Friday, October 19, 2012

All the Small Things

It's not always the big pieces of furniture or expensive items
 I see at shops and sales that get my heart pounding.
In fact, it's more often the smallest things
 that I find most intriguing.

So, knowing my love of Red Cross items and
my fascination with small things, you can imagine
how excited I was to find.......


Although it's a wee bit small for me to use as a Halloween
costume, I had to have it!  It's a vintage doll Red Cross nurse's
uniform and best of all, it was only $2.75!

It even came with the little red wire hanger. :@

Now what am I going to do with it?  Hmmm.....

I picked up the toy ambulance this past summer at an outdoor antique show
and it's been driving aimlessly about looking for a place to park.

The first aid kit was a gift from one of my daughters.

Do you recognize the piece my ambulance is parked on?

I bought it at an estate sale last December for 75 cents
and it, too, has been waiting to be put into use.

I didn't have a shadow box in any of my junk
bins, but I think this works just as well, don't you?

I've put together all the small things
to make one display in none other than the.....

Now, when you're sitting on the throne, here's what you'll see.

It just goes to show, that if you buy the things that
make your heart go pitter-pat, eventually
you'll find just the right spot in your home to display them.

Thanks for visiting and if you're out shopping for old junk this weekend,
don't forget to check out all the small things!


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  1. What a perfect find! That little dress is wonderful, and it certainly makes a nice view from the throne. ; )

  2. What a sweet little vignette, Vickie. I love the classic red cross. I agree, If you love something, you can find a place for it. Have a great weekend.

  3. No it doesn't have to be a big thing, just the right thing. Super fun vignette!

  4. That is one seriously cute dress. I have no doubt that you could squeeze into it if you wanted, but who wants to be a showoff anyhow.

  5. I can see why your heart went pitter-pat, your little red-cross vignette is adorable and unique.

  6. How cute is that little dress and perfect for you and your collection. I always buy it if I truly love something and worry about what I will do with it later. Happy weekend.


  7. Oh how cute is that?? And the perfect spot for them too :) Laurel

  8. Wow! That look so cute! Very impressed!!! I need to start buying things. Lots of things. Big and small. Won't be able to spend money soon. ;) Are you guys going to Buffalo next month? ;)

  9. I just hope while sitting on the throne, none of the man cave folk have a red cross emergency.


  10. This nurse loves it. The shadow box is a perfect display for it too. I also love smalls and likely spend too much time looking at them. Today I found four baby silver plate spoons. xo, Olive

  11. Oh I love, love the wee little dress in the sieve shadow box!! So darn cute. The ambulance is similar to the old ones my dad used to drive. Wonderful collection. No one needs first aid like a man who's team is in the toilet. So to speak. I'd love the box and dress up by your upstairs bandaid cabinet too. If you stay away from the chocolate for a week or two it might fit. I'm sure you could get your head through the neck opening already. :D

  12. Oh Vickie, that little Red Cross nurses uniform is adorable! I love the vignette you's so sweet!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Gail

  13. So cute! I would have to agree; I've pulled stuff that's been in my stash for awhile and it turns out to be perfect down the road. As long as you collect stuff you love, it'll work somewhere/somehow. And your little display is proof!

  14. That is so precious! I love them all together like that. I too love small things!
    hugs, Linda

  15. Vickie what a sweet little dress!And a steal too!That was meant for you and looks great with your red cross collection!

  16. I love, love, love your red cross items! So cute!

  17. SO cute, Vickie! Love all your Red Cross vintage items. I tend to go for the smalls too. Love them.
    Mary Alice

  18. Oh Vickie, such a cute vignette. I love it all. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.


  19. Vicki,
    what a cute vignette, clever use of t he wooden sieve! It all looks great together! When out junking last week with my friends from CA, I saw a great Red Cross sign and thought of you. Will eventually post a pic with the other stuff from our foray into junkland.

  20. Hopefully, all the men folk sitting on the throne will appreciate your diligence in collecting. wouldn't you love to find the doll that fits the little nurses uniform? so fun!!!

  21. This is so cute! I have never seen anything like it, and you are the perfect person to have found it. It's the perfect addition to your collection.

  22. Ohsocute ... I thought it might end up on a mini sock monkey ;0)

    ***Finley can't wait to 'wee-wee' in THAT bathroom!

  23. Wow, you really ended up with a terrific vintage look! Love "all the small things"! xo's Pam

  24. I agree with you! The things you love are what you should buy. You'll always find a place for them. That little nurse dress is so cute and goes so well with all of the other items you've collected. I will have to keep my eyes open for this kind of stuff for you! Maybe, I'll find something I can send to you someday.

  25. That little dress is just adorable! You always have a way of finding things that go together!

  26. You are so right Vicki! I say buy what you love and it will fit!
    I just sold my "shadow box" to a friend. I'm going to show her what you did with it.
    Enjoy your week my friend!!

  27. Vicki, the whole vignette is perfect. Love that little dress. You sure have an eye and know how to put it all together.

  28. Okay what you have done is just adorable!! I just love it. Great way to pull it all together. I'm sending a high five over the internet... don't leave me hanging.

  29. This is the heart felt truth. You are so good at staging you should get paid. I always come away from your post wanting more eye candy.

  30. That is so stinkin cute!!
    Congrats...I see you won another giveaway!!

  31. Oh Vickie, your little dress is lovely and, as always, a wonderful vignette.
    I totally agree with you: small things!! and always buy them first, there will be enough time to look for a place then, haha (my friends don't understand me, thank you blog friends!).
    Besos, Silvina

  32. What a great find! That little dress is so unique and adorable. You are so right that if you buy what you love it will all look right together. The man cave biffy is a perfect example!


  33. What a fun display, Vickie...LOVE the little dress!

  34. It's so adorable and better than a shadow box! I completely agree about just buying what you's the only way to go! :)

  35. Oh, Vickie,
    My friend who is a nursing teacher and who is doing her office in vintage nursing and medical decor would love to take those items off your hands. ADORABLE dress! That ambulance is fabulous too! Love how you've put it all together!

  36. That little dress is cute, all of your items are adorable and I love where you've placed them.

  37. I love this display! The little dress is a perfect size to fit inside the wire & wood box. Great job! Jean

  38. This dress is so darn cute! I love anything small. A great find! Thanks for always stopping by with your wonderful comments!


  39. Love your collections. You always have brilliant ideas and nice match to show off such pretty things. I'm not owning but sweet to see all.

  40. your collections are beautiful, I havn't saw these for such a long time but remember some of the pieces from childhood, my blog crashed and I had to start fresh, my old blog was In my dreams I see, I was so happy to find you today, I have rejoined because I lost everything when my blog went down!!

  41. I couldn't agree with you more, Vicki! I just love the vignette you created with such a fabulous theme. Like you, I have fallen in love with vintage doll clothes (not the Barbie stuff) and children's clothing. Maybe since my children have grown I need to be able to still touch these little gems that evoke memories! Love... love... love this post!

  42. i love your red cross collection! love, love, love! and the little doll's outfit reminds me of a nurses outfit i used to play in as a child. i used to wear it all the time! great finds!

  43. I love your red cross decor. Do you collect old Johnson & Johnson stuff also? I am a new follower to your blog and love it!!

    Nicole-Sweet Peas


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