Sunday, August 19, 2012

Historic Home Tour: Part II

I'm back to be your guide for the second half of the
historic home tour started here.  I hope you brought your
walking shoes!

Let's start with this simple Victorian and work our way up.
(Remember, you can click on the photos for a larger image.)
Yes, we will work our way up all eight stairs to reach the front door!
This town is built on a series of steep hills overlooking the river, so walking here is a workout.

The owner's guard dog was barking at me while I was taking this photo,
so I didn't notice that my camera was focusing on the iron fence.
Oh well, I'll use it for future reference since it's the fence I want
 in front of our house.  Do they even make this style anymore?

And speaking of fences.....

Cute corner fence detail marks the perimeter of this yard.

Pretty blue beadboard above another fabulous wood door.  Wait a minute....

There are 2 of them! 

These homes are huge!

Look at the detail on this porch!

You can check out the whole neighborhood in the convex mirror.
Gladys Kravtiz would have loved it.  "Oh, Abner, come and see
 who's taking pictures of our house!"

This house has it made in the shade!  There's just something about this particular old house
surrounded by mature shade trees that has my name on it.  Yours, too?

Let's get a little closer, shall we?

 What can I say?  This home was meant for moi.


Garage stalls for our 2 cars and our kayaks.  And if that's not enough.....

A guest cottage where our grandchildren can play make believe.
*And Grandma, too.

Okay, let's move on.

Many of these older homes are in the process of restoration.

Red geraniums are the perfect accent flower here, don't you think?
And of course my favorite Annabelle hydrangeas in their yummy lime green stage.
Below you can see the entrance to the garden in back.

And last, but not least.........

A  bed & breakfast.

Pretty acorn lights and an unusual floral arrangement to match the color scheme.
See the curtains hiding behind the pillars?

If you look real hard you can just barely make out the mermaid water feature under the pergola.
At this point it was starting to rain and my camera and I had to call it a day. 


The dark green gazebo is just the spot to rest after
 our walking tour of riverside homes. 

"I'll have an ice tea with lemon and sugar, Jeeves."

Did I accomplish my goal of finding the perfect shutter design?
No, but it sure was fun looking!

Thanks for coming along,


  1. I just love all these old homes. They have so much character. There are a bunch of old homes like these in a small town about twenty five minutes from me.

  2. Loved your tours ( part 1 & 2 ) of the old Victorian homes, it would be really hard to pick a favorite they are all so beautiful. Love the doors and the attention to detail on the porches. We have similar homes near us. Wish they still made homes like that…. Thanks so much for sharing, Laura

  3. I was so excited to see you had posted part two! These homes are just as pretty as the first round! The house that has your name on it? I love the two-toned windows on it! I love them all.

  4. Loved round two and after all that walking my feet aren't bothering me a bit... but I'll still take a beverage from Jeeves. Such amazing details and I love how everyone seems to take such care with their florals perfectly matching their homes. Great house you picked out for yourself with all the amenities. Of course moving in would mean you'd have to change your blog name...

    Hoping there is a Part III!

  5. Hi Vickie! Oh, I just love seeing these olden homes! Love all of the details and if I could, I'd come and help you move into that beauty!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. Beautiful homes! I need to take a visit there this fall!

  7. The screen doors were so cool! Loved the tour! Great fences and windowboxes!

  8. Charming, love all the fence details, but the gazebo is my favorite this time ... well the little house is pretty cute too ... thank you for taking time to share!

  9. LOVE the guest cottage and that gazebo, vickie! and the gardens--just gorgeous! thanks for sharing with us@

  10. Can I come visit you in yours, and then you can come by my house - No, 207 - gorgeous !

  11. Oh thank you for the tour of homes!!! I love old homes. They have such character. And today the cookie cutter neighborhoods just don't have the same feel. I loved the B&B... oh how I would love to visit there. Have a great week.

  12. The 2 post house tour was great!
    There is a house in our borough that has cutouts of witches on broomsticks on their shutters.

  13. Love, love the tour, especially since we have been looking to buy a new house and we have been looking at historic homes. Loved your tour.

  14. Oh I am drooling here...such amazing home. Those two doors top and bottom completely had me!

  15. Gorgeous homes! Viewing historic homes is just about one of my very favorite things to do. :-) You'll even catch me taking the long way to the store just so I can drive by all the beautiful old homes.

  16. Those window boxes and beautiful front doors. I'm in heaven looking at these pretty houses. The gardens and porches are fantastic. I can dream!Thanks for a really great tour!

  17. Part two was just as nice as part one... beautiful homes! Loved the eye candy!!!

  18. OH wow.....I can't get over the picture perfect settings...all the details on these homes ... just stunning. Why don't they make them like this anymore? Thanks so much for sharing...

    ciao bella
    Creative Carmelina

  19. What an amazing tour of old homes! Jennifer told me about Part I and little did I know I'd get to see Part II as well. I just love these types of tours and this is one of the very, very best I've seen. Thanks for sharing this and good luck with your shutters!


  20. These are some beautiful old homes. I like the one with the porch, it looks like a wrap around porch, if it is, I want it! Great tour.

  21. It's very fun to look!
    No one builds houses like these anymore.

  22. I love looking at old homes. It's great if you can go inside but simply walking through a neighborhood and admiring is fun, too.

  23. I love the architectural details on older homes. They just aren't the same on the newer ones. Even though you didn't find your shutters, I'm glad you shared the tour with us.


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