Sunday, September 30, 2012

Land of Nod Inspired Mantel

In just a few hours, our week of visiting grandchildren will begin at 911.
For safety reasons, we won't be using our fireplace during their stay,
 but that's no reason to ignore it, right?

I departed from my usual brown and orange color scheme
for a more festive lighthearted approach.

My color inspiration came in the mail the other day.
  I love the soft blue and orange combination on the cover of the Land of Nod catalog. 
 Lots of goodies inside, too.

This wood plate I bought for pocket change many years ago at a garage sale
has the perfect colors for my fall mantel.  The words Ribnica and Slovenski are
Slovenian like my Baba.  She may have even visited this place
 on her 2 trips to her father's homeland.

I bought this fan for its unusual copper colored blades and
brown bakelite base.  I was kayaking with a friend and we beached
our kayaks while we browsed the antique shops in the lakeside town of
Crosby, MN.  I had to carry my finds back in my kayak,
 so this was the only purchase that day.

I had something else in mind for the centerpiece of the mantel, but it's
giving me a few problems, so my jeep's come to the rescue.

My orange steeple clock always comes out to play this time of year.

The blue jars pick up on the sky blue color in the plate.
I left them empty so they don't weigh down the mantel, and
I think they shine without any help from me.

I stitched up a pennant banner from fabrics in colors from the catalog cover.

The mantel's done, now for the hearth.......

The ice cream maker I bought this summer isn't in the same shade of blue,
but it lightens up the dark brick fireplace.  I filled it with the last of my hydrangeas,
  but now that I think about it, this will be moved to the basement
unless I want dried hydrangea petals everywhere!

We've got two budding young artists coming, so I pulled out my
old chalkboard and tried my hand at the trendy chalkboard art
I've been admiring everywhere.

I didn't spend a lot of time on this art because I'm sure it will be
erased the minute Finley steps in the house.  That's okay.
I've no doubt a new masterpiece will soon take its place.  :@

I've got a few mommy rules to follow this week, and I'll do my best to comply.

1.  Pacifiers only at naps and bedtime.
2.  No cookies or candy.

I promise to do my very best at following the Mommy rules.
Hugs and kisses,
Grandma 911

Wynken and Blynken are two little eyes,
And Nod is a little head,
And the wooden shoe that sailed the skies
Is a wee one's trundle-bed.
So shut your eyes while grandmother sings
Of wonderful sights that be,
And you shall see the beautiful things
As you rock in the misty sea,
Where the old shoe rocked the fishermen three:
And Nod.

(Last verse of Wynken, Blynken, and Nod by Eugene Field.)

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  1. Oh, oh, OH! Love, LOVE your chalkboard Granny art and your mantle! You did a fabulous chalkin' job! Must be all that practice you had staying after school writing lines...

    You've been busy sewing too -- I love the bunting and it's cheery fall hues. The wee chair will be perfect for those sweet little bottoms. Yes, moving the hydrangeas is a prudent plan.

    The fan is very cool... you should have plopped it blades down into the water and voila - a motor boat!

    Looks like you are all set. I know you won't have a problem finding a place for those chocolate kisses before they arrive. They'll get you fuelled up for the oodles of real ones you'll be planting all week.

  2. PS Forgot to say that I think Baba would be tickled that you got the plate at a garage sale... :)

  3. I love your fall decorations Vickie. Your chalkboard art is wonderful. I hope it doesn't get erased right away it looks so cute. Love your garland too.


  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Hi Vickie, I love you'r decorated mantle. Did you make the bunting? Enjoy your time with your grandchildren.

  6. I could never ever free hand a chalkboard like that. I also love the Ranger 911 on the turquoise vintage toy car. The fan is awesome. I have been looking for just the right one. I have been thinking about getting a sewing machine so I can stitch up a little banner just like that too. LOL. Hopefully I remember how to sew.

  7. Very clever use of the chalkboard! If you sneak the kids a cookie, I won't tell.

  8. what an awesome chalkboard, vickie! you are so talented! love the banner and darling truck--have a great week with the grands:)

  9. Beep beep...fall has arrived in the perfect blue jeep!
    This is adorable, Baba would approve.
    So what is your grandma name?
    Have a wonderful visit and I know your chalkboard will get plenty of play time.
    xxx, Tina

  10. Vickie, Your mantel is SO delightful! I love the jeep in the middle with the little pumpkin. What fun your grandchildren are going to have with that chalkboard.
    Have a great week!
    Mary Alice

  11. Vickie I really love your mantel! Very cute!!! The chalkboard turned out great! Enjoy those Grands!
    Hugs, Linda

  12. Beautiful as always! The mason jars are always a favorite, but I LUV the chalkboard art - great job!

  13. Love the chalkboard art! You need to come decorate our 5 chalkboards!!! ;) One still says, Happy Birthday, Baby Mack. Hmmmmm......

    Paci all day, all night. ;) The Dr. said why stress him and you guys out before baby? He will regress anyways. Good advice, doc. We'll take it away before he is 2.....ish. ;)

    P.S. Brought him in to the doc today. Ear infection, fever, cough, congestion. Lovely. Right before I leave. Guess the good part is that he will be better by the time you get him!

  14. Everything looks great!! LOVE the little truck with the pumpkin :)

  15. I love this whole post Vicki. What momma doesn't know won't hurt her!


  16. The mantle is beautiful. I love the colors. The chalkboard really finishes the whole thing off. Love that inspiration art piece. Have fun with the Grands!

  17. Love, love, love this Vickie!
    I am so keeping this one and hope to "borrow" it some day!

  18. What a fun fall mantel Vickie! I love the chalkboard!! How fun spoiling those grand babies. At my house, we follow Grandma's rules....LOL! Enjoy, Gail

  19. Hi Vickie, the wee turquoise Jeep just makes me smile. The banner is charming and I do covet your ice cream bucket a bit. xo, olive

  20. Vickie, I love the turquoise mixed with the fall. It makes everything so much lighter and brighter. I love everything about this vignette, the jeep, the chalkboard, the kisses and everything else. Turned out great.

  21. Love your whole fireplace vignette! :) I could just kick myself... My brother had that little blue jeep! UGH! I wish I had it. :)


  22. Vicki,
    what a fresh take on fall colors, really love the turq and orange! Everything looks adorable, you always do such a great job! I know you're going to have a fun time with the grandkids, I'm sure you won't "spoil" them to much!

  23. Who needs a fire when you have such a fabulously decorated fireplace. Enjoy the grandchildren. :)

  24. I completely luv what you did with your mantel and that chalkboard is delightful! What child can resist it?

  25. Love the Hydrangeas on the hearth. Love all the other fall accents too.


  26. Oh, the mommy rules. No candy, really? Well, at least you have made your place inviting and fun. Love that little jeep. What a treasure and you just tried your hand at the trendy artwork? My goodness. You nailed it! Hope you all have a fun time together!

  27. this is so so cute! love the orange and aqua together. how adorable is that truck with the pumpkin?! the chalkboard drawing is awesome are a fabulous grandma!!

  28. Absolutely love it, Vickie - you're such a fun grandma!

    It's a good thing I don't live nearby or you'd have to keep your eye on that little adorable truck when I came to visit! ;0)

    I'll be featuring you next week for Knick of Time Tuesday - thanks so much for sharing at the party.


  29. Your grandchildren are so blessed! What a lovely arrangement you have made..and I spy those two kisses waiting for them!

    That jeep melts my heart each time I see it!


  30. Your fireplace and mantel are adorable. I'm a big fan of that jeep. You did a beautiful job with your chalkboard art! I like the saying you chose. Gonna have to remember that one!

  31. Cute, cute, cute...LOVE that little jeep with the pumpkin! Have fun with those grand-babies!!! Laurel

  32. Adorable! I love the chalkboard... and I love the truck with the pumpkin. You are so creative and such a good Grandmother!!! Great Job!

  33. OH SO charming, Vickie! And your chalkboard art is wonderful! Have fun!

  34. LOVE your mantel and that wonderful blue, orange and brown!! the little blue truck is such a great focal point. great chalkboard art!!! Hope you're having a ball with your grand youngin's!!!

  35. Nice play on orange that blue you used and the slate colored chalk board made it more like fall with a back to school feel. Lucky grand kids! I see a little candy in their future too!

  36. Perfect vignette as always! And great job with the chalkboard.
    That jeep is lovely.
    Enjoy these days with your grandchildren!
    Besos, Silvina


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