Saturday, October 13, 2012


The witching hour will soon be upon us
and there's no shortage of witches at 911.

Some uplighting, a little photo editing, and a black silk
witch hat turn the normally docile Henriheada into an evil presence.

Scroll back to the previous photo.  Do you see how her eyes follow you?
I guess she is a bit scary even in the light of day!

My dressmaker's form wears a vintage 1950's Halloween cape.
The costume also comes with a black and yellow plastic skirt, but it's much
too big and resembles a lawn leaf bag.  I don't mind lending her a black
skirt and camisole for a few short weeks.  We are roomies after all!

Moons, and bats, and witches, oh my!

It's even got a hood........not that she'll be needing it.

The original box for the costume with the skirt inside.

This year I've got two new witches who are by far my most favorite.

Witch Finley and Warlock Mack.

Tracy (Crow's Feet Chic) asked me to email her a profile snapshot of each of our grandchildren.
She waved her magic wand, sprinkled some fairy dust, and turned Finley into a little witch
 and Mack into a warlock! Aren't they adorable?!  Thanks Tracy!

 Maybe if you ask real nice, she'll post a tutorial for you.  :@

I've printed these images out for our daughters and I'm going to print
black and white copies to use in a project for my Halloween decorating.

I almost forgot the smallest witch in residence.

This goofy looking witch was a gift from my sister and spends the
season standing among my antique brown bottles in the kitchen window.

The bottles are empty, but I often catch her looking at
them with a wistful look in her eye.

She loves to sing!  In the middle of the night, I've awakened
to hear her cackling rendition of none other than 
"99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall".

She has been looking a little green around the gills in the morning.


You've been a witness to just a few of the unexplained
phenomena that happen when you're not looking here at 911.

Just like Tom Bodett at Motel 6
I'm keeping the lights on tonight!

I'm joining the parties at:
Funky Junk Interiors Saturday Night Special
The Farmhouse Porch Cowgirl Up


  1. That Henriheada is a fun gal. Love the witch hat. Very cute silhouettes, and vintage Halloween cape.

  2. I love all the halloween decorations around your house Vickie. The vintage Halloween costume cape is so fun draped on your dress form, and the silhouettes are a real keepsake. Love it!

  3. you are so creative, vickie! i just love the silhouettes tracy made:) awesome post!

  4. Everything is so terrific, but I LOVE the silhouettes of your grandkids! Terrifically spooky! They'll make such great memories for them when they are older.

  5. Vickie what a neat vintage costume! Oh those plastic masks too what were they thinking LOL! Your roomie looks pretty cool in that pointy black hat!Your mini witch is a hoot!

  6. Oh Miss Vickie, it was your turn to surprise me! Thanks for the smile. They are darn cute, aren't they? I never thought of them in B&W... they will be perfectly spooky.

    Love Henriheada's new lid. Her vintage costume is amazing, box and all. I imagine it's a little crispy. Her loaner outfit is much quieter -- perfect for sneaking up on folks in the night. Do you think it's Mrs. SourPickles' size?

    Love the wee imbibing witch too. She does have quite an unforgettable expression -- and large head. I know it's no relative of yours.

    Don't keep the dress form too close to the bedroom door. Just in case you grab the cape instead of your robe; you don't want to scare the mailman!

  7. Henriheada scared the heck out of me! I read the title of your post and thought "cute Bewitched tv program" and the next thing I know Henrideada's giving me the eye. Keep her away from me!

  8. Thanks, Tracy! Mack loves being a warlock!

    1. You're more than welcome Julie -- he is the cutest warlock ever with those curls! :)

  9. Great vintage costume complete with the box? What a find. And those images of your grandchildren are way too cute.

  10. Cute post! Don't let your little witch get all your booze - you never know what spells she'll mess up :)

  11. You always leave me smiling! Loved seeing your collection of witches and that wonderful vintage cape! Of course I can see why your two new witches are your favorite...they are so cute and so nicely done! All keepers!

  12. Yes, Vickie, very cute post ... it made me shiver a little. By the way, your friend did an amazing job on the silhouettes, what a super fun idea!!

  13. I am not above wearing a black plastic trash bag as a costume. But in the day I've never been a witch who sang 99 bottles of beer.


  14. Love your witches. Those silhouettes are darling!!


  15. It's getting spooky at your house, Vicki!
    It was so nice of Tracy to make the silhouettes of Finley and Mack- they are adorable.
    Thanks for coming by and congratulating the winner of my GA.
    You're a class act!

    xxx, T.

  16. What fun Halloween decorations you have! I LOVE the silhouettes... how cute!

  17. I love the vintage Halloween costume. The witches are great! The silhouettes came out spectacular!

  18. What a wickedly fun post. The silhouettes (what a hard word to spell) are too dang cute. Btw I took the weekend off and dug in the dirt and enjoyed my hubs and totally rested. I am now catching up-glad I did not miss these witches, Olive

  19. So fun, Vicki! You have some great vintage goodies...but I love those silhouettes, too! Thanks so much for stopping by my Ideas House posts!

  20. Yes - thank you Tracy (and thanks again Mom for such a creative idea). Finley's scragley hair makes it all come together ;0)

    Will be looking for another one someday with ponytail for sure!!!

    ***Mom - Finley is glad Henriheada is in the big room - not her little girl's room.

  21. You're most welcome Megan. I had to use a brush to put some locks in for Miss Finley... we'll do a pony rendition for sure. Her hair IS perfect for her junior witch silhouette. :)

  22. You are too funny. I can't have witches and things in my house, because it would totally creep me out, and I would never be able to turn the lights off.

  23. Love that little witch! And that costume got me to thinking about the costumes I wore as a kid and the boxes they came in. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

  24. Too fun!! Love the silhouettes of your grandchildren...sooo cute :) Laurel

  25. How FUN Vickie! Such a cool vintage cape and fun Halloween decor here. Your grandchildren 'witches' are just adorable, and I'm cracking up about your witch that enjoys her 'brew'.
    Thanks for the humor you always give us here!
    - Susan

  26. Vicki,
    are all your friends witches? If so, I fit right in! Henriheada is spookily commanding! The silhouettes of your grandchildren are adorable, lucky you to have such a good (witchy) friend! I hope your other little witch doesn't drink all the "brew", it's only polite that she leaves some for your other friends!

  27. Hard to believe that the "witching hour" will be upon us in just a few weeks! I think your home as a spell cast on it already. Ha! The silouettes of your grandchildren look great too.

  28. Such a cute post! Love the silhouettes of your grandchildren. What a wonderful Halloween present!



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