Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Goodbye, Norman Bates.

We bike almost every day.
Now I'm not talking about bike helmet, spandex wearing exercise, but more of a leisurely
looking at houses enjoying the passing scenery type of ride.
Occasionally we even make the 10 mile trek on a trail to and from a nearby lake.

Meet Rusty.

Obviously I don't ride this old relic since I'm a tad too big
to fit on this child's bicycle.  This is how it looked when I first brought it home.
I hooked a basket of flowers on the handlebars and
plunked a clearance pot of impatiens on the carrier rack in back.

Even with the addition of flowers, it just looked gloomy to me.

Google Images
In its rusty brown state, it looked as though it should be leaning against
the Bates Motel.  Now, I know many of you would love this rusty look,
but I'm living on the Iron Range where I view mountains of rust
every day in the form of iron ore dumps.  Enough already!

What this bike needed was a new coat of paint to freshen it up.
What color should I choose?  Pink?  White?

The answer came in the mail the other day.

I won this magazine from Susan in a giveaway on her blog, Evelyn and Rose

Thank you Susan!

Susan wrote a feature article showcasing her beautiful photography.

The book is filled with gorgeous images, one of them a painted
bicycle wrapped with tulle ribbons.  My inspiration!

I mixed Light Jade Green and Laguna Blue acrylic paints with Gesso
and applied the mixture with a scruffy old brush.  The color looks a bit intense
but it won't take long for the paint to fade and the rust to reappear.

The seat has lost its cush.

The tires have lost their bounce.

The chain is rusted in place.

The reflectors are long gone.

But the kickstand still works!!

I didn't even notice the front fender was missing until I started painting!

Here it is under the shelter of our kitchen window.  You can see my ever-present cup of coffee
on the bench near the back door.  And the wreath was in the shape of a heart until the local
birdies decided to borrow twigs for their nests.  The neighborhood squirrels
entertain us with their high wire act on the electrical wires overhead.
Although there is a rare mishap.  Yikes!

I won't be riding my newly painted bike in the Jubilee Parade on Saturday as Tracy suggested,
but at least it no longer looks like Norman Bates' childhood bike.

Now it needs a new name!

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  1. I love it! It's so cheerful and welcoming now. Gotta feel bad for poor old crazy Norman to lose his bike- maybe Mother will like it! ;)

  2. That looks so cute with a fresh coat of paint...really charming!

  3. I love Rusty just as he was, but I will concede that he's looking pretty darn dapper now sportin' his new look!

    I hope you'll head over and share Rusty at the blog hop I have going on for my blog anniversary celebration!

    Angie @ Knick of Time

  4. A rusty bike has it's glory story. Now on a new coat looks like a new born baby. Loving it with baskets of flowers. Such a pretty hanging ! A gorgeous garden decoration !

  5. My bike is spray painted white. Rusty cars and bikes, may be too shabby even for me,

  6. I love my old bike that is in the back gardens...with the a basket full of clearance petunias! It already has a nice color so thank goodness, since I am soooo not won't be needing a paint job...but I certainly love the new color on yours!!! So summery!

  7. Very sweet transformation - how about "Joy"?

  8. I love the new color! I have a love for old bicycles as planters too! Just what it needed!

  9. Oh...and new names...thinking, thinking, thinking....

    How 'bout Bessie?? I like that.:)

  10. Perfect color for norman/?. and is it just me, or are your shutters lavender? your house is wonderful!!

  11. I am so glad you chose aqua. It's my new favorite this year and it looks beautiful with the pink flowers.

  12. I love the new color and it looks great with the flowers under that window!! perfect choice. Hugs, Linda

  13. Oh, she turned out perfect! Love how it looks against your pretty house... a blast of happy! I think you need to fashion a pot cozy for the impatiens. I was first thinking burlap, but you do amazing things with vintage fabric. :) The parade won't be quite as grand without you and your wee bicycle leading the way, but it looks so at home where it is now. Fabulous job Vickie!

  14. Vickie this looks awesome. I love what you did to the bike and I too love the color. Your home looks so beautiful. I want an old bike now. =)

  15. Love the new color! It really pops against the house. Thanks for stopping by, Laura

  16. Your bicycle is darling. I love the fresh shade of aqua you chose.


  17. See, I would have kept it rusty until I saw your end results. Love the new color!

  18. I like rusty- but I am seriously in love with the colour so you have won me over!

  19. Do you know I have that magazine, and have admired that bike, but didn't even notice they showed you how to paint it? Its so cute, and the colour is fantastic!

  20. Yay for aqua paint! It's adorable! I've been looking for an old bike with no luck so far. Ummm~what's your address again? ;)

  21. Very cute job! A fresh coat of paint and a brand new look, I love it!!! You've inspired me.


  22. That little bicycle is SO cute! I love the color and the flowers...well everything! Great Job!

  23. Oh, you are just amazing. I loved that issue of Somerset Life and found inspiritation there as well, but your project is just over the top!! Love it!!

  24. Oh, I just LOVE what you did with your bicycle Vickie!! I am so thrilled that you found inspiration in the Somerset Life issue. You did an amazing job on the adorable bicycle - spooky no more!

  25. Your bike looks beautiful! Amazing color! I need to find me an old bike now.

  26. There's so much romance in an old bike! Everyone loves to see one. You picked the perfect color!

  27. ooo, ooo, ooo, I want one of these sooooo bad. Just haven't found one yet. Mine will be pink and hang out in my secret back garden. If yours disappears, you know where to come looking....

  28. You have a beautiful blog, so does Tina. I've left you an award on my post. Come on over and pick it up.

  29. Ok you sold me on the paint, and you know my passion for rust but that is way better.

  30. Cute Mrs. 911. Shows our age maybe that we consider doing everything with bikes but ride them!

    Thanks for linking up to Hot Fun in the Summertime.


  31. I love the new color on your bike! And I also like the exterior colors of your home, too. What a great kitchen window!

  32. my neighbor has a white bike with her mailbox on it:) i love the rust and i love the blue! but, i'll truly love it when that rust starts showing through the blue--perfection!

  33. too funny! we just painted our shop's "mascot bike" a very similar shade of blue, with the intent of adding tulle when it's not too hot to breath outside! our inspiration came from the same place. it's on my facebook page if you'd like to take a look-see:

  34. Hi Vickie! Oh, that's a little darling bike and I love the flowers on it. How sweet and the color is wonderful.
    Now you know you've made my day saying my little granddaughter looks like me! I have been told that before and of course I love it!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  35. I LOVE that bike....I want one! I keep telling the kids to just leave their bikes out...don't worry, it's OK....all in a devious plot to create my own rusty bike....if I live long enough....

  36. Hi Vickie, so glad you shared this great bicylcle renovation at our link party. It's so sunny and cheerful and extremely summery.

  37. Vickie,

    Your vintage bike is adorable and is a perfect color. Nice job. Enjoy your week.


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