

  23. Your garden is looking good! I love the ice cream chairs cushions. Also love the window boxes-I l just wish I had some of those!

  24. Your garden looks so beautiful. Thanks for the lovely tour!


  25. Oh Vickie,
    Your garden looks amazing. Hope you're enjoying your summer...Don't know about you but I am in no hurry to welcome autumn...not quit yet anyway :-)

    Hugs and Kisses,

  26. Wow, Vickie, everything looks amazing! I love the glimpse of your beautiful home and your window boxes are so pretty. I hope one day I have a yard as beautiful as yours!

  27. Your home exterior is so charming! It looks like a doll house. I love the windowboxes in front too. I will have to try those wave petunia's in that lighter color too. I've had a problem with mine being too leggy.

  28. Your garden is so pretty Vickie... and I'm loving your photography! You guys have done a beautiful job landscaping your home...I'm having just a little bit of garden envy. ":o)

  29. Thanks for the garden tour. Surrounded with all such pretty flowers living is pleasant. The bird house is cute. The flowers of peas are sweet. Enjoy still in the summer.

  30. Beautiful...oh I wish my flowers looked as pretty as yours. They were doing so well for a while there...and than all that heat did a number on them...and I'm not good at reviving them. I'll just hold out for mums now :) Have a great week! Laurel

  31. I didn't realize you had such a green thumb! What beautiful foliage!Thanks for stopping by. Have a great week♥


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