Thursday, August 9, 2012

Privacy in the Privy

In my last post I showed you the wood shutters on the front of
our house.  I mentioned that they needed to be painted, but on closer
inspection, we realized that the upper shutters should be replaced.....soon.

I figured that constructing board and batten shutters should be a pretty
simple job even for us.  We had some scrap lumber in the garage to play with,
and a problem area inside our house that could use a privacy shutter,
so here's what we came up with.

I lined up the boards and pencilled a simple cut out design on the center pieces.
My handyman cut the moon and star shapes with a jigsaw and then we
screwed the vertical pieces to the horizontal braces.  I made my own chalk paint
with flat red paint and unsanded grout.  The wood was already distressed, so
I didn't have to work hard at making the shutter look aged.  And, believe me,
there are already enough distressed surfaces to contend with in this room!

We added horizontal braces to the back side so the shutter
will look finished whether open or closed.
(This is the best shot I could get with the available light when the shutter is closed.)

I added a hook for an outhouse feel.  After all, the shutter is located... the man cave biffy.  Just a very small step up from an outhouse.
Exposed plumbing and steam pipes and a bare light bulb create the industrial vibe
we all want to bring into our homes.   :@

I'm sure the opening was designed to let daylight into
an otherwise windowless room since it's positioned adjacent to the laundry room window.
  Normally it's not a problem, but when there are guests in the back yard, they might see a wee bit
 more than they bargained for, if you get my drift.  Mmmm, hmmmmm.

Looking out.

Looking in.

Problem solved. Easy as one, two, three!!!
And that's just how many sets of the shutters below we need to reproduce.

I have never been particularly fond of the cut out design on the original shutters.
What is it?  A fox?  A pool ball rack?  A bull?  Your guess is as good as mine.

Just for fun, which design would you pick?

Given the history of my gardening fiascoes in our yard,
I'd have to go with that pesky squirrel smack dab in the middle.

Well, if you'll excuse me, I've gotta go!

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  1. Love the biffy shutter! Perfect for your vintage decor in there!

  2. Awesome, as usual, Vickie!!! I love your industrial little bathroom and the shutter is perfect! I'd go with moons for the outside, but I actually love the way old outhouses look. My sister has a functional old one at her house for "overflow" traffic to use.


  3. my son has an outhouse with the half moon on the door:) great project, and i love that you made your paint, vickie! you are so clever!

    i'd put a star on the shutters:) happy weekend!

  4. LOVE your biffy shutter (I'm glad to know someone else calls it the biffy) - it is the perfect solution! Great work by your handyman too. The hook is a fun touch.

    I laughed and thought of a squirrel right away (before I saw it as a choice) thinking of that clumsy one that stopped by your placed that one last time. I am of course partial to the maple leaf. :) A sock monkey silhouette would be cute, but it may just look like a misshapen pancake to those not in the know. My only suggestion is choose something easy to cut out. You don't want to wear out your handyman just when he's winding up. :)

  5. The seahorse. :) Love that one!
    I really like your shutter~great for privacy, and even better for man cave vibe.

  6. You and your handyman did an awesome job Vickie!! I love the red! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Gail

  7. Oh that is a fine shutter and very important to protect wee things!!

  8. Hi Vickie! Oh, what a great job you did on the shutter. Love the cut out you used too! I'm impressed with you making your own chalk paint! Love the color.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  9. I wonder if your shutter cut out is supposed to be a bull in a southwestern theme - you do live in Texas don't you :) I would go with the doggie when you make the new ones.

  10. Vickie,
    That is super cute.Sshhhhh don't tell your hubby.It's not supposed to be cute..right ;-).
    Hmmm if I had to pick I would go with the one that sort of looks like a trophy cup.

  11. You and your handyman make gorgeous things! Love the colour too!

  12. I'd have to choose the bird. I seem to always choose birds. I love what you did with this and adding the hook! I also always love old washboards.

  13. I'm just so jealous that your handyman gets things done in a jif.
    You two are a good team- it looks so cute...ahem, manly.
    I'd pick acorns because I have a thing for them, but the trophy would look smart, too! Pick what you love. ~Tina

    I'm also jealous that your flowers are all hanging in there. ;)

  14. That shutter is so cute Vickie. I love the tulip or the heart design.


  15. You made paint?! Seriously? Am I your daughter? ;)

    So.....need some window coverings for Mack's big boy attic room.....Do you think I could make some shutters for up there? There are 2 small windows......Hmmmm.....

    And love the looking out and looking in pics!

  16. I love the shutter colour! Beautiful red and perfect with the rest of your look!

  17. Out of the pictures you gave me to pick from, I guess the acorn, but I have a feeling the perfect one is still out there somewhere.


  18. super fun! love that great red paint!!

  19. that is so cute. You really did capture the feeling of an outhouse with the moon and star motif! the red color looks so crisp against the white walls.

  20. Very cute shutter. Love the red. My friend has shutters with a garden spade cut out. They look great. The squirrel is wonderful too.

  21. well how cute is that? I love that you looked at it and realized you could make it yourself (with a little help). As for what I'd choose, I'd probably go with a fleur-de-lys, but we're all watching to see what you and your handyman come up with!

  22. I LOVE your shutter...looks so wonderful! I can't wait to see the others you choose! So charming!

  23. love THE MOON AND THE STAR ON THE SHUTTER! I love stars and have an old shutter with a whimsical cut out of one.

  24. Oh Vicki, your little shutter is fabulous!! Perfect complement to the industrial look you have going on in that little necessary room!
    Mary Alice

  25. Love your homemade shutter, very impressive!! I think I like the urn cutout and the bird one too. Too funny!!

  26. Love your shutter, Vickie! We've been wondering lately about making board and batten...

  27. Let's see...the squirrel, heart, or urn? As long as you don't have to cut them out yourselves. Maybe that's how the bull came to be!

  28. Hee are so witty!
    Love the shutter...fits the room perfectly! I like the fleur de lis, but the horse is cool too!

  29. Your shutter came out great! I have an old outhouse door propped up against our shed. My mother was appalled but then again she used an outhouse growing up. I think I like the star, it seems timeless. But I like your squirrel too! Laura

  30. The shutter is a cutie and I love that you use it for privacy if needed. I also love the squirrel design for your new shutters. Great project!

  31. The shutter is so cute! And I have no clue what that triangular shape is supposed to be. Maybe it's just a fancy triangle. I think I'd choose the pineapple since it's the symbol for hospitality.

  32. I'm a hopeless romantic...I'd pick the heart ❤shape :-) Love the privacy shutter. Wishing you a wonderful new week.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  33. What an awesome shutter. Great job by your handyman!


  34. Your little red shuter is so cute. I love the cutouts you did! Super cute. I would maybe pick the sail boat (for my cottage on the coast...dreaming) and I like the tulips and windmill too! You are inspiring me. When we took are shutters down to re-paint we were shocked to find that were an industrial type Styrofoam. Oh, man. Light weight though!!

  35. Love the shutter, so adorable. I like the tulip.

  36. Your shutter is so cute, love it, and the colour.
    I do like the star, as I think simple is always effective, but I love the fact that we all have slightly different tastes, so it will be interesting to see what you choose !

  37. Love love love this shutter!! I made a few shutters for the interior of my master bath in the house I just moved from. It's a fun project and really make an impact.

    I would use the pineapple motif in the shutters. It's the front of your house and the pineapple symbolizes "Welcome!"...


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