Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Red Shoes

Just like Karen in Hans Christian Andersen's
The Red Shoes,
I looked high and low for vintage red shoes,
but they were nowhere to be found in the kingdom.

I bought these shoes at Junk Bonanza and loved the style,
but the worn white just wasn't cutting it.

I painted them!
Two coats of Delta Ceramcoat Tompte Red (acrylic craft paint) and a finish coat of mink oil,
 and I've got the red shoes I've been searching for.

The jar of candy is safe from moi.
  It's not chocolate.

The shoes are sitting on top of my secretary which was
also fitted with some new old shoes of its own.

I took these original wood casters off when we had new
carpet installed at 2506.  That was 23 years ago and a different
house, so it was high time to restore this piece to its original state.

However.  I would not recommend emptying everything
out and tipping the piece on its back when you're home alone.

 Just sayin'.   :)

Elsewhere in the room,  red leather 
decorates my dry sink, too.

My Baba brought this photo album home from one of her trips
 to her father's homeland of Yugoslavia, as it was known
 in the 1970's when she traveled there.

Here's the inscription inside, and other than Mary,
my Baba's name, I have no idea what it says.
I do have an elderly neighbor who grew up with my Baba, so
I better get myself over to her house and have her decipher this,
or we'll never know what it says!

And lastly, after losing my one day off this week,
I prescribed myself a little retail therapy
to ease the pain.
20 minutes of driving each way on my lunch hour
left me only 20 minutes of shopping at Annabella's,
but look what I found..........

It was only 20 dollars!!!
Well worth the quick trip.

Keep warm and stay healthy!

*I'm joining the parties at:
Cozy Little House Tweak it Tuesday
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  1. I saw a pair of shoes like that at an antique shop for $8 that had been painted red. I thought I could find a pair to paint but never found any that looked vintage. Yours are very cute. My mom has a secretary like that.

  2. Does candy corn even taste like candy corn if it's not orange, yellow and white? Your shoes are super cute and I would have never in my life ever thought to paint them red. Super cute Valentine's decor without it shouting "Hey, I'm Valentine's decor"!

  3. Seriously, who thinks to do such cool things? That's right, you do! Brilliant and so valentiney in the best way. I would be into that candy corn so fast...heck there are three layers to eat off one at a time over and over. It's addicting just for that aspect, let alone the sugar!

    The quilt is every bit as adorable as I imagined. So smart of you to use your lunch time for the important things. Love it!

  4. Wow Vickie, so cute, and such a good job ... even in the closeup shot I cannot tell they have been painted!! I am tucking your idea away for future use, thanks so much for sharing.

  5. Love the red Mary Janes, I also wore them too as a young girl. Love your quilt find. Someday I would like to learn quilting.

  6. beautiful quilt, I love the shoes, when I was little i had red shoes like those, good advice on not tipping furniture over alone, hope you didn't hurt anything, namely YOU!

  7. How cute! You'll have fun moving the shoes all over the place. You were so smart to paint them and I bet the mink oil made all the difference.

  8. Cute shoes and 20 for the quilt. Super deal.

  9. When I was a little girl, I always wanted red shoes...but never got them! They still call to me! Such a great idea to make them yourself! The quilt was a wonderful all of your decorations!

  10. They were adorable white and they're bloomin' adorable red! Your antique secretary is gorgeous!!

  11. you're so darn smart. red paint = red shoes. so smart!

  12. Vickie,
    How cute are those shoes!!!! So savvy of you to paint them red. Adorable. I love the pretty quilt too and what a great deal.

  13. Vickie, those shoes look greta you did and excellent job, now why don't they make shoes like that in red these days? I would want a pair on my grand peeps feet! LOving the quilt great price and a great find! ox, Diane

  14. Love your pops of red and those shoes are just toooo CUTE!!
    Mary Alice

  15. The little shoes just needed your magical touch. They look adorable in red! It's amazing how much shopping can be done in 20 did good! Have a nice week!!!

  16. Wouldn't have thought to paint shoes! I have to remember that anything can be painted! Love the red shoes and all the other red. It's so cheerful, especially this time of year!

  17. ok, the shoes are darling, vickie:) my sister has our family secretary, but, it isn't as lovely as yours. (things on wheels do have a way of getting away from you, huh?) love how you connected your family album and quilt into the vday theme:)

  18. Those red shoes sure do look like they were always meant to be red. I love all the touches of red, and that quilt is amazing! Your reward for a well spent lunch hour.

  19. If you had not told me, Vickie, I would never have known you painted the shoes. They are cuties pies. I love furniture on casters. Great price on that quilt too:}

  20. What sweet shoes Vickie!And that quilt is a great find wow!!Beautiful and such a thrifty price too!

  21. Love this post...those little shoes came out perfect!! Glad you didn't kill the hutch or yourself...doing it on your own. You sound like me! I love that you killed your lunch hour with such a find!!

  22. The bow tie quilt is an amazing find for $20 and I LOVE your shoe magic!! They are even cuter in red. Love your Valentine touches too... gives me an idea as we still have Macy's beloved Junior Miss Dorothy shoes. Must get those out! After a second look at the shoes they are amazing - you'd never know they were painted. Until you were out splashing in the rain, that is. :)

    Such a sweet little album and it looks lovely on the secretary. I tried Google translator and got a few words... "And your loved one dad Mary from government...". I think we need your neighbour. :)

    Hope this week is MUCH better at work! :)

  23. Seems like a perfect solution to your shoe dilemma! They are so cute. Seeing all of your red (with white) makes me anxious to get working on my living room.

  24. Those shoes are so cute! I have a pair of my girls shoes that are about 30 years old....they are black and cute as anything. I think they will be in a vignette soon. Not going to paint them but if I find an old pair thrifting I just might do cute! Love the album also!

  25. Your secretary is so gorgeous... I love it! The red shoes are so sweet... what a great idea of painting them.

  26. I never would have thought of using craft paint to paint shoes! Smart Cookie!
    My best friend was Yugoslavian when I was a child, and I practically grew up with her parents and grandparents!

  27. Oh Vickie,
    The little shoes turned out soooo sweet. What kind of paint is Ceramcoat? Are the little shoes it leather paint? Is the mink oil good for reconditioning leather? Sorry for all the questions, but my husband has an old leather jacket that once belonged to his dad but it needs a little TLC. If we could make it a little darker in color and recondition the leather a bit it'd good to go. I don't know if we should try to do it ourselves or just take to a leather restorer. Anyway, love your secretary piece. Wishing you a wonderful new week.


  28. Love the red shoes. Great idea to paint them. The secretary vignette is darling. My Mom had one of those and she sold it at a garage sale-can you believe it? The quilt is a great find! You were a lucky girl.

  29. *LOVE* the shoes red Vickie!!
    And you are so like me...I have to buy candy I don't like too!!

  30. You always find the best bargains. And how clever to paint the little shoes red!

  31. Vickie,
    who would have thought, no one but you to paint "shoes" the best color ever! They are adorable! Love that style of little shoes, I had a photo a pair just like that that I almost put on my "Feb red" post. You got an amazing deal on that quilt, well worth the travel time!
    PS. I'm doing well, felling good, go back to the Dr's on Fri for a test to see if I have to have a defibulator implanted, hopefully not but if so it should be fine and no big deal. (It's not a big surgery and is just a precautionary measure). Will find out in a couple of wks if that's the case.

  32. Love the "new" little red shoes! I never would have thought to paint them, a great idea. I seem to remember having similar shoes when I was little. 20, 20, $20 you come up with wonderful finds at the best prices, beautiful quilt. Thanks for stopping in, have a great week, Laura

  33. Your shoes turned out so cute-what a great idea!! I have several pairs of baby shoes-I love to decorate with them!

  34. How clever of you to paint your shoes. And that quilt -- well worth the money. Great treasures. Sally

  35. Oh such cute shoes! I never would have thought of that!
    Great Job!
    Erica :)

  36. Wow, you are really in the spirit of Valentine's Day. I haven't done squat! I love those little red shoes. They are so sweet and look much better in red. I once painted a pair of child's cowboy boots red to go with my scarecrow. They are still red to this day. That craft paint adheres to just about any surface.

  37. These shoes are so cute! How clever of you to paint them!
    Lovely blue and white china too.
    Besos Vickie!
    P.S.: I've enjoyed visiting your daughter's blogs.

  38. How pretty the shoes you painted them! Such sweet little vintage things !

  39. i can't believe that sweet quilt was only 20 bucks! it is beautiful...lucky you!! how adorable are those little red shoes?! love.


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