Thursday, October 25, 2012

The weather outside is frightful!

Sing along with me.
"Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the.....

Wait a minute.....
isn't that a Christmas tune?

What's wrong with this picture?

Isn't it supposed to be frost on the pumpkin?

I think you can see why up north we prefer
to buy our pumpkins and mums from Michael's.

I don't think I'll be outside today, my day off, working on the twig sign
I started....oh, 2 weeks ago.  Poor, poor me.

Don't worry,  I'll suffer in silence inside the house whilst
 drinking coffee and reading blogs. :@

This area is under the roof, so it's sheltered from the snow, but it
looks like we'll soon be exchanging the rakes for shovels!

I hope my silk mums don't freeze. 

If I had Photoshop, I'd crop out the utility meter and wires near our back door for your
viewing pleasure, but alas, I fear it would be much too complicated for me. 

 Do you see my newest find?

 The old screen door, painted in the same shade as our back door was meant for me,
 wouldn't you say?  I painstakingly wound vines from our fence around it to dress it up
 for the season, but the wind took most of them away.  Now that I think about it,
 I would have been wise to anchor them with wire.  Hindsight.

 Oh, well, there's plenty more where they came from. 

 I bought the house numbers from Restoration Hardware about 3 years ago,
but I could never find the right spot for them.  Now they finally have a place to hang out while
diverting your attention away from those sad yellow mums.....I hope.

Do you remember when I said the turquoise
paint on the bicycle would soon fade into a softer color?

I guess I was wrong.

In case I don't get my Halloween post out in time, I hope everybody
has a Merry Christmas Happy Halloween!


*I'm joining the party at:
Common Ground Vintage Inspiration Friday


  1. Too funny! I believe it is about to happen here in WA, as well. Any day, we usually get a skiff on Halloween.

    Love the screen door, you are already for next Spring, what a fun canvas.

  2. Oh Vickie, everything does look pretty with a little snow cover on it. Does that make you feel better? That screen door definitely had your name written on it. I love the spindle detail. It looks perfect in your vignette with the 911.

  3. If only the snow could wait until after Halloween, but Mother Nature likes her practical jokes :-)

  4. I can't believe you have snow! It's October, not January. Oh my. I think I'll stay where I am and quit complaining. I knew the screen door was new. I just had a feeling that was your new addition. The house numbers are great, and you are right, the mums look a little sad. All your bike needs is a little more scorching sun next summer and it will calm right down. Besides aqua is a great color for fall.

  5. Love your new old screen door and the house numbers are perfect on it! Lovin' too the corrugated crow on the gate and the pumpkin on the bike. The scene is very familiar. Snow covered silks and decor. Snow covered everything. Shovels out. Now when you live WAY up north, like I do, you have to get pumpkin antifreeze. Works like a charm. (Kidding). :) You may have to pack a little bag and hop on that still bright turquoise bike and pedal south to warmer climes. Not for long though... you don't want to miss those two special little Trick or Treaters you love so much!

  6. Oh no snow!! Well it is still hot here in Texas! Maybe some cooler weather coming soon! Enjoy your inside day! hugs, Linda

  7. I know it's a pain for you, but I am so jealous! I'd love to feel a cold breeze and see snow. I love your screen door!
    We keep our real pumpkins indoors so they don't rot...we have the opposite problem. haha Thank goodness for Funkins!
    Hope you have a cozy day inside,

  8. It makes a pretty picture anyway! No snow here...just downpours of rain and wind. And so seems like it turned to winter overnight!

  9. I am showing this to my daughter who loves snow Vickie. She goes to college in the north Ga. mountains but snow is still rather rare and certainly not in October. Love the screen door. You could erase and or crop out the meter with PicMonkey which is free. I usually do not bother with cords and stuff like that either. It's real life. I always have a pet toy or Easter cup in my pics when it's not Easter. It's warm here today and I am not liking it at all. I am packing to go see my girl and will be packing long and short sleeves. Have a splendid weekend, Olive

  10. Vickie, I can't believe you have snow already. It's still summer weather here and I'm so ready for fall temps. I love the screen door and the numbers on it are perfect. Have fun nesting!

  11. Up north here, we are not getting the white stuff, still rainy drizzle. You may keep it down there! Love the screen door, the rake, and your bike.

  12. It's so cold and windy here, but thank goodness no snow! Love the screen and think your fall decor looks adorable with a little frost on the pumpkins, just hope they survive it ! xo Pam

  13. I may be weird but I love the electric meter in the photo. I love the color of the bike too, the whole scene is very artsy. It looks like an art print.

  14. Love your vignette outside your door, especially with the snow coming down. That screen door and aqua bike are very charming! Can't imagine snow this early, although the temps in the 80's are a little too warm for me this time of year.
    Mary Alice

  15. Vickie,
    we used to get snow in Oct when we lived in Green Bay, here, it's been in the high 70's all week but Sat it's supposed to only be 59, big diff! Love your screen door color and the numbers! Everything looks great out there, even the snow!

  16. What a great find Vickie!I love those old door and that is a gem! Oh just embrace that bike color! It looks great!I am not ready for cold or snow but we are getting some of both soon!

  17. Holy cow, what's going on with the weather up there? It's 79 here today, which is pretty much weird for this time of year, but it's supposed to get colder tomorrow. Have fun staying in and nesting. Build yourself a good fire (if you have a fireplace, please don't build one if you don't) and grab a cup of cocoa.

  18. the snow looks kind of pretty on the pumpkin and if we didn't have snow on Halloween it wouldn't be normal here! I love the color of that bike and that screen door was a score!1 have a wonderful weekend,

  19. I heard it was snowing down here today, too! Either it didn't snow in MPLS, or I totally missed it. ;) Mack and I hung out at home (he had a fever). Have a feeling tomorrow we'll be doing the exact same thing. Poor guy. At least he'll be better for Halloween! Can't have a sick Dennis the Menace!

  20. Well, another way to look at the snow situation is that now Target's commercial for Christmas doesn't look so out of place! Your post made me smile at how you look at things... you have a great attitude!

  21. My sympathies about the white stuff. We just had HUGE flakes but nothing stuck. And I like your galvanized raven. Love it actually.


  22. Not ready to even see this white stuff! Must. Avert. Eyes...except I do love your bird gate, so I took a peek :) Here's hoping this melts and you get more fall like weather instead of this stuff!

  23. Oh no! But don't worry Vickie, I think the weather has been crazy everywhere, even here in sunny So. Cali. Wishing you a very Happy Halloween too.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  24. Ohh nooo! I think I would love it, but I would want it to stick. Growing up in Florida I thought up north was anywhere above Georgia and that it looked like Christmas Cards all winter long. Boy was I disapointed!!
    I kind of like the industrial look of the meter. You did a great job getting ready for Halloween. I like it!!
    Happy weekend to you

  25. Oh Vickie, beautiful pictures! I love your vignette you created outside your back door. I can't wait for our first snow!! Stay warm and enjoyed your coffee and blog reading!!!

  26. Wow, well you said it was snowing Vickie - love your vignette dusted with the white stuff. Great screen door and numbers, and I think the utility metre looks retro and kind of fits with the bike - definitly retro chic !
    I hope you're enjoying the weekend - Fiona x

  27. You are welcome!! :)
    Nice to see your blog too.

  28. Wow! Snow in October! That has never happened where I live. I guess Father Winter is knocking at your door early. I heard on the news that it is going to be cold over much of the US next week. We have much colder temps this weekend already. Guess the trick or treaters will have to bundle up Wed. night.

  29. Look at it this way...the weather made for some great photos!!!


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