Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mary Bought a Little Lamb

Well, Vickie bought the little lamb.

And she must have been
out of her ever lovin' mind to pay that much!!!

This was one of those purchases that I looked at with
absolute horror when I got home.  What on earth was I thinking?!
The little lamb looked so adorable in its shop setting. 
 Broken leg and all.
(Well, I didn't notice that until after I adopted him.)

Vintage bottle brush trees.
Putz village.
A flock of his brothers and sisters.
Super cute hand crafted wire fence surrounding the whole thing.
Inside a wonderful primitive cupboard.
All in a charming shop filled with treasures, vintage and newly crafted.

As soon as I got home, I pulled him out of the bag.

Yes, Mother, I would have to agree with you on this one.

Even if he is 200 years old (okay, I'm exaggerating a bit)
 and hand made in Germany by the finest artisans
he's still not worth.........

Hang onto your hat.......

I'm feeling kinda sheepish about the whole thing.

As my fellow bloggers are my witness, I will not spend
another dime on old junk.

Until Junk Bonanza!!!

Thanks for visiting,

P.S.  My mother and sister were with me when I made the purchase.
Why didn't they stop me?!
So there you have it.  It's all their fault.  :@

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  1. Oh Vicki we have all been there done that! Be good so you can enjoy Junk Bonanza!! Hugs, Linda

  2. $20 not that bad! I think we all do it. Buyer's remorse. That's why I try to buy at thrift shops. If you screw up, NO big deal! Still no big deal at $20. I have clothes with tags on in my closet that cost more than that and have NEVER been worn.

  3. well he's a beauty and if you love him he is worth every penny!

  4. Oh gosh yes, there should have been an ovine intervention! Well, not really. He is awfully cute and formerly fluffy, broken leg and all. I could crochet him up a prosthetic. You could set him up against the wall with the car with three wheels. :)

  5. I'm so relieved it wasn't your fault - my husband sometimes fails to stop me from doing such things...

  6. I do that all the time! It looks so cute in its store setting and then looks totally out of place in my home. But I actually think lamby-kins is cute. Maybe he escaped from a mad chef who wanted to make some leg of lamb?

  7. Aw, he's cute! You've gotten so many bargains so it's okay to splurge once in awhile.

  8. At least you will give him a good home to live out the rest of his days (poor guy, he's gotta broken foot and all). Don't feel too bad, you are gonna find some real BARGAINS at JB and that will more than make up for it.


  9. Too bad for the broken leg. Try put something to amend it, still a pretty sheep.

  10. They didn't stop you because he is absolutely adorable...

  11. You crack me up! Just know you're not alone. Years ago at an auction, I got in a bidding war with a woman who frequented them quite often. Turns out she had an antique shop in one of the nearest towns. Always wore a rather sour expression on her face. Well, we got in a bidding war over a doll's bed. Nothing special at all... just super simple but I had visions of what I could do with it. The more I raised my hand, the more she did. This will not do!! Ego got in the way and I was bound and determined not to let her get it. Yup... $40 later it was mine. This simple piece of junk was mine! What the heck was I thinking!! Did I do any thing with it when I got home? Yes.. I ended up putting it in a garage sale! LOL

  12. Oh.. and by the way, I'm flying in for Junk Bonanza! Woohoooo! See you there!

  13. Think of it as a good deed to give him a loving home, otherwise he might have been trash bound. As my friend says, we must embrace our imperfections. I think he is super cute. Too bad you didn't notice his broken leg at the shop. You might have gotten him for less. He will look very cute in a holiday vignette, fall and winter both. And don't forget spring. He'll have to vacation in summer.

  14. I just read this post about five minutes before I read yours.... just happens...but he is cute.

  15. Awww... he is so cute and I can tell he loves his new home by his smile.

  16. Hahaha. Yes, I was gonna say looks like he's a smilin. ;)

  17. I've done that so many times too. Don't feel bad-think about the times you let something great get away. Anyway, he's really cute and looks so great in your little vignette!

  18. You've rescued a cute little lamb and now he has a wonderful new home - nuff said !

  19. Oh, I have had that feeling one too many times. But I love your lamb! I love lambs in all shapes and sizes, so I would have probably come home with him too. :-)

  20. oh, we all do it and $20 isn't that bad. I have an entire room and shelves of stuff in the garage that I shake my head at...and my hubs just averts his eyes and shuts his mouth. Bless his heart :)

  21. Been there!! Actually last year at JB I spent way too much on an old church know the ones with the slots for the page numbers? I had buyers remorse almost as soon as I walked away :) And then when I got home I noticed an "interesting" shape that looked like maybe a great big super hero sticker had been there at one time. Oh well...I figure it balances out with the $1 treasures I find here and there :)

  22. He's adorable Vickie and know that we all have done that a time or it's okay.

  23. Vickie,
    It is so sweet! Sometimes you have to bite the bullet and get something you really enjoy! I have done that myself recently too!

  24. I feel your thrifting remorse pain! He's got 3 good legs at least! Carry my checklist at all times - and have your mom & sis memorize it too!

  25. Your little lamb is cute, and we've all come home and wondered why we bought something. I know you'll find something wonderful to do with it!
    Mary Alice

  26. been there, vickie:) shame on your mom and sis! ...he is cute, standing there with his poor broken leg:)

  27. I love him!
    And I'm sure I'm going to see him in one of your wonderful vignettes soon.
    Just waiting...
    Besos! Silvina.

  28. He's pretty cute, broken leg and all. Plus, you've given him a nice new home. You'll grow to love him I'm sure...buyers remorse and all. ":o)

  29. Hate to say it Vickie, but 20 smackers isn't much even for a hobbled lamby. put it in some evergreens and no one will know the difference. even all of us out here won't remember. He has a sweet face, that's what counts!!


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